Make Your Blog Successful in 2017 – A Complete Checklist to Improve Everything – Business 2 Community (blog)

Business 2 Community (blog)

Make Your Blog Successful in 2017 – A Complete Checklist to Improve Everything
Business 2 Community (blog)
You invest time, money, blood, sweat and tears, but that doesn't always translate into a successful blog. The good news is that you can change things at any point. Improving your blog is something you should work on each and every month. Many bloggers …

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Ethan Coen Wants to Be US Poet Laureate in Recognition of Many a Donald Trump-Centric Verse – Vulture


Ethan Coen Wants to Be US Poet Laureate in Recognition of Many a Donald Trump-Centric Verse
Joining a rare class that includes the late Nora Ephron, Barbra Streisand, and many a college application-padding high school student, Ethan Coen is a blogger for The Huffington Post. Beginning with Donald Trump's inauguration, Coen — contributing

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Trump University: the proving ground for Donald Trump’s campaign pitch

Defunct school, now facing a lawsuit over claims it was a scam, offered the same kind of braggadocio that has propelled Trumps ascent to the GOP nomination

Long before Donald Trump promised to make America great again, he told people that he could change their lives, provide an answer to their problems and allow them to enjoy everlasting financial security.

The unsealing of hundreds of pages of documents from Trump University, the defunct for-profit school started by Trump in 2005, provides new insight into the workings of the presumptive Republican nominee. It also provides interesting parallels to his rhetoric on the campaign trail.

Trump University, which was shut down in 2010, is currently facing a class action lawsuit in federal court in California, brought by dissatisfied enrollees who claim that the school was a scam. As one former employee testified: Trump University claimed it wanted to help consumers make money in real estate, in fact Trump University was only interested in selling every person the most expensive seminars they possibly could.

In documents released yesterday in a court order from federal judge Gonzalo Curiel, internal Trump University playbooks revealed how salespeople were encouraged to sign up prospective students to Gold Elite three-day packages for $34,995 each. In a message from Trump, those who signed up were told: Only doers get rich. I know that in these three packed days, you will learn everything to make a million dollars within the next 12 months.

Potential students were subject to high-pressure sales pitches where they were told Your plan is BROKEN and WE WILL help you fix it and encouraged to put the cost of Trump courses on their personal credit cards.

Trumps language on the campaign trail offers less of the sales patter than that of a salesman for his seminar after all, he is only asking for a vote and not making a sale. But it does offer the same promises and assurances that all their problems are easily solvable.

Trumps rhetoric on the trail ranges from building a wall on the Mexican border which will be the greatest wall that youve ever seen to simultaneously offering massive tax cuts. According to Trumps tax plan, individuals making less than $25,000 and married couples making less than $50,000 will pay no taxes and instead simply submit a one-page form to the IRS stating I win. In addition to these tax cuts, Trump would also protect Medicare and social security and make them solvent without cutting entitlement spending.

The secret to these plans and many others, including bringing back manufacturing jobs to the US and bombing the hell out of Isis, is Trumps self-proclaimed ability to make deals. Just as prospective students at Trump University were promised wealth by using a Trump mentor to learn how to invest the Trump way, voters are promised that by supporting Trump instead of politics as usual, they can turn their lives around.

The question still to be answered is whether Republican primary voters will be more satisfied with their decision than Trump University students.

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Southern Charm Recap: How Dumb Are These People?

And were back. I myself am fresh off of writing a rant about a fucking Oreo bagel, so apologies in advance if this is extra heated.

Cameran informs us that she and Shep are officially working together, even though theyve been officially working together for like, the past 3 episodes. Thats all I care to comment on re: the intro. I’m a little over the narration, tbh. This show is not that deep; we really don’t need a “here’s what you missed” before every single episode.

Craig and Naomie have not made any moves in the unpacking department. Theyre slowly becoming the most relatable people on the show.

Craig: Theres a lot of people who say monogamy is bullshit, but when you meet the right person you dont just run away form them.

Dr. Love over here.

Craig gives Naomie the promise ring which tbh looks like any old ring youd find at a thrift store. Way to set the tone for the relationship. So Craigs method of giving it is to put the ring in a box with a bunch of his watches and be like, because he didnt want to give her a ring box and give her the wrong idea. Which I guess makes sense, but is still like, pretty lame.

Wow Craig is a huge softie. He tells Naomie he thinks JD is going to make him the head of the bourbon division and shes like, Or is life really crushing Craig? TBD.

Cam pulls up to Sheps place, where he is making breakfast at 1pm. What a champion.

Cam: Im sure Shep got wasted after his party last night

Shep taking shots of Goldschlager and visibly and audibly gagging like the fucking freshman he is. GET IT TOGETHER, SHEP.

Shep: The only think Im feeling is a little hungover but what else is new?

You get a reluctant same for that comment, Shep.

Shep and Cam are talking about the Kathryn thing and Cam talks about how she doesnt wanna meet up and Sheps like Clearly Shep does not get that the high road =/= what makes people happy. Hence why its called the high road in the first place.

Shep: Its just so much easier to say yes than no. I keep telling girls that.

My brother, whos making another appearance in our little recap: That makes you a rapist.

I won’t go that far, but I will say that it’s DEFINITELY not a good look, bro. Especially considering you JUST apologized last week for telling the world that Bailey is DTF, you should probably keep all comments about women to yourself. BTW, I can’t confirm that I was the one who brought about Shep’s apology, but I also can’t deny it, so basically, women of the world: you are welcome.

Back at Kathryns, our fave redhead swallows her pride and calls her archnemesis-for-no-reason, Elizabeth.

Kathryn: I did distance myself from Elizabeth because her husband is JD and its as simple as this: JD is Thomass best friend.

I mean this makes sense given that Kathryn, as I just found out, is 23 years old and therefore unaware that adults like Elizabeth and JD are in fact capable of acting like adults.

Back at the house Cam and Shep are showing, it is clear Shep knows jack shit about selling houses. Honestly, why did he agree to this at all? Also, what does Shep do for a living when hes not pretending to sell real estate? How do any of these people make money, actually?

Shep: Real estate isnt brain surgery. Its basically personality-driven. And lucky for me I have plenty of that.

Shep takes control of the appointment and tries to contradict Cam and set the price for the house IN FRONT OF THE BUYER. Im not even a real estate agent; Ive only watched a few episodes of , but even I can tell thats a big no-no. Geez, Shep.

OK Landon has the same type of dog I used to have so shes now skyrocketing up in my favor. RIP Klondike.

Anyway, Landons big plan is to go with the online magazine. Magazines: a true moneymaker in the year 2016. Not an oversaturated market at all. But shes going up to NY to meet with a friend who does this kind of thing anyway. Landons dad is like, No, dad. They don’t sell preppy shit in New York. Gosh.

Craig goes to meet with JD and honestly I feel like JD talks like a gruff 1920s fat cat who just chain-smokes cigars all day and calls everyone sonny. Idk if Im totally off-base here but I dont think I am, at least. Craigs big assignment is to send out emails to people. Uh, can I work here? Apparently Danni has been in the liquor buying/selling business for 15 years, which I dont believe because she looks 25 TOPS. I guess South Carolina has lax labor laws, who knows? Also, to prove that she really knows her shit, they have a flashback to Danni opening some wine for Thomas and she uses a corkscrew and Thomas is like, Seriously?

Kathryn rolls up to JD and Elizabeths house where her three children are all dressed like matching extras. Cant lie, it is very cute.

Oh, this is so tense. Its uncomfortable. Elizabeth is classy AF and immediately calls Kathryn out but in a classy way like, but her voice is so gentle and soothing you just want to tell her all your problems.

Kathryn admits she pulled a Stassi and just cut people out of her life left and right. Elizabeth is like, and I might cry. Why is she so nice? Can I adopt her as my older sister? Ive got room for an aunt. YALL, I CANT HANDLE THESE SENTIMENTAL MOMENTS.

Oh thank god, commercial break.

Shep goes to Thomass house where Thomas explains theyre going to paint a mural on his white picket fence. What a weirdo. Im getting some Huck Finn vibes. Thomas eats at Jimmy Johns. This is shocking me more than it should.

Thomas and Shep clearly have nothing in common and this interaction was clearly so forced just so they could have a vehicle to talk shit about Kathryn. Apparently Kathryn lashed out at Thomas (shocker) because she was upset she wasnt invited to Shep’s party.

Thomas: When Kathryn gets upset and stressed, all the blood goes to her brain and oxygens not going to the baby.

Im gonna have to fact-check this one and get back to you. Even Shep is like,

Landon meets with the head of Vox Media who she just casually knows and now I am jealous AF. Gonna start praising TF outta Landon in these recaps. Cant wait to be your +1 at Patricia’s next party, girl!

Landon is kind of all over the place with her pitch of this magazine. Also shes definitely describing, word for word, a magazine I used to work at. I CAN HOOK YOU UP. But also, and probably more importantly, you should probs find a new enterpreneurial venture because the thing you’re trying to create already exists.

So Lockhart Steele, head of Vox Media and not, as his name suggests, star of the porn version of , is like,

Landon: Like you know, the artstravelartsart?

So that meeting didnt go well. Is it time to go shopping yet?

Cams having a bloody Mary in the middle of the day #spiritanimal, and Whitney and Shep join her. Craigs harassing them about a bourbon tasting.

Cam: I can get why bourbon research is more appealing to Craig than law research.

Cameran, telling it like it is. Shep is trying to get them to go on some vacation.

Shep: We can go hiking

Cameran: I dont hike.

This place is also 4.5 hours away and Cameran and Whitney want to fly there. Bless their hearts. Also right away theyre like,

Whitney says Kathryn is not his fucking cup of tea. Are you SURE about that, Whitney? Interesting use of the word fucking, is all Im sayin.

This bourbon event looks kind of shitty. They dont even have real labels yet, just mockups. Is this amateur hour or what??

Craig: This place is legit. Theres all these contraptions and barrels and stuff

Meanwhile Craigs telling people hes going to be head of the bourbon division while hes like and

Craig is stepping on major toes and says to JD, Spoken like a true jealous wife.

Even Shep is like

Also is it just me or does Craig seem wasted? This is while theyre like

Also Craig and his friends DEEEEFFFF pregamed this shit because Camerans like That is actually a direct quote. Yooooo my hand hurts from all the face-palming I just did. Yikes.

So JD actually really knows his shit and Craig and everyone else is just here to get crunk. I mean, I can’t say I don’t act exactly the same way, but I can say that when I drink vodka sodas I don’t pretend to be a vodka connoisseur who is going to lead Absolut’s vodka division or whatever.

Craig is asking Danni what the difference is between bourbon and rye and hes like Hey Craig, have you ever heard of something called Google?

Danni is like, You can tell Craig’s world was rocked by this statement.

Craig: I get what Dannis saying but Im smart as shit.

But like, not smart enough to do some cursory fucking internet research on the industry you want to manage? Okay. At least he’s hot though.

After the tasting Craig and Shep have a drunken heart-to-heart.

Craig: I thought I was part of the team but I dont even have an assigned seat. I feel like Im in middle school.
This whole episode feels like I’m in middle school.

At the same time, three feet away, JD is literally offering Danni a job as VP of the bourbon division which is REALLY FUCKING SHITTY TO DO. Like, you cant set up a private meeting for that? Come on JD, Im disappointed in you.

Meanwhile Shep is doing a very accurate Landon impression.

Shep *impersonating Landon*: I have an idea! La la la!

Damn, spot-on.

Craig is confronting JD and Danni about the bourbon thing. Ohhh Lord. I am so uncomfortable.

Poor Craig. JD is letting him down kinda gently but it is SO brutal. JD talking Craig down is like, when you have to tell a little kid they’re not tall enough to ride the roller coaster at Six Flags. Like, Not spoken from true experience or anything.

Wait, did Craig just tell his boss he doesnt like him? Thats like, probably not a great business strategy.

Oh this is so awkward. Now Craig has to tell Naomie that he basically blew smoke up his own ass and this bourbon thing was never happening. Naomie is visibly very pissed and is about to cry, and this reaction is kind of making me suspicious of her motives. Like, why is she more visibly upset than Craig is? Is she a gold digger? Is she just wildly trusting of Craig? Will Craig ever learn what bourbon actually is? Stay tuned until next time, I guess, when none of these questions are answered.

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Ski Instructor Who Impaled His Face On Tree Branch Grateful For Obamacare

A skiing instructor in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, who had a tree branch puncture his face last week is now praising the Affordable Care Act.

Natty Hagood was skiing through some trees last Wednesday when he attempted to go through a gap that was smaller than expected.

I went through it, but it knocked me on my butt, Hagood told The Huffington Post. Something felt off on my face. I didnt know if I broke my jaw but everything felt OK.

Hagood thought the accident knocked his chin strap to his upper lip, but when he touched it, he noticed something else.

I realized I had impaled my face with a tree branch, he said. My roommate and skiing partner said, Thats fucking disgusting!

Courtesy of Natty Hagood

Hagood estimates the tree branch sticking through his face was about 2 feet long. He thinks the reason that it was so thick is that the snow level is higher than usual.

He managed to break off most of the branch before the ski patrol arrived and took him down to the resort clinic.

After that, Hagood was taken to a hospital where emergency doctors and a plastic surgeon worked on his face to remove the branch and repair his lip area.

The numbing shots were more painful than the actual injury, Hagood said. Its just a flesh wound. I went skiing the next day. But I have a big swollen lip and I drool more than I used to.

Courtesy of Natty Hagood

An injury that might leave some people shaken has Hagood feeling grateful for the Affordable Care Act.

But though the ACA is making the injury more affordable, the tree branch not only put a hole in his lip, but also a $1,500 hole in his pocket.

Hes been hoping to pay medical bills with the help of a GoFundMe campaignthat reached the $1,500 goal early Tuesday morning.

Health care is a business in this country, he said. A way to make money off sick people.

Hagood has kept the branch he impaled himself on and jokes hed like to gild it in gold and hang it up at the ski school where he teaches as sort of a wall of fame for injuries.

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Cowboys Could Make Tony Romo A June 1 Cut – But There's A Catch – Blogging The Boys (blog)

Blogging The Boys (blog)

Cowboys Could Make Tony Romo A June 1 Cut – But There's A Catch
Blogging The Boys (blog)
In principle, if an NFL player is cut before the end of his contract, the entire unamortized signing bonus money (the remaining prorated bonus money) accelerates immediately and counts against the current year's cap as "dead money". In Romo's case

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Cowboys Fans Must Say Goodbye To Tony Romo – Blogging The Boys (blog)

Blogging The Boys (blog)

Cowboys Fans Must Say Goodbye To Tony Romo
Blogging The Boys (blog)
He's been the face of this franchise for the last decade, but alas – that is no more. We all knew it was coming, yet it is still a sad day as the Cowboys are set to release Tony Romo tomorrow. The numbers have been crunched, the writing has been on the

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Article recommendation startup ZergNet adds sponsored links, but promises to remain “content only”

ZergNet pitches itself as a higher-quality alternative to content recommendation widgets like Taboola and Outbrain. Now co-founder and CEO Reggie Renner is planning to become a bigger source of revenue for ZergNetpublishers with the launch of what thecompany is calling itsContent-Only Monetization Platform.

Before this launch, ZergNets main selling point to publishers was helping them grow their traffic theyd include links to other sites in the ZergNet network, then get readers back in return. However, Renner said hes hoping to convince publishers to at least consider giving up on competing, lower-quality widgets entirely. To do that, he needs to help those publishersmake money.

And yes, that means adding sponsored links to ZergNets recommendations. However, Renner said, We wanted to keep true to who we were as a business. Specifically, he said publishers can pay to promote their stories, but they have to be real content: We still do not allow any ads.

To ensure thats the case, the sponsored links will go through the same vetting process from ZergNets human editors as every other story in the network. As you can tell from the stories on ZergNets front page, its not exactlyin-depth, high-brow journalism that getshighlighted, but this process issupposed to keep things on topic so when you see ZergNet recommendations on gaming site IGN, they should all go to stories that are relevant to a gaming audience.

And with the sponsored links, Renner said the editors will help avoid links to thingsthat are just total crap the diet pills, the stuff thats disgusting or risqu.

Can this more high-minded approach make money? Well, even though ZergNet is only announcing the platform now, Renner said its already live and generating revenue for publishers.

ZergNet is also announcing that BuzzFeed President Greg Coleman has joined its board of directors.

I joined ZergNets board of directors because I strongly believe in the companys approach to providing high-quality content recommendations that people actually want to read, Coleman said in a statement. ZergNet is the only company in the space positioned to facilitate positive change.

The company said it works with more than 2,000 publishers, including AOL (which owns TechCrunch), Time Inc., CBS and News Corp.

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6 Overlooked Ways Harry Potter Screwed Up Movies Forever

Now that BuzzFeed has sufficiently memorialized the ’90s, it’s time to start incessantly whining about how totally flawless the 2000s were — starting with the movies. We had a Spider-Man series that was 66.6 percent not-shit, Peter Jackson wasn’t phoning in an all-CGI Middle Earth, and the Joker wasn’t spending thousands of burnable rake on sick nihilism tats. Not to mention that going to the theater didn’t equate to watching the same characters get blown and rebooted more times than a Super Nintendo.

So what in the balls happened? After some thoughtful digging (Googling box office numbers while drinking Black Velvet Cinnamon Rush), I’ve discovered the ground zero of this explosion of desperate spinoffs and remakes … and it’s the same culprit who taught a generation of Satanists that magic was real. That’s right: Harry Potter And The Gradually Diminishing Whimsy is to blame. Here’s how your favorite kid wizard cursed us to decades of crappy cinematic franchises.

#6. The 2000s Were A Great Time To Be A Giant Fantasy Franchise

If it’s not too much, take a gander at all the top-grossing films per year from 1988 to 1998:

It was a big decade for the “resourceful orphan kicks ass” genre.

Notice anything? Before 1999, we didn’t really have active franchises hitting it huge at the box office. For the most part, the highest-earning films came and went as single stories — eventually followed up with a sequel (or four) years later that never made as much money as the original. Then hit 1999, and this happened …

The only non-derivative movies are “Pixarized French storybook” and “every movie ever, but with blue cats.”

The aughts began an era in which sequels actually mattered. Star Wars, Spider-Man, The Dark Knight, Shrek, and Pirates emerged as top dogs, and other butt-destroying series like Lord Of The Rings, the Bournes, and The Matrix were not far behind. For one reason or another, the fantasy/sci-fi trilogy slowly began to engulf Hollywood. This made a seven-part book series like Harry Potter the Burrito Supreme of all money hogs. When the fairy dust cleared, Warner Bros. had made a nation-buying $7 billion in a decade from those itty snake-murdering scamps.

And they couldn’t spare a few hundred bucks for scar-removing surgery for the main actor? For shame.

And what’s more, Warner Bros. would also spend that decade making a king’s ransom on films that were also good, if not future classics. Directors like Christopher Nolan, Peter Jackson, the Wachowskis, and Alfonso Cuaron boosted WB to surpass $2 billion in overseas box office dinero by 2004. The Brothers Warner were more slick, high, and mighty than Dumbledore on a cocaine-fueled alpine slide. But much like all blow-related excursions, the comedown is a beast …

#5. Studios Are Unable To Downsize Once They’re On Top

I know how much you guys love looking at numbers, so here’s a bunch more:

Aww, yeah. That’s the stuff.

That’s a list of Warner Brother’s top-grossing films of all time … which is almost exclusively Harry Potter or Batman films from that sweet spot between 2001 and 2012. Since then, these Animaniacs-harborers have completely run out of billion-dollar franchises. And while that sounds like nothing to cry about, considering all the money that was made from said billion-dollar franchises, remember that the studio system is one that constantly treads water when it comes to finance. It’s why we’ve had the same studios since the ’50s, and why the expected profit growth of the industry is at 0.6 percent. In other words: Making movies isn’t all that profitable, because of how hard the system is to sustain.

It’s like running a circus exclusively comprised of juggling elephants. Along with maintaining and feeding them, you have to hope that the public will never get sick of seeing your large mammals get debased for their entertainment. That means competing with all the other companies specializing in humiliating grassland beasts. Suddenly, you have to buy bigger and flashier elephant-sized juggling hats than everyone else — and so the growth becomes exponential.

In both cases, you’ll inevitably end up with some giant turds in your hands.

Let’s also pretend for a second that this act, which I will now call “Merry-Mammoth and the Madcap Masto-Funs,” becomes so world-famous that you pummel all the other circuses in town. Congratulations on swinging the biggest dick! Now continue to hire more employees, maintain your tortured animals, and try like hell to forget that your prized elephants will eventually die.

They’re down to a Warner Bro now.

Your Masto-Funs are in the ground, Warner Bros.! You’re now the Dirk Diggler of mammal entertainment (or, I guess, SeaWorld). Point is that once a studio is sustaining on a billion dollars a year, it’s hard to suddenly roll over to the competition … which is exactly what has happened to Warner Bros. in 2015, after Universal and Disney completely buried them with Age of Ultron and Jurassic World. Their biggest moneymaker was San Andreas, a movie destined to be forever watched with the TNT channel logo burned in the bottom-right corner.

And so, after years of studio expansions and shady accounting, Warner Bros. is receding their spending with cost cutting and layoffs while maintaining a hopeful future, even though they cannot stop dwelling on their past …

#4. Warner Bros. Is Still Stuck In The 2000s

While the era of dark franchises like Harry Potter and The Dark Knight was winding down, something else happened in the late 2000s. It was a film called Iron Man, and its popularity and rise coincided with the silly cliche of the “gritty reboot” created by Christopher Nolan. Suddenly, Marvel was making more money than any superhero franchise — and doing it with charisma and lightheartedness.

Naturally, Warner Bros. got the message …

Oh wait. Shit.

… and cry-murdered that message like it was a sick cat. While the presence of Batman at least tonally justifies Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice‘s gloom, Man Of Steel has forever marred the series by giving us a Superman who opted to let people die in funereal tornado attacks rather than make rational decisions. I’m not talking about what you, the reader, personally think of the film, but rather the objective truth that this series is now popularly associated with literal overkill.

None of this is helped by the utterly tone-deaf justification from WB chief Kevin Tsujihara that future films about characters named Aquaman and Shazam are going to be “steeped in realism” and “edgier than Marvel’s movies.” All of this adds up to a company that can’t tell which way the wind is blowing — even after the giant flop of Fox’s gritty, un-fun Fantastic Four. And speaking of colossal dumps, if you want further proof of WB’s stagnation, check out the spoilerrific new trailer for Batman v. Superman:

This is what happens when you eat nothing but Reese’s Pieces.

What you’re seeing is supposed to be Doomsday, the monster who death-punched Superman back into relevance in the ’90s, who is either too steeped in realism to adhere to the laws of physics or riding some kind of diabolical Segway. If you haven’t noticed, he also looks exactly like the monsters from Harry Potter and Lord Of The Rings (with some Incredible Hulk thrown in) …

That’s one orgy we’re all strangely curious to see.

… because Warner Bros. can’t stop reminding us of the days when it was making films we wanted to see. This devotion to habit also explains why they compulsively hire the Wachowskis to make potential franchise-launchers, even though the Wachowskis haven’t made a profitable film since The Matrix, and by all accounts are in fact costing the studio money at this point. But it’s not exactly like they have any other option either, considering how …

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The Business Of Men's Fashion – Capital Campus – Capital FM Kenya (press release) (blog)

Capital FM Kenya (press release) (blog)

The Business Of Men's Fashion – Capital Campus
Capital FM Kenya (press release) (blog)
A more recent trend has been the resurgences of the fashionista. Now, men who love fashion are not afraid to ask for their piece of the pie. One such ambitious …

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