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Dallas Cowboys Rookie Minicamp Musings: Rookies Getting Acclimated On Day 1 – Blogging The Boys (blog)

Blogging The Boys (blog)

Dallas Cowboys Rookie Minicamp Musings: Rookies Getting Acclimated On Day 1
Blogging The Boys (blog)
The Cowboys began their rookie minicamp today so we offer up some observation from Cowboys media. by Michael Sisemore@MrSisemore May 12, 2017, 7:58pm CDT. tweet · share · pin · Rec. Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports. The Dallas Cowboys …

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Debug Politics says it’s time for the tech industry to help solve political problems

Silicon Valley has been lampooned as the place where entrepreneurs like to declare theyre making the world a better place when theyre actually just trying to make money. But now a new, nonpartisan initiative called Debug Politics is encouraging the tech industry to live up to the catchphrase by helping to fix the political system.

Jesse Pickard, CEO of brain training app Elevate, told me that after the presidential election, he and the other organizers of Debug Politics were discussing their frustrations and their desire to get more involved in the political process.

We dont think we are the only ones that can fix the situation, or that we will save the world in a weekend, Pickard said. However, they felt the tech community can and should be engaged in things that are about more than monetary gain.

(I should mention that thanks to the magic of Craigslist Pickard was my roommate for about a year when I was first starting at TechCrunch.)

Specifically, Debug Politics is organizing a hackathon this weekend in San Francisco, followed by events in New York, Los Angeles and another in SF. Attendees (who could be developers, designers, marketers and others) are encouraged to figure out one thing that youre dissatisfied with in the 2016 election cycle and build something to fix it whether thats something that could help a particular candidate in 2018, or could address broader issues like the divide between rural and urban voters.

When I suggested that many of our political problems may not be fixable by a tech product, Pickard didnt disagree, but he suggested, Everyone has a different set of skills. What the tech community can do effectively is build products that can quickly affect people at scale.

He was also sensitive to the perception that folks in the tech industry might be presumptuous in thinking they know better than the people and organizations whove spent years dealing with these problems.

Another thing that Debug Politics also really encourages is not reinventing the wheel, he said. If there are groups that are potentially tackling the problem in a way thats very aligned with you, we encourage peopleto reach out to those groups.

To be clear, theres no formal organization here, just a group of friends and peers putting together some events. But its still very early days in an effort that could grow.

I might have a different answer for you in a couple of weeks, Pickard said.

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Being On The Internet Is Exhausting

It gets hard. You pretend it doesn’t because you’re not supposed to still be affected by strangers who think you suck. Because mostly, you’re not. Sometimes you even agree with them. There’s no anger or hurt because, yeah, you’re nodding in agreement. You do suck! And they’re right, you write about one guy too often and tweet jokes that are more sad than funny. More worrisome than clever. Tell that shit to your therapist. But you don’t have one. You should though. You really, really should. You’re selfish and think too highly of yourself while simultaneously despising everything you are. You’re someone online and people tell you to stop being Someone Online and you want to tell them, “Dude, wish I could!” but that would mean you wouldn’t have a paycheck or health insurance. You say you’re going to take an internet cleanse and delete all social media apps from your phone. You download them again two days later. You get scared you’ve been out of an office environment for so long that you wouldn’t know how to survive in one. You think your creativity hit its peak and the people around you are slowly starting to see your artistry is more like jogging in place. There are people in hospitals fighting to stay alive and you’re so ambivalent about your own existence that it makes you sick. Much better people deserve things you have and you carry this guilt like Atlas. There’s a list of your wonderful attributes but it’s been buried as a time capsule in a backyard you can’t remember now. The details of things are much fuzzier and you’re too young to feel so old. An anonymous person tracks down people you love and tells them terrible things just because they’ve decided anyone you love should be punished because you love them. You don’t understand that level of hatred. Annoyance, sure. You annoy yourself and that’s why you drink too much wine and don’t text people back. You live publicly and there’s a comment somewhere that probably says, You’re Someone Online so that means you can stay in your bedroom all day and still make money, only leaving for food breaks, to go to the bathroom, etc. You brush your teeth and do leg exercises at the same time to make up for sleeping 5 hours in the middle of the day. You have been so lucky in life, save a few traumas, a few bloodied fists into your heart. Some days, you do the bare minimum and people still applaud. Some days, you dislocate your shoulder trying to move a mountain and no one says a thing. You are always tired and there’s no real reason to be.

You’re always tired and trying not to be.

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2017 NFL Point Spreads For Weeks 1-16: Cowboys Are Favorites In 12 Games – Blogging The Boys (blog)

Blogging The Boys (blog)

2017 NFL Point Spreads For Weeks 1-16: Cowboys Are Favorites In 12 Games
Blogging The Boys (blog)
As usual, keep in mind that the lines shown don't necessarily reflect the actual chances of either team winning the game, as the lines are usually set to encourage betting and to make sure that the money being bet is spread 50/50 over both teams (the

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Blogging for Seniors: Resident Consultant Finds Technology Not Just for the Young – Centralia Chronicle (blog)

Centralia Chronicle (blog)

Blogging for Seniors: Resident Consultant Finds Technology Not Just for the Young
Centralia Chronicle (blog)
Mund, a resident consultant for Stillwaters Estates, has found a large following in a blog she writes for the senior living community in Centralia. When she started the blog seven years ago, she had a list of about 75 subscribers. Today, that list is

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PlayStation boss: virtual reality throws out the game-design rule book

Andrew House says PlayStation VR headset will offer completely new gaming experiences, levelling the traditional games industry power structures

Virtual reality could be a great leveller for the games industry, allowing small studios to make a sizeable impact by creating new experiences that would be impossible on a traditional console. Thats the view of Andrew House, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, which has just revealed a 349 price point for its PlayStation VR headset, due out in October.

While VRs future is far from assured, and while the rules of designing successful experiences are still being established (many conventional video game genres simply dont translate to the VR world) there are, House believes, exciting new opportunities. The most fascinating thing is how VR has rewritten the rulebook of what game design should be, he said. Its levelled the playing field in terms of production values.

What has encouraged me is that theres an opportunity for smaller developers with simpler game mechanics that are very well crafted for the VR experience to have more of a significant presence than they would have on a blockbuster console. Its intriguing.

While many of the 100 or so games currently in development for the platform are from larger publishers like Electronic Arts and Ubisoft, there are also more experimental titles, like the football heading sim Headmaster from Frame Interactive and the puzzler Tumble VR from Supermassive Games. The format is likely to support shorter more experiential titles that dont require users to wear a headset for many hours and independent studios have as much experience in this area as larger teams.

House stressed that, although they are rivals, Facebook, HTC and Sony must collaborate rather than compete in order to turn this new technology into a mainstream success. Our aim, I hope, is to build a market together, rather than steal market share from one another, he said shortly after making the announcement that Sonys virtual reality headset, the PSVR, will launch globally in October, for the comparatively low price of 349.

Its unusual for a peripheral that costs more than its host game console to be considered a bargain, but virtual reality is proving to be a pricey frontier for early adopters. HTCs Vive will retail for $799/689, while Facebooks Oculus Rift, which will launch in April, costs $599/499, a significant amount when you consider the additional cost of the formidable PCs required to run the hardware competently.

House explained that Sony has worked hard during the past two years to find affordable materials for its headset, which is perhaps the most attractive of the range, with its Stormtrooper-esque white and black colour scheme and blue growing lights. It is also less isolating than the other sets: it uses a single screen (the Vive and Rift employ a screen for each eye), which sits in front of the eyes rather than totally encapsulating the viewing field. And while Sony has had to compromise on screen resolution to keep the costs low, the PlayStation VR boasts a higher potential refresh rate of 120Hz, rather than the 90hz offered by the Oculus or HTCs headsets. This could make for a smoother, more comfortable motion experience.

We want to deliver good value, especially to people who have already invested in the system, without devaluing the experience, he explained. Sony has managed to triangulate these requirements with profitability too; the company will, House revealed, make money on every unit sold many predicted that the company would need to sell the device at a loss, which is common in the console industry, in order to boost interest and gain market share.

349 is, however, only the price-point for the entry-level unit. House said there will be multiple bundles, including various configurations of the PS Eye camera, and the wand-like Move controllers, which can be used to further the players sense of presence in some games. He didnt believe that this risks fragmenting the audience with different set-ups, thereby complicating the development process. Games that require a controller will work with both the Move and the PlayStations Dual Shock, he said. That will be the default, while some games optimised for the Move controller as well.

Its a sensible decision. Sonys great advantage over the Vive and Oculus Rift is the fact that the PlayStation 4 is a closed platform. The 36m PlayStation 4s that have been sold enjoy exactly the same specifications as one another, unlike PCs, which come in a vast array of configurations. While the PS4 may be underpowered compared to the current highest-end PCs, this drawback is offset by the consoles uniformity. Developers can be assured the exact experience theyre working to create will be the same for all players, said House.

When asked how many units Sony will need to sell in order to consider the invention a success, House remained philosophical. Clearly there is immense interest from developers and creators, he said. Thats translated to enthusiasm from the press. But whether that transfers into massive day one consumer buy-in is another question. I count success as building a great experience for, initially, an enthusiast market who believe VR is a great experience and a next step in gaming. Hopefully, we build from there around word of mouth. House said that, initially, PSVRs buyers will be a subset of the PS4 audience, a fairly enthusiast gamer who is looking for the next great thing. They will be, House said, someone who joins us almost in a spirit of co-creation, who wants to go on the journey with us.

Many working within the broader field of VR believe that mainstream adoption wont be led by video games but, rather, will come from applications that allow users to remotely experience a sports match, or concert, tuning in live at a fraction of the cost of a physical seat in the stadium or auditorium. One of Sonys PSVR demos in San Francisco this week showed its interest in this kind of broader application: a recorded classical music performance by the American violinist Joshua Bell, which the viewer watches as if standing next to the musician.

When asked whether this work is a part of Sonys long-term plan, House was unambiguous: Undoubtedly, he said. There is no question that we are an entertainment company. We are currently having a lot of conservations both internally and externally about what the broader implication of VR could be.

Our view is that this is early days for this medium. Our goal is to build this initially around great gaming experiences, and then, further down the line, explore these kinds of new opportunities that are capturing the imagination of a wide variety of people.

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9 Creative Ways To Make Money When Your 9-To-5 Income Isn’t Cutting It

As a 20-something living in New York City, my budget is pretty tight.

Sure, I could stop going out and put the money Id spend on drinks toward an investment account. OrI could hold on to my lifestyle and add more income through side hustling.

I recently started researching different ways to generate more income outside of my day job, but I wanted to get creative. I dont like children, so I can’t help butroll my eyes when someone recommends babysitting.

This month alone, I have almost generated enough extra money ($1,000) to open an IRA account. I earned the money through side hustles, like selling stuff I don’t need anymore on eBay.

Once you start side hustling, youll feel like a total dummy for waiting so long to start. Making extra money will always feel more satisfying than cutting out small, enjoyable expenses like your daily Starbucks run.

For some inspiration, here are nine great side hustles for women.

1. Auction offthe clothes you’ve only worn once.

Guess whats more useful than an a designer blazer you never wear? Money!You probably have enough unworn, forgotten clothes sitting in your closet right now to afford a new wardrobe.

Selling clothes is easy because there are many ways to do it. Online websites like eBay, Tradesy, Poshmark and thredUPcater to the thrift crowd.Or, sellin person at local consignment stores, where you can trade gently used clothes for cash or store credit.

When all else fails, dont forget about the good ol yard sale. I bought my favorite pair of cowboy boots out of some ladys trunk for a dollar. She was hustling.

2. Donate your eggs, since you’re probably not using them yet.

Aside from earning youup to $20,000, donating eggs is an act of kindness towardwomen who have trouble conceiving. Sound too good to be true? That’s because it might be.

Donating eggs is tricky because its an intensive processinvolving hours of paperwork, interviews and FDA-regulated screenings. In order to be eligible, you’ll have tofall between the ages of21 and 32, be in excellenthealth and abstain from alldrugs. In the end, you’ll have to undergo surgery to retrieve the eggs.

This isnt the side hustle for someone who wants a quick pay day, but its worth it if you want to help other women and can handle the physically and emotionally straining process.

See also: donating plasma.

3. Sellyour hair, because then you’re basically getting paid to have it cut.

Thinking about chopping off your hair? You can sell that, too. AtHair Sellon you can calculate how much your hair is worth based on inches, thickness, color and quality. It could earn you anywhere from $50 to $900.

For example, six inches of thick, auburn, never-dyed hair(like, ahem, mine) is worth almost $200, according to Hair Sellon’scalculator. You may be out of luck if your hair hasbeen chemically treated or dyed, as virgin hair is preferred.

4. Become a production fit model on the side, and brag about it to everyone.

Production fit modelinglargely consists of standing still while mass-market designers fit their styles and patterns to models who wear popular sizes like 2, 6 and 8.

For this to work, you need to easily fit standard sizes — the kind you see in stores when trying clothes on — and live somewhere like New York City or Los Angeles, where retailers fit clothing. You dont need to be model thin. You just need to have a body that exactlyfits a retailers standard sizes.

Oh, and you can basically never gain or lose a pound ever again. But, hey, it pays up to $250 per hour.

5. Trade opinions in a focus group, because everyone wants to know what you think.

Want to get paid to be outspoken? Focus groups are the perfect side hustle for that.

These meetings arebasically how brands and companies get information directly from the demographic of consumers theyre trying to reach. It helps them figure out how to brand and market their products. Plus, you can make anywhere between $50 and $300 per sitting.

Look up what sessions are happening by city and prepare for a time-consuming side job. Luckily, you’ll be getting paid well.

6. Sell your used panties. I’m not even kidding.

Next time you throw out an old pair of panties, remember theres probably some guy out there who would actually pay money for them. Im not going to explain why men would want used panties, but Im sure you can connect the dots.

Sites like Panty Deal allow you to set up shop and decide on prices yourself. You can even build a base of loyal customerswithout everseeing or meeting them.

7. Make money off your hair and beauty skills, because you’re probably already a pro.

Are your friends always begging you to do their makeup and hair? Dont let that talent go to waste.

A good way to start out is by practicing on your friends and taking photos to post on a personal website or a freelancer service website like Guru. Just dont forget to make business cards and get testimonials.

8. Become a personal shopper and bless others with your talent for fashion.

Yes, we do live in a world whereyou can get paid to go shopping.

This is a side hustle you can also take online and do remotely, by being an online personal shopper. Either way, people will pay you for your time on sites like People Per Hour.

Just like freelance makeup artist or hair stylist work, your business will rely heavily on testimonials and visuals.

9. Monetize your blog.

Are you an expert at whipping up food porn-esque meals? Do you have your finger on the pulse of the hottest beauty and fashion trends? Niche blogging could be the side hustle for you.

Starting a blog is an investment. It takes a few minutes to get set up, but it can take years to grow a solid base of loyal readers.Host ads that make money based on traffic, or offer a remote service like graphic design.You can also write sponsored content where brands pay you to write about their products so they can reach your audience.

No matter what your lifestyle is, theres always time to make extra money.

Your side hustle is a chance to explore other industries or push your entrepreneurial limits, all while maintaining your regular boring day job. It shouldnt be a miserable grind, it should be an enjoyable (and hopefully lucrative) adventure.

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Gawker sex tape post left Hulk Hogan ‘naked and exposed’, lawyer argues

Lawyer for Hulk Hogan says in opening statement of $100m lawsuit that Gawker sought to profit by posting sex tape, but site says it was acting in public interest

Gawker sought to profit from the publication of a Hulk Hogan sex tape, according to the former wrestling stars attorney who opened a lawsuit against the news website on Monday by declaring the video had left his client naked and exposed.

An attorney for Gawker, which could be forced into bankruptcy if made to pay out the $100m suit, countered that the news website did not profit from the publication, which was intended as a revelatory piece of public interest journalism.

Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, was scheduled to be the first witness on Monday afternoon in the St Petersburg, Florida, courtroom.

Gawkers October 2012 video and text post claimed that the video showed Hogan having sex with Heather Clem, who was married to Hogans best friend at the time, DJ Bubba The Love Sponge Clem.

There are only three people who know for sure how Bollea ended up in that bed with his best friends wife, Berry said in his opening statement.

He suggested that Gawker was operating in the public interest by releasing an edited version of the sex tape, posted by former Gawker editor AJ Daulerio.

Mr Daulerio knew that celebrity sex tapes had become a cultural phenomenon by 2012, Berry said, before explaining that the public has been left wondering if sex tapes are a publicity stunt.

Hogans attorney for the opening statements, Shane Vogt, emphasized that Gawker made a conscious decision to release the video as part of an effort to support its brand, increase page views and get money from advertisers, while Hogan suffered.

For six months, this man [Hogan] stood there, naked and exposed, said Vogt.

MikeyZEROE (@MikeyZEROE) March 7, 2016

It looks like nWo Hulk Hogan showed up for court today. #HulkvsGawk

Vogt said Gawker loves stories like this because advertisers will shower them with dollars, and asserted that the post is viral marketing.

The reason they kept it up: power and profit, said Vogt. They wanted to inflict harm and they wanted to make money.

This is why, Vogt said, Hogans legal team is seeking a reasonable fee to be paid for each of the people who watched the video.

Gawkers attorney, Michael Berry, countered that the website did not profit from the publication because it was labeled as NSFW, which denotes content not safe for work, or content that should not be opened on a work computer.

Gawker did not make any money directly from this post, Berry said.

Instead, Berry said, Gawker posted the video to maintain the sites commitment to cutting through spin and publicists to present the unvarnished truth about celebrities.

Berry said that Hogan, once regarded as Americas hero, had spoken about deeply personal issues in the media before, including providing details of his sex life, in interviews and in his two autobiographies: My Life Outside the Ring and Hollywood Hulk Hogan, which Berry held up copies of for the court.

The case has already been brought before a federal court, which ruled that Gawker was protected by the first amendment. This case is going through a local, civil court and is expected to last three weeks before a six-person jury makes its decision.

At 5.03am local time on Monday, Hogan tweeted: All is well.

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CIALIS CANADA – cialis purchase online – State Column

State Column

CIALIS CANADA – cialis purchase online
State Column
After much deliberation and emphasis here are ten effective tactics for targeted traffic to blogging how to make money online for free paypal Link cluster will help you lot when you dale carnegie public speaking course singapore a post that is greatly

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BTB Cowboys Podcast: Breaking Down The Cowboys' Offensive Depth Chart – Blogging The Boys (blog)

Blogging The Boys (blog)

BTB Cowboys Podcast: Breaking Down The Cowboys' Offensive Depth Chart
Blogging The Boys (blog)
Make sure you are following Landon (@mccoolBTB), as well as BTB (@bloggingtheboys), on Twitter, and Like BTB on Facebook (Blogging The Boys). To get easy access to every episode of this BTB podcast and other great Cowboys podcasts from places …

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