50 legit ways you can earn some extra cash from home

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Whether youre a stay-at-home parent, college student, or just looking to pay down your debt, we could all use some extra cash.

While we could find a part-time gig, like driving for Uber, or start earning a passive income through affiliate marketing, wouldnt be it nice if you were able to make some fast cash from the friendly confines of your home?

That may sound too good to be true, it is possible if you do so, like these 50 ways that you can make an easy $100 this month from home.

1. Have a yard sale. We all have junk taking up space in our homes. Take a couple of hours to go through your house and look for the items that youre no longer using, such as DVDs, strollers, or kitchen tools and appliances. Then have a yard sale, weather depending of course.

2. Sell your valuables online. Yard sales are an easy way to make some quick cash, but some of your items will definitely fitch higher prices online. Items like antiques or your old Star Wars collection are better suited on sites like eBay. The same is true for larger items like playhouses or bicycles. Place them on Craigslist or a Facebook page so that they buyer can pick them up at your home.

3. Sell your used books. Sites like Bookscouter ensure that you get the best price available for your used books, as opposed to the pennies that you would make by selling them to a bookstore.

4. Sell your gadgets. If you have some old cell phones and tablets lying around then sell them on Gazelle. Just remember that youll make the most money by selling newer devices that are still in-demand.

5. Sell your crafts. Thanks to sites like Etsy you can easily sell your handmade crafts online by creating an online storefront in just a matter of minutes.

6. Drop ship. Dont have anything to sell? Try dropshipping. This is where you simply sell products for a manufacture on eBay or Amazon. The best part? The manufacture handles the shipping and handling for you.

7. Resell unused gift cards. We all have received gift cards from stores that we dont frequent. Instead of letting them go to waste you can sell them online through places like For example, you can sell a $150 Macys gift card and receive around $116. The funds are sent via Direct Deposit, PayPal or check.

8. Become a direct marketer. You’re probably familiar with companies like Tupperware or Avon where you sell products or services directly either online or by hosting a party. But, those are just two examples of direct marketing companies where you can make some extra dough each month.

9. Rent out a spare room. Why let that spare room go unattended? Rent it out on Airbnb to make some quick cash on the side.

10. Rent out your parking space/driveway. If you reside in an area where there are a lot of commuters, or in close proximity to a venue thats hosting a popular event, then consider renting out your parking space or driveway on JustPark or Craigslist.

11. Rent out your vehicle. You dont have to drive for Uber or Lyft to monetize your vehicle. You can it out to your fellow drivers via Turo.

12. Rent out your clothes. Do you have a closet full of clothes that you arent wearing? Rent them on RentNotBuy.

13. Rent out household items. Speaking of RentNotBuy, you can pretty much rent any of your household items out to people. Anything works to rent out, from bicycles, cameras, power tools, and kitchen equipment can all be rented out.

14. Try out Paribus. Paribus is becoming one of my favorite ways to make some fast money. After signing up for free, Paribus scans your emails and looks for receipts from sites like Amazon of Target. It theres been a price drop, then you get a refund.

15. Join Swagbucks. Swagbucks is a popular rewards site where users get paid to browse the internet, complete surveys, watch videos, shop online, or play games. Youll be rewarded by gift cards, and it may take some time to earn $100, but its an incredibly easy way to make money.

16. Join Ebates. With Ebates you earn cash back every time that you shop online. You even get a free $10 gift card just by signing-up.

17. Take online surveys. Getting paid to participate in online surveys won’t make you a millionaire, but sites like Springboard Panel, Harris Poll Online, and Ipsos Panel will pay you up to $95 for surveys that only eat-up 15-2o minutes of your time.

18. Test websites. Companies like User Testing pay people to test the navigation and function of a website. You may have to answer a couple of questions as well, but the entire process only takes about 15 minutes and you have the opportunity to make $30 per hour.

19. Fix search engines. Sites like Leapforce pay you to evaluate search engines. All you have to do is conduct researches on predefined queries. Then you analyze the results and provide feedback.

20. Review stuff. If you have solid writing skills, and love sharing your opinion, then start getting paid to write online reviews on sites like Review Stream and Vindale Research. Youll usually get paid PayPal and payout can range between $25 to $100.

21. Take part in an online focus group. You can also participate in online focus groups, such as ProOpinion. Youll be paid through through a check, gift card, or PayPal deposit.

22. Become a mock jury member. There are attorneys who turn to online mock jurors in order to receive feedback on their cases before they go to trial. Thats when they use sites OnlineVerdict. Cases take-up between 20 minutes to an hour of your time and pay you between $20 to $60.

23. Data entry. Inputting information for companies into a computer system isnt the most stimulating work. On the brightside, data entry jobs dont require any prior experience and its an easy way to make around $10 per hour from the comfort of your home.

24. Customer service representative. As long as you have a landline, internet connection, and decent communication skills, then you can earn between $8-$15 per hour as a customer service rep during your free-time. You can look for customer service rep jobs on Indeed.

25. Tech support. If youre tech savvy then you can make around $13.50 per hour handling technical questions or concerns that customers have regarding a product or service. Checkout Careerbuilder for possible tech support gigs.

26. Bookkeeper. Despite the misconception, you dont have to be a CPA to become a bookkeeper. As long as youre organized, you can make $60 per hour as a virtual bookkeeper.

27. Virtual assistant. Virtual assistants handle a variety of tasks that range from email management, scheduling appointments, making phone calls, or booking hotels. You can make anywhere between $10 to $30 via job boards like Upwork or People Per Hour.

28. Turn your trash into cash. Before you throw out those ink cartridges, wine corks, food packages, moving boxes, or unwanted coupons sell them online. You wont make a fortune, but its one of the easiest ways to pick-up some extra cash. The Penny Hoarder has a great article on how to make money from you trash.

29. Work for Amazon. You cant make a living through Amazon Mechanical Turk, but its a nice way to bring-in some extra cash each month by completing easy tasks like writing product descriptions or identifying performers on music CDs. These tasks usually take under an hour to complete, but youre only paid $6 to $10.

30. Freelance write. If you have a flare for words then you can get paid to write about your hobbies or experience in topics ranging from parenting to marketing. Besides blog posts and articles, there are people who are looking to pen White Papers, website copy, or eBooks. Freelance websites like Upwork, Guru, and Freelancer are great places to find writing gigs. Here is a guide to freelancing that I put together to help.
31. Technical freelancing. Do you have technical skills like programming or graphic design? Then you can use the same freelance websites I just mentioned to land a sweet side gig. Here is a guide to programming that will help you.

32. Tutor/Teach. Whether you’re helping a high school student with math or teaching people to play an instrument or dance, you can make cash. You can tutor or teach people skills either by creating your own online course, or having them come to your home.

33. Play online games. With sites like InboxDollars you can compete for rewards by winning card or puzzle games.

34. At-home daycare. Do you know a lot of people who need a babysitter while theyre at work? Then start your own at-home daycare business. Just remember to secure the proper requirement and insurance, which vary from state-to-state.

35. Pet-sit. If you enjoy the company of dogs and cats then you can find pet-sitting opportunities on sites like The pets stay at your home and you can rake-in around $30 per night.

36. Sewing and alterations. If you have sewing skills that you charge people for alterations, repairs, or even for making handmade bags, bedding, or drapes.

37. Start a referral service. There are a couple of ways that can cash-in on referrals. The first is referring new employees at your current place of employment. The other is referring new businesses and clients to attorneys, doctors, lawyers, local vendors, realtors, or baby-sitters.

38. Travel agent. While there are plenty of websites that can help find the best deals on airline tickets or lodging, not everyone has the time to keep tabs on these deals. After all, prices change daily. Thats why theres still a market for online travel agents.

39. Share your expert advice. Are you knowledgeable in a specific area? Then start cashing in on your expert advice by answering questions on sites like JustAnswer. Even if youre not an expert, you can get a $50 Amazon gift card by just referring an expert.

40. Do paid forum posting. In order to build their authority and trustworthiness, new online website owners will pay writers to create quality posts on on their blog, as well as respond to tweets and moderate online forums. is a great place to start.

41. Translate documents. If youre bilingual, then you can make between $8 to $18 per hour. Unbabel, for example, pays translators every week through PayPal or Skrill.

42. Consulting. Since you may already be an expert in your field, then start a side-consulting business. Whether if its instructing a business owner to become more eco-friendly or assisting a non-profit with their fundraising efforts, your clients can visit you at your home office or even online through tools like Skype or GoToMeeting.

43. Get healthy. This is probably one of those its too good to be true tactics, but with sites like HealthyWage you can actually make money by sitting a weight loss goal. If you achieve the goal you could get rewarded anywhere from $20 to $500 per month.

44. Watch videos. Both Swagbucks and InboxDollars will pay you to watch movie previews or the latest YouTube videos. Its a pretty simple way to make at least a hundred bucks per month. If you search around you may even be able to make a couple of bucks watching your favorite TV shows on Netflix.

45. Peer-to-peer lend. With the emergence of peer-to-peer lending sites like Prosper and Lending Club you can become an investor and make money from the loan that you issued.

46. Open a new checking or savings account. Believe it or not some banks will give you $250 just for opening up a new checking or savings account. These promotions change frequently, so just do a quick online search for the best bank account bonuses and promotions.

47. Signup up for a rewards credit card. Banks that issue credit cards are also enticing people to sign-up by offering rewards like cash back on every purchase that you make. Im in no advocating that you put yourself in credit card debt, but if you have the means to pay off your balance each month its one of the easiest ways to pick-up some extra cash.

48. Enter contests/competitions. The odds of winning a contest or sweeptake are low, but the more you enter the more likely you are to win a prize. Entering a competition may take a little more effort than most of the other options included in this list, but if you win, the prizes could add-up to thousands of dollars. And, if the prize is a product, you can always flip it.

49. Check for unclaimed funds. The government may actually owe you money from tax refunds or unclaimed back wages. Other unclaimed funds could be from unclaimed deposits from banks or credit unions and savings bonds. is an excellent resource to locate these unclaimed funds.

50. Change your spending habits. This may sound more difficult than it is, but if you create a budget you can quickly see some of your unnecessary expenses each month. It could be anything from changing your cable plan to cancelling unused subscriptions or memberships. Any changing of little habits or doing one or two of the suggestions on this list can add-up to an extra couple of hundred dollars in your bank account next month.

John Rampton is a serial entrepreneur who now focuses on helping people to build amazing products and services that scale. He is founder of the online payments company Due. He was recently named #2 on Top 50 Online Influencers in the World by Entrepreneur Magazine. Time Magazine recognized John as a motivations speaker that helps people find a “Sense of Meaning” in their lives. He currently advises several companies in the bay area.

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30 Stars Who Had Surprising Jobs Before They Became Famous

Although your favorite stars might have lifestyles of the rich and famous now, it wasn’t always that way.

Yes, it’s true. They had “normal” jobs before becoming famouswell, if you consider being an adult film set decorator, a Hooters girl, and a lion tamer “normal.”

Vince Vaughn

This Internship star obviously didnt do one at the YMCA, where he was fired as a lifeguard for being late too often probably not a good thing in that whole, saving lives thing.


Amy Adams

In order to save up for her first car, she worked at Hooters as a waitress. Calm down. She was 18.


Christopher Walken

As a kid, he worked in a small circus and was in charge of doing tricks with a female lion named Sheba.

Image: Twitter

Nicole Kidman

After her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, she dropped out of school at age 17 to work as a massage therapist and help with finances.

Image: WikiMedia

Channing Tatum

No surprise here, but the Magic Mike star was a stripper for eight months when he was 19.

Image: Flipboard

Victoria Beckham

The Spice Girl started as a sperm on roller skates for a BBC sex-education TV show called Body Matters.

Image: WikiMedia

Jon Hamm

What did he do before becoming a mad man? Porn. Well, he was a set dresser in the soft-core porn industry on Cinemax.

Image: Reddit

Hugh Jackman

Before he was a Broadway star and superhero, he was a gym teacher and a party clown, charging $50 a show.

Image: WikiMedia

Rachel McAdams

When she was 16 and directing kids theater, she started working at McDonalds to pay the bills and stayed there for three years.

Image: Huffington Post


He was a crack dealer, and admits that it helped him become business savvy because it taught him about budgets, what you can spend, and what you need to re-up.

Image: WikiMedia

Jon Bon Jovi

Its his lifeand he spent part of it making Christmas decorations to make money which I presume he spent on product for his hair.

Image: WikiMedia

George Clooney

He had a string of jobs before finding success as an actor, including cutting tobacco, working in a ladies shoe store, and selling insurance door-to-door.


Whoopi Goldberg

Before she was a comedian, she worked as not only a bricklayer, but also a beautician in a morgue.

Image: WikiMedia

Patrick Dempsey

He was a juggler and placedsecond in the International Jugglers Competition in the Junior Division in 1982 and 1983.

Image: WikiMedia

Jennifer Hudson

The singer (and Weight Watchers spokeswoman) worked at Burger King until she was 18, when she decided to quit and pursue her love of music.

Image: PopSugar

Johnny Depp

Need something to write this one down? Depp sold pens over the phone for a solicitor.

Image: BuzzFeed

Jennifer Aniston

Did your favorite Friend work in a coffee shop like she did on the show? Nope, but she did work as a telemarketer and a waitress while going to acting auditions.

Image: WikiMedia

Kanye West

Although its hard to imagine him doing anything that wasnt completely centered around Kanye, he did work as a sales assistant at the GAP. Ima let you finish, buttry on these khakis first.

Image: WikiMedia

Helen Mirren

Before she was a Dame and a screen icon, she worked at amusement park in Southend as a “blagger,” to attract customers to the rides.

Image: WikiMedia

Matt LeBlanc

Before going to New York to be a hand model at age 18, he tried to follow in his grandfathers footsteps and train to be a carpenter.


Tom Cruise

Before going full-on Scientologist, he attended a seminary before getting asked to leave for stealing liquor from a couple of priests.

Image: WikiMedia

Demi Moore

She actually dropped out of high school at age 16 to work as a debt collector before trying to get into modeling, and then eventually into acting.

Image: Huffington Post

Danny DeVito

Ironically, he was a hairdresser and then a hairdresser for a mortuary.

Image: WikiMedia

Lucy Liu

To make ends meet while acting, she worked as a secretary during the weeks, and on weekends, during the day, worked as an aerobics instructor and in the evening worked as a hostess.

Image: Imgur

Gerard Butler

Although he has a law degree from Glasgow University, he got fired from his first job and hasnt practiced law since.

Image: WikiMedia

Angelina Jolie

She has said that if she failed to make it as an actress in Hollywood, she would have pursued a career as a funeral director.

Image: PopSugar

Ozzy Osbourne

Its no surprise that the Prince of Darkness had a rather dark job he spent time working in a slaughterhouse.

Image: WikiMedia

Eva Mendes

She had a thing for the mall (and food) as a teen and worked at a pizza place and then Hot Dog on a Stick.

Image: WikiMedia

Jim Carrey

After his father lost his job, this funny guy dropped out of high school and worked as a janitor to try and help with the finances.

Image: WikiMedia

Mick Jagger

Before becoming the rock icon he is known as today, he worked as a porter in a psychiatric hospital.

Image: Huffington Post

Via: BuzzFeed

I guess it’s a good thing they didgive up their day jobs.

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At the Malware Museum, a nostalgic gallery of old-school viruses

Usually when you end up with a virus on your computer, you do everything possible to get rid of it. Over at the Internet Archive, viruses are being preserved in the new Malware Museum.

Launched on Friday, the Malware Museum gives users the opportunity to experience viruses from the 1980s and 1990s. The defanged versions of the malicious programs were curated byMikko Hypponen, the chief research officer of Finnish security company F-Secure.

Hypponen told the Daily Dot that he has been collecting old viruses since he got started in the business 25 years ago. Upon seeing the Internet Archive’s efforts to preserve all parts of the Web he teamed up with Jason Scott, a historian at the Internet Archive, to breathe new life into the malware of yesteryear.

It’s made possible thanks to the emulation capabilities built into the Internet Archive that simulate old computer systems right inside the browser. Only weeks before the Malware Museum opened, Scott announced the previously hidden DOS emulation capabilities of the Internet Archive. It’s the same feature that allows the site to play host to thousands of classic games that can be played without requiring any additional software.

The viruses on display behind the glass of the Malware Museum show a wide variety of programs designed to attack MS-DOS computers. With no bite left in them, the emulated attackers look closer to pieces of simple, animated art than anything malicious.

“I suppose many old-school virus writers were using their viruses as a means of expression. That’s why we get all these displays of animations, sound, and pictures,” Hypponen said. “Some would call it art.”

With the friendly look, it’s easy to dismiss the viruses as little more than crude creations, but at the time they could certainly cause some major inconveniences. Hypponen that many of the viruses would “be programmed to overwrite files or format hard drives.”

He explained that the malware could be programmed to issue the attack at specific times or act completely at random. “In addition, they would all replicate to new computers, which often lead to compatibility problems.”

The viruses undoubtably caused issueespecially in an era when the practice of keeping backups was less common and required more effort. But it’s hard not to see some of the bugs as being somewhat playful rather than threatening.

The Casino virus hosted in the museum is a perfect example of the clever but problem-causing nature of the old-time malware. The program would make copies of a computer’s files, then overwrite part of the system to make those files inaccessible. The only way the victim could get access back was to win at a game of blackjack.

There isn’t a ton of resemblance between the malware of today and the type collected in the Malware Museum. Not only do the attacks take many different forms now, and rarely are accompanied by vibrant displays, but the motivation is also considerably differentand more sinister.

“Twenty-five years ago, people were writing viruses because they thought it was interesting or fun,” Hypponen said. “Nowadays, most virus writers write malware to make money. Money is being made with credit card-stealing keyloggers, banking trojans, and ransom trojans. Old, happy hackers have pretty much completely disappeared.”

It’s easy to imagine Hypponen is simply nostalgic for a different era when it comes to malware, but his idea of the “happy hackers” does reflect the first virus. Created by Pakistani brothers Basit and Amjad Farooq Alvi in 1986, they described their bug as a friendly virus, that was not made to destroy any data. The same couldn’t be said for the hundreds of thousands of malicious programs that have come since.

If you’d like to experience viruses in a way that won’t require you to backup all your files and run an antivirus when you’re done, the Malware Museum is the safest choice.

Photo via Christiaan Colen/Flickr (CC BY SA 2.0)

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You Will Have A Profitable Affiliate Marketing Online Strategy – Yahoo News

You Will Have A Profitable Affiliate Marketing Online Strategy
Yahoo News
You can optimize your blog for search engines by using SEO-friendly URLs for every article. If you use your blog site to earn money, most blogging services offer this option, which is a must-do. As an alternative to allowing the company to assign a

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Winter storm threat Monday night: Live blogging the model forecasts (UPDATES) – Washington Post (blog)

Washington Post (blog)

Winter storm threat Monday night: Live blogging the model forecasts (UPDATES)
Washington Post (blog)
… * Winter storm watch 7 p.m. Monday to 2 p.m. Tuesday *. A mere 1.4 inches of snow has fallen the entire winter in Washington. If everything comes together just right, we could easily quadruple that total Monday night. But the closer you get to

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She Turned 2 Simple Ingredients Into a Cure For Cancer, Then the Government Shut Her Down

Its deadly and everybody fears it. Cancer. Stats as of late reveal that 1 out of 2 men and 1 out of 3 women will develop some cancer type in their life. And cancer patients are on a steady increase.

Along with cancer, comes cancer treatment which is expensive, and in turn, very profitable. Perhaps thats why a scientist named Johanna Budwig developed a protocol to treat cancer, yet it has all but been denied due to the zero financial profit that it brings. Cancer research gets funded heavily, yet still nothing has come about as far as a cure. Cannabis oil has been of big interest, but yet not available for all cancer patients. Big Pharmas inability to figure out a way to make money off it is chiefly to blame. If it doesnt come with a profit, then it doesnt come at all.

There is a growing interest in the therapy with cannabis oil, but it is not available for all patients that appear every year. As usual in our society, money talks. Even at the expense of healing and saving lives. Money talks. In the cancer industry, its 125 billion a year to be exact. So German scientist Johanna Budwig, came across a cancer cure in 1951. This 6-time nominee for the Nobel Prize who held two doctorates, one in medicine and one in pharmaceutical chemistry, also was an avid student of physics, psychology, and biochemistry.

Heres what she had to say about her cancer cure:

I have the answer to cancer, but American doctors wont listen. They come here and observe my methods and are impressed. Then they want to make a special deal so they can take it home and make a lot of money. I wont do it, so Im blackballed in every country.

She was appointed by the government to lead research into the process of hardening oils into solids, or basically to make margarine. Thus she discovered just how dangerous trans fatty acids (hydrogenated oils) are for human health. And then came the cure for cancer, as well as numerous other diseases, like arthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and liver dysfunctions. She found that cancer cells are cells which lack what is needed to mature and the red blood cells of those with cancer have no fatty layer. Healthy people have that layer.

She went on to treat cancer patients, garnering a 90% success rate. Even those in stage 4 she found success in treating.

Heres what her treatment consisted of:

Nutrition and diet changes.
No additives,
No animal products except for the quark (a cheese) or cottage cheese, combined with flaxseed oil.

It would be the combo of protein and oil which would provide the right nutrients on a molecular level. The cancer cells would then be absorbed or sloughed off. The body in the meanwhile would be completely healthy in 3 months.

She went on to write six books and a number of articles. But much of her time ended up being spent in litigation with margarine companies. Then her work became restricted through the courts and couldnt be published, despite the life saving methods she was writing about!

Cottage Cheese and Flaxseed Oil Work to Re-energize Cells

She had much success improving her patients during the research and all kinds of cancer were treated.

Heres her guidelines and rules on how to treat cancer:

-You should get sufficient amounts of sunshine in order to stimulate healing in the mind and body
-Drink only purified water
-Avoid meat, sugar, or animal fat
-Never use leftovers, eat the food immediately after preparation
-Avoid all processed foods from your diet
-You should grind flax seeds fresh and consume them within 15 minutes of grinding
-Prepare only fresh and organic fruits and vegetables
-Combine quark or cottage cheese and flaxseed oil in a 2:1 ratio and blend until there is no visible oil floating
-Do not add other ingredients until final cheese mixture results
-Avoid all kinds of drugs and supplements
-In the case of cancer, Dr. Budwig recommended the consumption of 8 tablespoons of flaxseed oil (in the mixture) on a daily basis. For cancer prevention, you can use only a tablespoon daily.

Eliminate all toxic sources, like GMO foods, trans fats, and carcinogen-ridden cooking tools like plastic and Teflon coated pans.

Cancer treatment protocols have since been carried out from a number of cancer experts after they had studied the research of Dr. Budwig. These protocols were designed to stimulate the health and function of cells, by boosting immunity, improving cellular respiration, lowering the acidity in the body, and limiting carcinogens.

Now, after 5 decades, science indeed does use the study of oil and fats and their influence on the body.

Use high-quality ingredients for the best health possible. High grade flax oil and good quality, organic low fat cottage cheese which has enzymes and probiotics.

The Budwig diet protocol can effectively help not just the prevention, but the reversal of cancer.

Heres instructions on how to prepare the Budwig Diet Mixture:

Mix a tablespoon of flax oil and 2 tablespoons of organic low fat cottage cheese or quark for every 100 pounds of an individual. Dosages can be adjusted based on symptoms.

In a glass container, add a tablespoon of cold pressed flaxseed oil, and add two tablespoons of organic, low-fat (2% or less) cottage cheese or quark. Blend them using an immersion blender for a minute. Dont blend by hand.

Now grind up a few tablespoons of brown or golden flaxseeds in a coffee grinder for a minute. Transfer it to a glass bowl and add the oil and cheese mixture. Stir well with a spoon. You can add nuts, fruits, or spices on the top.

And there you go! The ultimate cancer treatment proven effective for many!

Sources and References:
Featured image source:

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These Milwaukee Instagrammers are cashing in on their popularity – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

These Milwaukee Instagrammers are cashing in on their popularity
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Milwaukee fashion blogger Drew Westphal, a.k.a. @everydaydrew on Instagram, has enough followers on social media that brands give him products to wear and to post on his social media accounts. It's called influence marketing. Mike De Sisti / Milwaukee …

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Cowboys Free Agency: DE Damontre Moore Joins Flurry Of Signings – Blogging The Boys (blog)

Blogging The Boys (blog)

Cowboys Free Agency: DE Damontre Moore Joins Flurry Of Signings
Blogging The Boys (blog)
Dallas was extremely busy on the second day of free agency, bringing in a fourth player, Damontre Moore. by Tom Ryle@TomRyleBTB Mar 10, 2017, 7:08pm CST. tweet · share · pin · Rec. Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports. The second day free agent signings …

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14-Year-Old Rejects £20 Million Offer For Business Idea

For a few years now I have been holding onto my winning business idea until the time is right, It will change the world…honestly. Having said that, if someone was to come along and offer me even half a million quid for it I’d say yes, quit my job and go find a beach until it all ran out.

This 14-year-old turned down an incredible 20 million for his. Credit where it’s due, Taylor Rosenthal from Alabama has will power.

The schoolboy had the idea of creating vending machines that dispense first aid kits. He told CNN:

“Every time Id travel for a baseball tournament in Alabama, Id notice that kids would get hurt and parents couldnt find a band aid. I wanted to solve that.”

Taylor launched a start-up and called it RecMed. This was after a large national healthcare company offered $30m (20m) to buy the idea. Taylor turned it down.

Instead of taking the money Taylor raised69,000 in angel investments and plans to make money by selling the machines for 3,800. To make 20m revenue (not profit) he’d need to sell over 5,000 vending machines. He’s a courageous young man.

The machines will offer customers a variety of products such as first aid kits, rubber gloves and anti-septic wipes. He’s had his first orders from a theme park and is optimistic on the future of his business. Taylor’s teacher said:

“Even with all of his success, he remains humble and ready to help others. Hes just 14. Bill Gates should be worried.”

I’m not sure Bill Gates will be worried, but he’ll probably be very impressed. Here’s the guy himself talking about his business.

H/T: The Metro

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‘You don’t talk to the boss’: in Trump’s Las Vegas hotel, workers are fighting for dignity

The National Labor Relations Board has certified a union for hotel staff, but management looks likely to appeal the decision. Meanwhile, staffers reflect on their struggles to get by: For Mr Trump, were just a number

Maricella Olvera encounters Donald Trump on occasion, but shes careful not to say a word. The 47-year-old cleans the penthouse at the Trump International Hotel Las Vegas, where Trump, his family, and celebrity guests often come to stay. She cleans around them in silence. Trump is always uninterested.

The policy is: you dont talk to the boss, she said at her small one-bedroom home, on the joyously named Sing Song Way in the citys northern suburbs.

While Olvera may be silent at work, she and a collective of cleaners, bar workers, and kitchen staff at the Trump hotel have been a thorn in the billionaires side for the past year, using what voice they have to remind the public of the hypocrisy that surrounds his audacious run for the presidency and his record as an employer.

Although Trump has touted himself as the greatest jobs president that God has ever created, these workers point to the fact they are paid on average $3 less than the thousands of unionised hotel workers in Las Vegas who work identical jobs and enjoy a host of other benefits, including pensions and free health insurance, not available to Trump employees.

Earlier this month, following a protracted dispute with Trump and his co-owner, casino billionaire Phil Ruffin, the National Labor Relations Board officially certified a union for over 500 staff at the hotel. Workers argue they have been subjected to surveillance, intimidation, and unlawful dismissal as they have sought to organize.

Hotel management has so far consistently rejected calls to sit down and negotiate a new contract and appear likely to appeal the certification. It is estimated by the Culinary Workers Union that 98% of casinos and hotels on the strip and in downtown Las Vegas are unionised, making the companys stance a near total outlier. Meanwhile, the billionaires campaign filings reveal he values his stake in the hotel at $50m, with a generated income of more than $27m.

Maricella Olvera, who slipped and fell, severely injuring her knee, while at work. Photograph: Mae Ryan for the Guardian

Olvera left her impoverished hometown in Central Mexico in 1987. She trekked for three days on foot to cross the US border, eventually making it to Salinas, California, where she immediately started work on the fields. She picked broccoli, lettuce and berries for 14 hours a day, seven days a week. Only 14 years old, she started sending money back to her family straight away.

Twenty-nine years on, Olvera is now a permanent resident of the US, with two sons about to graduate from medical school. Like almost 70% of unionised workers at the Trump hotel who are also immigrants, she worries about job insecurity while suffering the indignity of a boss running for president on an aggressive immigration platform that leaves the staff themselves feeling targeted.

He has said bad things, she said stridently. I know my people. My people work in the fields, my people [are] kitchen workers, my people [are] landscaping honest people, working hard to make money. Nobody give you nothing for free.

The disdain reflects a broader consensus among Latino voters: Trump is likely to face the highest unfavorability rating among the demographic in history (close to 90%) if he secures the Republican nomination in July.

A lot of guests tell me, Im sorry for [what] Donald Trump said [to] your people, she said, regaining a smile. I say, Its OK. I respect all minds.

Olvera was not at work when the National Labor Relations Board ruled against Trump. In January, she slipped and fell, severely injuring her knee, while cleaning a tall mirror in one of the luxury condos. She now walks with crutches, and survives on $49 a day in disability payment. The payment amounts to half of her actual compensation, $14.28 an hour. The Culinary Workers Union says she would receive full pay on a unionised contract.

My two sons pay [for] my car, my insurance, all my bills, my electricity, everything right now, she said. She has stopped sending money back to Mexico for the first time in years. She worries about her mortgage repayments, but the more pressing concern is the surgery on her knee that will determine when she can return to work, and how much she will owe in medical bills.

The Trump hotel in Las Vegas, where cleaning staff stay mostly invisible, using separate elevators and doorways. Photograph: Mae Ryan for the Guardian

The hotel shimmers in the daylight; its windows are coated in 24-carat gold, which turns the natural light inside the bedrooms a sickly shade of green. At 64 storeys, it is one of the tallest buildings in Las Vegas and manages to distinguish itself in a city renowned for vulgarity.

The lobby is heavily perfumed, with an overwhelming synthetic coconut smell. The Trump Store sells an extensive range of branded products, from Trump piggy banks and Trump cuddly toys to Trump champagne glasses and wine glasses.

At the hotels poolside bar, H2 (Eau), Frank Sinatra croons on the stereo, Make America Great Again caps are stacked next to vintage bottles of bourbon, and a Trump quote is emblazoned on a large mirror: As long as youre going to be thinking anyway, think big.

David, a salesman from Brooklyn, sits on a stool drinking a gin and tonic and clutching a cigar. A Trump supporter and regular at the hotel, he describes it as the best in Vegas.

Theres no ding, ding, ding, like the casinos, he says. This is a classy place. Trumps a classy guy.

The cleaning staff stay mostly invisible, using separate elevators and doorways to reach the immaculately kept rooms.

Celia Vargas, a 57-year-old cleaner, has worked at the hotel full time for three years, earning $14 an hour. Now a US citizen, she fled civil war in El Salvador aged 23 and crossed the US southern border smuggled inside a small container on the back of a truck.

I have always felt very proud of my work, she said at the home she shares with her daughter and seven grandchildren. But I feel that for Mr Donald Trump, we dont matter as workers or as human beings. For Mr Donald Trump, were just a number.

Her employment has been plagued with uncertain working hours, she said, meaning she can be paid as little as $350 a week.

My expenses often dont match my budget, so I always end up owing more or having to get loans, or pawning or selling something of mine in order to get enough.

Vargas was diagnosed with breast cancer last June. Her insurance did not cover the full costs of treatment, leaving her in thousands of dollars in debt, and it would not pay for a full night in hospital for her to recover after surgery her daughter came to fetch her two hours after the operation, and took her home while she was still drowsy from the anaesthesia.

Celia Vargas is fighting to unionise at the Trump Hotel International Las Vegas. Photograph: Mae Ryan for the Guardian

Trump hotel workers see up to $132 in health insurance payments deducted from their biweekly paychecks, according to the Culinary Workers Union, and should receive free and more comprehensive insurance if on a union contract.

Vargas was forced to sell her own apartment two years ago after her husband, also a migrant from El Salvador, who worked a well paid job as a cook on the Las Vegas strip, was arrested following an alleged DUI incident and transferred to immigration detention. He has been detained for two and half years now, and moved all around the country. Vargas has not seen him since December last year, when she made the five-hour drive to visit him in Orange County, California. He would face certain deportation under Trumps hardline immigration platform.

Vargas was one of the first to organise the workforce, and says when they first started wearing small, pro-union badges, she was sacked along with six other colleagues, until the Culinary Workers Union intervened and got her employment reinstated.

Another former employee, 47-year-old Rosebert Donato, had worked at the hotel for three years, earning $11.20 an hour as a linen attendant on the late shift. Donato was fired shortly after the vote to unionize in December last year and argued he was targeted because of his participation in the union.

They fired us like we were delinquents, Vargas said.

The Trump Organization, the holding company which owns Trumps stake in the hotel, did not respond to a list of detailed questions despite multiple requests.

Trump Hotel workers see up to $132 health insurance payments deducted from their biweekly paychecks. Photograph: Mae Ryan for the Guardian

Historically, union-busting has never been Trumps style. He has long relied on unionised workforces to construct and staff his businesses in New York and New Jersey.

In his 2000 book The America We Deserve, he wrote an impassioned defence of Jim Hoffa, president of one of Americas largest unions, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters: Let me tell you this: Unions still have place in American society. In fact, with the globalization craze in full heat unions are about the only political force reminding us to remember the American family.

On the campaign trail, too, Trump has celebrated his lengthy list of union endorsements. I have tremendous support within unions, he said in February. My support is really with those workers, those people the policemen, the firemen, the construction workers, the lathers, the sheetrock workers, the electricians, the plumbers.

So why, in a city with such a rich history of trade unionism, in a swing state that Trump will hope to win if he secures the nomination, bother picking a fight he looks set to lose?

Some with knowledge of the negotiations suggested it was Trumps son Eric who had pushed the companys unwavering stance. Others pointed to his carefully guarded image as a straight talking hardman that he was unlikely to relinquish for the duration of the presidential race.

But perhaps the dispute best exemplifies Trumps entirely unpredictable nature: his extraordinary ability to say one thing, and do something entirely different.

At Vargass home, as dinner was about to be served, the results from the New York primary beamed in live on the TV. As Trump celebrated his landslide victory, he took to the lectern in Trump Tower.

We have problems everywhere you look, he said. We are going to solve those problems. And one of the big problems is the economy and jobs, and that is my wheelhouse.

Vargas shook her head in silence.

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