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Become An Entrepreneur With These 10 Products

This piece was written by the people who run the Cracked Store to tell you about products that are being sold there.

If starting a business were easy, then everyone’s weird uncle would own an award-winning brewery instead of just showing up to the Christmas party bragging about the secret ingredient being chocolate sauce. But despite the inherent difficulty in creating something from scratch, there are some reasonably established paths to success. Anyone who is serious about quitting their day job should take a look at the following entrepreneurial resources, whether they plan to build an evil business empire or the normal kind that gives out fun pens.

One-Day MVP 2.0 — Go From Idea To MVP

Whether it’s a rom-com spec script or a business MVP (minimum viable product) pitch, the first draft of anything is almost always guaranteed to be a bit sloppy and include one too many internal monologues. But while we can’t assist you too much with that spec script (it was all a dream — people love that), we can absolutely help you in the boardroom. The first rule is to never stress over little details until someone is willing to give you money for big ideas. For guidance in whittling your genius plans down to meeting-friendly sizes, and help in keeping all of your business ducks in a row, take a look at this course, available in our store for $15.

Product Management: Product Market Strategy

Under 60 percent of products find success in the market. It’s harsh, but that’s just the sad reality of this fun little game we call capitalism. So even if your company’s widgets are machined with absolute precision, no one will know or care about your nebulous enterprise unless you figure out how to give your goods that irresistible great product smell. In this Product Market Strategy course, you’ll learn how to find your market and manage product life cycles from a former Apple product manager. Get it here for 59 percent off, just $39.

Idea Validation

Ask any random Joe at the bar if they have a brilliant idea for a business, and you’re sure to get a half-slurred pitch for a consumer solution to their weirdly specific problem, or a stubborn refusal to share even basic details about their supposedly groundbreaking product. Basically, ideas are plentiful and often bad, but sometimes those ideas are dumb enough to work. To develop the keen eye to separate the Ubers from the bloopers, take this crash-course in Idea Validation that is just $30 in our store.

e-Commerce Master Class

Making things available for sale online is pretty easy, but isn’t the same as actually selling things. If you want someone’s kooky aunt to pull the trigger on your Harrison Ford needlepoints, you’re going to need a web store with a savvy purchasing experience. This e-Commerce Master Class will teach you everything you need to know to mold your website into a professional online store front and convert those online window shoppers into repeat customers. You can pick it up here for $19.

Alibaba Import Business Blueprint: Build Your Import Empire

Not many know about the importing business beyond what they’ve seen on television. But while it might seem that importing is all cargo ships and handshake deals with crooked dockworkers, the actual art to importing is mastering online logistics. Alibaba and Amazon have already mastered the art of order fulfillment, and you’d be wise to ride their coattails. With the Alibaba Import Business Blueprint, you’ll discover how to communicate with suppliers, brand your stuff, and stand out in the crowded landscape of product resale. This condensed course is only $18, 64 percent off the usual price.

The Professional Guide To Importing From China

Instead of slaving away over a hot soldering iron, you could be taking advantage of the world’s most frighteningly capable manufacturing apparatus: China. Since doing business in the PRC can be more than a bit intimidating, newcomers should check out the Professional Guide to Importing from China to learn how to handle everything from shipping logistics to booking international travel. Grab this course from our store for just $49, and you won’t even have to learn Mandarin.

Ten-Step Startup: The Complete Entrepreneurship Course

Building a $10k per month passive income isn’t as simple as listing “CEO at Entrepreneur” on all of your social media channels. You either need to figure out something to sell to people or aggressively monetize your brand. For a little help in doing both, this guide is filled with sound advice and essential resources. You’ll learn how to find your niche, build valuable relationships, and promote yourself online in a not-gross way. Get it here for $19.

The Complete SEO Course — Rank Your Website In Google Easily

Type the word “Apple” into any search engine, and you get back billions of results. But have you ever wondered why those billions of results are all the links to Apple the computer company, and not to, say, Gina’s Wholesale Apple Stand? It’s because of SEO (search engine optimization), and understanding it will get your content higher page rankings and ensure that people will see it. The Complete SEO Course will teach you how to use effective keywords, create backlinks, and understand Google’s search algorithm, all for just $19.

Facebook Advertising For Beginners

Because Facebook already knows everything about everyone and everyone uses it like it’s a respirator, you would think that advertising on the site would be a breeze, right? Sadly, their omniscience doesn’t automatically equate to mass appeal, and you still have to learn to navigate the stormy waters of that sea of user data. Get help finding and targeting demographics with Facebook Advertising for Beginners, offered here for $15.

Email Marketing — Get Your First 1,000 Email Subscribers

Whether you use the internet for good, evil, or sharing photos of your lunch, you can’t deny its ability to reach millions (or billions). To capture your rightful share of eyeballs, take a look at this course in email marketing. You’ll learn how to hook with tantalizing leads, craft beautiful signup forms, and drive traffic to your site for just $18, 90 percent off the usual price.

Enjoy (Division) Going Solo as your own Fettator — er, boss. You earned it.

Is the start-up world not for you? Make any job just that much more satisfying with Make Your Boring Office Job Suck Less With The Cracked Store. No offense.

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The Muslim Americans leading the push to ‘stand up and be leaders’ in politics

Religious discrimination and an increase in hate crimes has spurred more Muslims to run for office and adopt an active role in community organizing

More Muslims must seek public office as Donald Trump fans the flames of Islamophobia, according to Andr Carson, who is one of just two Muslim members of the US Congress.

The congressman from Indiana spoke as Muslim communities across the US voice fears of a growing climate of Islamophobia under the US president.

Carson criticised Trump in an interview with the Guardian, adding that while there is no easy answer, misconceptions over the Islamic faith perpetuated by the administration should serve as motivation for more Muslims to engage in the political process.

I think theyre concerned about [Trump] really encouraging the darker elements of our society to become more pronounced in their intolerance and their bigotry, Carson, a Democrat, said of the feeling among the Muslim communities he represents.

I think thats disappointing, but I think theres a silver lining, he added, and that silver lining suggests theres an increase in interest in American political life.

Carson made the comments as Guardian Films publishes a film examining community relations in Dearborn, Michigan, which is home to the biggest mosque in North America. The film features five citizens from different backgrounds, from Muslims to Christians, citizen militias and young university graduates, and explores how they see American identity, and grapple with questions of religion, race and class.

While there is not comprehensive data to provide a number of Muslims who currently hold elected office in local and state bodies around the US, religious discrimination and an increase in hate crimes has spurred more Muslims to explore politics, according to some groups that focus on representing Muslims in the government.

Informal surveys indicate New Jersey leading the way, with at least 14 Muslim Americans currently in public office.

After Trump signed an executive order seeking to ban immigrants from certain Muslim-majority countries, one advocacy group, Jetpac, launched a formal campaign designed to encourage more Muslims to run for local office and adopt a more active role in community organizing.

American Muslims in Michigan have gained significant success in running for elected office, and Abdul El-Sayed, the former Detroit health commissioner, recently announced a run for governor in 2018.

El-Sayed, who would become Americas first Muslim governor if elected, said: The vote for the current president was not a vote of inspiration. It was a vote of fear and cynicism. We have to believe in the unifying idea of us the people.

US Senate candidate Deedra Abboud announced her candidacy in April 10 2017
Photograph: Matt York/AP

Deedra Abboud, US Senate candidate for Arizona

In Arizona, Deedra Abboud, an attorney and community leader, recently announced a run for the US senate in the 2018 midterm elections. Abboud, a Democrat who was subjected to a torrent of online Islamophobic abuse after announcing her candidacy, echoed Carsons call for more Muslims to run for office.

In a comment for the Guardian, Abboud wrote: It is true that Muslims in America are facing a tidal wave of discrimination, flowing forth from the policies of the current administration and affecting every corner of American society. Clearly, it is more important than ever that we confront the insidiousness that is Islamophobia.

But how? While Muslims pride themselves on being up to date on national politics, as well as being well versed in world events, when it comes to local politics Muslims are mostly absent. Many Muslims only vote in the presidential elections, if they vote at all.

Were all busy. We all have families and responsibilities that need our attention. But the time for sitting back and letting others take the lead and do the heavy lifting is over. We have to stop looking around for the perfect leader, and start standing up and being leaders.

Because knowing what is going on, and even being upset about it, is not enough. We must engage. We must reach out and help others who are struggling, even when we are struggling too. We must form real relationships where we each know we can depend on each other in times of need.

This means intersectionality. Supporting local causes outside of our Muslim communities. Propping up others being marginalized in todays America. Because while Muslims are the flavor of the month, we arent the only flavor on the menu.

We need to start volunteering, running for city councils, for school boards, for state assemblies. United, we rise above the hate. It may seem like Islamophobia is everywhere, but the solution is local. Thats where we need to focus.

Abdul El-Sayed. Photograph: Handout

Abdul El-Sayed, Democratic candidate for Michigan governor and former health commissioner for Detroit

El-Sayed wrote: Im a son of Michigan. My father and mother immigrated to Michigan from Egypt. I was raised by my father and my stepmother, Jackie, a native of Gratiot County, Michigan. This is where I was born and where I was raised. I love Michigan. But weve fallen on hard times. Our politicians seem to have forgotten that government should be for people, by people. Instead, theyve bent over backward to accommodate corporate greed.

Government has to provide a very basic set of goods and services to people who need them, and it has failed to so. Part of that is because corporate politicians like our current president are too busy dividing us rather than uniting us around our common goals.

Our campaign is about coming together around the idea that the 10 million strong Michiganders can solve our shared challenges because of our shared future. We can unlock our economy, fix our failing public schools, break our dependence on oil, save our Great Lakes and provide everyone with quality healthcare. The vote for the current president was not a vote of inspiration. It was a vote of fear and cynicism. We have to believe in the unifying idea of us the people.

I saw the worst of this government by spreadsheet when I was the health commissioner of Detroit. I was rebuilding a health department in Detroit after the city shuttered its 185-year old health department when it was facing state takeover.

Under the same governor, the state poisoned 9,000 kids in Flint. I realized that, in that moment, our state needed real leadership. I get it Im relatively young, relatively brown, and yes, relatively Muslim. But Im also a physician in a state that has poisoned 9,000 kids, an educator in a state with a failing public school system, and a public servant in a state that is among the least transparent in the nation. And so I decided to stand up.

Congressman Andr Carson of Indiana speaks during a press conference about Islamophobia in May 2016 in Washington DC. Photograph: Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images

Andr Carson, US Representative for Indianas seventh congressional district

Carson said: Theres a great drive for people to become more engaged politically, and we have a responsibility to maintain, preserve and improve our democracy.

I serve with the directive and drive to be the best representative of the seventh congressional district of Indiana putting Hoosiers first and thinking about Americans. As a Muslim, my role has been to inform, refute any perceptions or misconceptions about the religion, though I dont purport to be a scholar. But I still think it comes with responsibility to motivate and encourage other Muslims to participate in the political process.

I think [Muslims] are concerned about Trump fanning the flames of Islamophobia, the anti-immigrant sentiment, and really encouraging the darker elements of our society to become more pronounced in their intolerance and their bigotry. I think thats disappointing, but I think theres a silver lining, and that silver lining suggests theres an increase in interest in American political life. Theres a great drive for people to become more engaged politically, and we have a responsibility to maintain, preserve and improve our democracy.

One of the things that I do when I go across the country, Ill ask how many Muslims are in this particular city or how many Muslims are in the entire state? And even though the Muslim community is not a monolith, there is a mutual interest, even though there are different schools of thought. Usually when theres a sizable enough number [I tell them] to focus on building a PAC or even supporting a non-Muslim candidate who is focused on standing up the rights of Muslims.

The reality is Muslims have been in this country since the inception of this country. We have just as much a right to it as any other citizen in the United States. Embrace the fact that this country is ours and lets engage in the political process. If youre interested in running for political office, dont just step out there, learn, do the research. Identify a campaign that shares your values, some part of it, go door to door, phone bank, help develop policy papers, find your niche and go for it.

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How You’ll Experience College, As Told By Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

How will your college experience go based on your personality?

There are practically over 15 different MBTI types, and which category you fit into can illustrate or impact the way in which you perceive your college experience.

However, as eccentric humans, we wont just fit into one category and shouldnt be labeled as X, Y or Z. Many times, you can find yourself shifting and leaning more toward one type of personality over another throughout your college years.

Depending on the situation, we may believe we are one way or another. The friends you choose to make may reflect the type of personality you have, and often times, you will see your personality not matching or fitting well with some.

That can be frustrating. But, dont be alarmed because this is natural. Sometimes, personalities just dont click.

The most important thing you can do before heading into college is become aware of the fact we are all different and keep an open mind. Sometimes, our differences can unite us. Sometimes, it is our differences and our situational awareness that make us bond.

Ive shrunken the 16 different personality types into the four ways your college experience will go, depending on that type:

1. College is going to be perceived as the best years of your life for ENFJ, INFJ, ENFP and INFP.

Your personality says a lot about how you will enjoy and value your college years.

You hold everything in life so personal and live a life full of meaning, so your college years are going to be very important in regard tothe types of friendships you make, the teachers you learn from, the people you encounter and interact with on a daily basis and the resources and environment you surround yourself by.

Everything will mean something. Everything will be special and an experience you wont forget.

Youll mostly engage yourself in extracurricular clubs and activities, and youll find that you make the best of college through these organizations and your role in society within your college campus.

You are the difference makers, and you cant just stand back and watch all the action happening. You go in there, make it happen and make a difference.

Youll love to form meaningful relationships, whether as friendships or something more.

2. College is going to be perceived as a stepping stone to the next part of your life for INTJ, ENTJ, INTP and ENTP.

These are the people who race through college. Theyre not particularly taking it all in, but seeing it as another step or stage to conquering their plan of graduate school.

This type of personality is more logically oriented in all tasks at hand and stick to the books. If you fit into one of these categories, you wont necessarily find that college is a place for socializing, but one for hitting the books, absorbing material and learning as much as you can from your courses.

You have plans to do great things in the world, and college is the first step to getting there. College is going to be a piece of cake for you because youre determined and focused to get in, get the job done and get out.

Youre here for strictly business and find it more useful making relationships with your books than anything else.

3. College is going to be perceived as work hard and play harder attitude for ESP, ISFP, ESFJ and ISFJ

Your type of personality will change and transition as you try to fit in and find your niche.

You are good at using your environment and resources. Youre good at book work and making friends.

You are the type of people who are well-rounded and can be involved in a lot of campus activities, have a social life and excel in school work because thats just who you are. You love being everywhere at the same time.

You have a nice work and social experience and can balance your work-life schedules with working hard and forming some relationships.

4. College is going to be perceived as the education and work experience that changed your life for ISTP, ESTP, ISTJ and ESTJ.

This personality is not only logical, but extroverted. They are the research lovers and find theyre not only going to love their work, but theyre going to become successful through their work experience and education.

You are more selective in the relationships you form, but the ones you do are meaningful. You love making strong connections with people who are genuine and bring out your caring side.

You can interpret your personality type based on your MBPT, or you can just throw it out the window and make the best of it. Its all about perception and how you make the best or worst of everything.

How you react to experiences shape your college experience. Some days will be better than others, but its up to you to see the difference and enjoy the ride.

You can love or hate college, and sometimes you can love it and hate it at the same time. You have the power to control your mind and see the beauty in everything, whether youll make the college the best years of your life, a stepping stone, a place where you found your bridesmaids and best friends or the time you make your mark and leave your footprints.

Its all up to you. You hold the power and the choice to perceive how college will go for you.

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5 Weird Hobbies You Can Only Get Involved With On College Campuses

Being the new kid on campus is as freeing as it is overwhelming. There are few experiences in life more exciting than breaking free from parental supervision and starting out with a clean slate. College is a four-year transition into adulthood that is yours to control, and there are many directions you can take.

Incoming freshmen should not worry about a lack of hobbies or campus clubs to kill spare time between classes. These days, no matter what your interest is computer games, skydiving, academic pursuits, zombies, nature or even “Harry Potter” fan fiction you can bet there’s a university club for it.

Here are five of the most unique university clubs and activities I’ve come across in my research so far:

Humans vs. Zombies

Humans vs. zombies is the campus activity that answers the prayers of The Walking Dead fans everywhere. Like a game of tag on steroids, humans vs. zombies is a weeklong adrenaline rush complete with Nerf guns, designated campus safety zones and team alliances.

All players with the exception of one original zombie start the journey as humans. The game ends when all humans have been tagged by zombies, or all humans have completed their missions and survived the week. Since its creation at Goucher college in 2005, humans vs. zombies has been played at over 1,000 locations across six continents.


The muggle adaptation of the magical sport from “Harry Potter” has taken college campuses by storm since it started at Middlebury College in 2005.

A combination of lacrosse, dodgeball and rugby, Quidditch is a co-ed, full-contact sport. The team consists of: one keeper to guard the team’s hoops, one seeker to catch the elusive golden snitch (a person dressed up with a tennis ball in a tube sock attached to their waist), two beaters to block the other team with dodge balls and three chasers to throw volleyballs through the opposing team’s hoops and score.

It’s a game that requires both mental and physical agility, and yes, brooms are included. The official governing body for the sport, US Quidditch, has almost 200 teams nationwide with over 4,000 athletes.

League of Legends

League of Legends, a multiplayer online battle arena video game, is the reigning champion of online sports. In 2014, over 27 million watchers worldwide tuned in to the final round of the League of Legends world championship in Seoul, South Korea.

To put that into perspective, the final championship round garnered a larger audience than either the World Series or the NBA finals. So the fact that it’s a huge hit with the college gaming crowd is no surprise. For the hardcore gamers, there’s a perk to this: Several universities now offer scholarships dedicated to League of Legends excellence. Even better? Some colleges offer an information technology degree with cyber gaming as a concentration, so you can turn your video game passion into your career.

Squirrel Club

Although squirrel feeding has a long history on the University of Michigan campus, it wasn’t until two students created this club in 2002 that the hobby began to pick up speed. By 2004, over 400 members joined the club, making it one of the largest student organizations at Michigan.

Today, it’s the perfect club for animal lovers who go nuts over feeding and watching these rodents in their natural habitat. Dedicated to the welfare of the squirrels, members can expect these club meetings to include nothing but fun and the sheer joy of feeding peanuts to resident squirrels.

Happiness Club

Not even a bad exam grade can bring Northwestern University’s happiness club members down. Since 2010, this nonprofit student group has brought free hugs and smiles to stressed out students around the Northwestern campus.

Club members host annual events where you can relive your childhood with sidewalk chalking, jump rope, hopscotch and four-square, among other carefree activities. If you’re looking to make a new friend, or simply just need a pick-me-up, these guys make it easy.

I’ve found that when it comes to campus clubs and hobbies, the sky’s the limit. Starting out in college is a huge adjustment, and getting active with campus activities is a great way to find your niche and relieve the stress of adult responsibilities.

Getting involved is also a fantastic way to put your leadership skills on display. So, that unusual hobby you have? It may just be the next big campus tradition.

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8 Little Things To Remember When You’re Feeling Jealous Of A Friend’s Success

1. Other’s success does not mean youve failed.

Watching others close to you succeed doesnt mean you have failed. There is no job wherethere can only be one of something; there are always more options out there. If you are still working hard and doing what you love then you are more successful than all the other people who might be rich but hate what they do. Always remember that.

2. It is good to be associated with successful people.

It will give you an inside look at the lifestyle without having to put in the work to be there. You never know what they might be able to help you with in the future if you need a hand or a job opportunity. Also, if your sibling or close friend is successful you can live vicariously through them. You know that when a famous person tags one of their friends or siblings youve never heard of in a picture you instantly click on their profile to stalk that persontoo.

3. Use it to motivate you to work harder.

Success often breeds success so dont let their accomplishmentsblind you from having your own. Use it as motivation to find your own story. There is more than one way to find success and just because they are successful in one field doesnt mean that they will excel in the same places you will. So keep working hard and find your niche to excel in.

4. Jealously limits your own chance of success.

If you spend your time ouu-ing and ahh-ing overwhat someone else hasyou might never find your own things to be proud of. If anything, it’ll leadyou to believe you could never accomplish what they are accomplishing and you are pushing away the things youre craving so deeply. Feeling excited for someone who becomes successful in front of your eyes will create more positive energy,andmore good for both of youin the long run.

5. Acknowledge the hard work they put in prior to their success story.

Unless they are one of the people in the world that inherited everything they have, you can’tassume they didnt work their asses off to get where they are. You often dont notice the many trials and errors those face before they get to the top. The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is not giving up. If you fail, try again. Ask for help and get feedback from whoever is willing to give it to you. Successful people are successful because they put the work and time in. When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breath that is when you’ll get it.

6. Realize you are the only thing holding yourself back from success.

People often like to pin blame or their problems on others, but if you want to achieve thingsthat is something you cannot do. Finding success means realizing your weaknesses and turning them into strengths. It means that you cannot blame others for where you are. Being successful is finding your own forte and improving on it to be the best possible version of yourself you can be.

7. Everything is always changing.

Be happy for them now because nothing in life is certain. They could lose what they have ina few short years down the road and you let your jealously get in the way of things. Be happy for them now because who knows. In a few years you could have a ton happening for youand you will want them there to support you. With how fast things change in life there is no point in wasting time thinking about what could be.

8. Being happy for them will improve your overall relationship with them.

A good relationship goes through the ups and downs together, its about always being there for the other person. Nothing feels better than when someone is actually happy for you and your success. It will improve your relationship and lead to a happier, more positive life.

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The Internet Celeb: 3 Ways To Use Social Media To Boost Your Career

Lately, the old adage of its not what you know, its who you know, has become more, its not who know, but who you can connect with on social media.

Gone are the times when you have to personally mail in head shots, or walk in to a recording studio with your demo CD (do people still make CDs?) in order to gain recognition.

For whatever your skill is modeling, acting, journalism, photography, art, music, etc. theres a place for you to create yourself on social media.

However, since the Internet is readily accessible and available, that also means that it’s incredibly saturated, with thousands of other talented individuals also hoping to make it big.

Most Millennials recognize the importance of utilizing social media, but not all know what to do to set themselves a part from an equally talented crowd.

I recently dropped in on a photoshoot for model Abigail Ratchford’s 2016calendar.

She hasused social media to bediscovered, and it has helped herlaunch a promising modeling and acting career.

Just her Instagram alone now has 2.2 million followers, and is sure to continue growing.

Abigail shared with me these three tips on how Millennials can make the most of social media to get discovered and launch their career.

1. Find your niche.

Girls need to find their certain category. If youre going to be a glamour girl, go all the way. Or, if you love fitness and nutrition, then go further with it, Abigail suggested.

While this is directed mostly for models, it can be generalized, too.

Find what youre good at, and focus on a subcategory of it.

Photographer? Use social media to showcase your awesome portraits of people, or to showcase your skills of taking photos of the cityscape.

While you may be great at multiple facets of your trade, its better to have a centralized theme across your social media outlets.

2. Network.

When I first started, I would look for girls that had big followings, and ask them if they wanted to do a share for share, said Abigail on the importance of networking with similar individuals.

Just as you go to a networking event in person to meet people, you can do the same online.

If you know of someone with similar goals, (i.e. someone else who is trying to be an actor) message him or her!

Why not succeed together? You two can grab a cup of coffee and pitch ideas to one another about skits or script ideas.

Then, when your skit is finished, you can each post videos on your social media channels and tag each other. Now everyone following them has been exposed to you and vice versa.

This also works when reaching out to people with talents that are different than yours, but are equally beneficial.

For example, in Abigails case, she first got noticed when her photographer friend posted photos of her on social media.

Every model needs a photographer, and every photographer needs a subject to shoot.

Similarly, if youre a musician, youll need a producer, and if youre a producer you want to produce for as many musical artists as possible.

3. Showcase your personality.

If I dont have any pictures to post, Ill go to Funny or Die or Vine accounts that have hilarious videos and Ill post them, Abigail shared.

Of course you should focus on your specific talent, but everyone loves a funny or newsworthy post now and then.

Sharing something you personally laughed at, or offering an opinion on relevant material, helps people see you are relatable and more than just a person with talent.

It also helps gain follower engagement, rather than just likes.

When you showcase yourself as an approachable, relatable person, youre less of a distant figure on the Internet and you boost your marketability factor.

Youre in control of (social media). Before social media you had to be discovered or you had to book a big role to get the exposure. Now you have the opportunity to create yourself,Abigail concluded.

When it comes to social media, you are your own manager, agent or PR rep.

You have free reign to be whoever you want to be.

While becoming a household name (in whatever industry youre in) isnt always easy, smart social media practices can most certainly help boost your career.

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Minisite Profits Exposed

Here’s what this is all about

  My name is Michael Rasmussen, and I just created a set of video tutorials that will teach you two important things:

First, they will walk you through the process of creating your own minisite from scratch.

Next, they’ll hold your hand, and show you step-by-step how to get your minisite making you money 100% on autopilot (you won’t have to lift a finger, because the system runs itself).

Minisite Profits Exposed

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Niche Marketing



When you first venture into the world of internet marketing you’ll be presented with a whole host of different directions to go in.

Everyone has their own opinion on what the best way to make money online is and none of these opinions are particularly right or wrong â?? the best way is the way that works for you.

Because not everybody has the patience to make SEO work and because not everyone likes the idea of selling offline services face to face, it would be unfair to label one way as the definitive best.

One method that is becoming increasingly attractive is Niche Marketing.

Niche marketing is essentially building websites in tiny corners of bigger markets and offering information of value to a highly targeted and (hopefully) buyer hungry crowd.

Its popularity has soared in 2013 and that’s only going to increase as the years roll on by â?? here’s why…

â?? It’s Easy To Get Involved

The learning curve involved in mastering niche marketing isn’t all that steep when compared with other methods.

You don’t have to be a master salesmen and you don’t have to be a computer genius, you simply just need to know how to please a very small demographic of people.

You’ll need to do this several times over of course (unless you strike gold and enter a hugely profitable micro niche) but one of the main perks of being involved in niche marketing is that once you find the formula to build one site successfully, scaling that up is very easy.

And that’s why there are plenty of people out there living very comfortably off their niche site earnings!

â?? Brings In Passive Income

One of the main lessons that internet marketing teaches you revolves around building passive income.

If you’re not familiar with the term then basically, passive income is money you make whilst you’re not working.

You could liken it to renting out your house or earning royalties from a hit song.

Whilst your chance to write a best selling album may have passed you by, the ability to earn in your sleep has not and niche marketing certainly affords you the opportunity to do that.

â?? It Actually Works

When it comes to methods, strategies and business models, all you can really ask for is one that works and the fundamentals of niche marketing are as sound as anything else.

The bottom line is if you do it right, it will make you money and the same cannot be said for 90% of the methods that are out there.
If this all sounds ideal to you then I recommend you take a look at Niche Matic â?? a website that’s dedicated to showing you every aspect of niche marketing and a website that can really help you make full time income from the comfort of your PC.

Check Out Niche Matic

They certainly won’t leave you wondering…

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