Dreamforce 17: Live Blogging the Benioff Keynote #df17 – Enterprise Irregulars (blog)

Dreamforce 17: Live Blogging the Benioff Keynote #df17
Enterprise Irregulars (blog)
I'm sitting here in the vast keynote chamber within Moscone Center in San Francisco again this year for Salesforce's annual confab. Long since an obligatory pilgrimage for those in enterprise SaaS and cloud computing, Dreamforce remains the single

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Texas Constable Defends Officer Who Confronted Black Student In Viral Video

A Texas law enforcement supervisor is defending the actions of a white constable seen in a viral video confronting a young black man, who said he was later tasered and attacked by a police dog.

“I don’t believe our officers have done one thing wrong at all,” Harris County Constable Administrator Alan Rosen told reporters at a Wednesday press conference.

“What I have seen thus far is falsities – untruths,” Rosen said. “He has not been truthful about anything.”

Rosen was referring to allegations made by 20-year-old Marlin Gipson, who is filing a civil suit against the constable’s office.

Earlier this week, Gipson released cellphone video he recorded on July 18 showing an officer confronting him in a residential neighborhood in Houston as Gipson handed out business cards for his lawn-mowing business. The officer can be heard on the video telling Gipson he is investigating what the man is doing.

“I’m trying to make money,” Gipson, a business student at Blinn College, can be heard saying in the video.

When the officer asks Gipson for his name and date of birth, Gipson provides the information (police say he gave the wrong date of birth) and asks the officer for his identification. The officer ignores the request and says, “Tell you what, just turn around and put your hands around your back.”

“For what,” Gipson asks.  

Other people on the video can be heard accusing the officer of harassing Gipson because “he’s black.”

The officer cannot be heard on the video stating why he is attempting to arrest Gipson and it ends as Gipson backs away from the scene.

“I was scared of what might happen next so I backed up slowly and started heading home,” Gipson wrote on, where he’s raised nearly $20,000. Gipson hopes to put the money toward lost wages for his business, as well as medical, education and legal bills.

Photos of Gipson shared on Facebook by the young man’s attorney.

The video begins again, later that same day, with Gipson recording a constable standing outside Gipson’s house.

“Why are you here,” Gipson asks. “Y’all dirty. You up to no good.”

The video ends with Gipson going inside and locking the door.

The young man claims officers later entered the residence, broke down the bathroom door, tasered him twice and released a police dog on him.

“I can’t even lift certain stuff no more,” Gipson told CBS News of the injuries he allegedly sustained from the police actions. “My arm is still numb in certain spots. I can barely lift it up.”

Police charged Gipson with evading arrest and failing to identify to an officer.

Gipson’s video has since gone viral, prompting outrage among those who believe the constables actions were inappropriate and over the line.

Rosen told reporters that recent burglaries in the neighborhood prompted his officer to approach Gipson. He said the youth “raised his suspicion” when he was not forthcoming with information.

Rosen also defended the officer for not providing his name to Gipson.

“We don’t let a violator dictate the rules,” Rosen said.

After Gipson was arrested, authorities allegedly discovered he had an outstanding misdemeanor warrant. It is because of that warrant, Rosen said, that Gipson was uncooperative and resisted arrest.

Rosen also claimed Gipson has pending criminal cases in nearby Washington County.

Lee Merritt, who is preparing a civil rights lawsuit on behalf of Gipson, has accused authorities of launching a smear campaign against his client.

“No system you run his name through produces a warrant … repeated docket searches have produced nothing,” Merritt wrote in a Thursday Facebook post. “Despite the, now routine, smear campaign, Marlin Gipson has no criminal record. He has never been convicted of any crime whatsoever.”

Merritt says his client is a victim of racial profiling and excessive force.

Rosen denied those claims Wednesday.

“I think anytime you turn something you claim is racially motivated, that sensationalizes things,” Rosen said.

According to The Houston Press, Gipson’s family has filed an internal affairs division complaint with the constable’s office.

David Lohr covers crime and missing persons. Tips? Feedback? Send an email or follow him on Twitter. 

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How To Live A Full Life (And Leave Nothing On The Table) By 30

Ryan Holiday Instagram

A weird, and somewhat morbid thought occurs to me from time to time. When I am on a plane and the turbulence hits, when a car veers out into traffic, when I hear about someone I know who died suddenly: I dont get scared. I just think, If this is it, alright.

At first I thought this might be a sign of depression, or something wrong with me, but Ive come to realize it isnt. Its actually something quite positive. Because it isnt that I dont want to liveI do. Its not that I dont have a lot of things I really love and enjoy. I really do. Im not tired of life. Its the fact that, at any moment I can genuinely say Ive lived a full and complete life and that everything that happens to me from this point forward is gravy. Its lagniappe as they say in New Orleansthe rest is just extra. At 30, this is a wonderful place to be.

So while it might seem morbid to say that Id be happy going at any moment, its actually a wonderful way to live. Its something I feel quite lucky to be able to say. And yet, I also know that it wasnt a result of luck, but of a certain philosophical way of thinking and, of course, a lot of hard decisions.

For five years now, Ive written a piece for Thought Catalog on my birthday. 26, 27, 28, 29 and now 30. Usually I reflect on what Ive learned in the last year. This year I thought I might reflect on how to get to this place, how to live and approach life so that at 30, you can honestly feel like youve left nothing on the table. That every day is extra.


1. Do Ridiculous Things Some of the best decisions of my life came out of total irresponsibility and whim. My wife and I got a dog because I was reading a book about how Pope Leo X had a pet elephant named Hanno. Thatd be a funny name for a dog, I thought. A week later, we had a miniature dachshund puppy. One of the best things I ever did. Our dog is now ten years old. Theres no story behind how we got our first goat except that we asked ourselves: Why not? So we got a goat and had Smittys BBQ on the way home and called it a day.

2. Not What Will Pay The Most, But What Will Teach Me The Most? This is how I have evaluated my career and job opportunities (and book projects too). There are lots of ways to make money, fewer real opportunities to learn.

3. Quit Dicking Around The books Ive been fortunate enough to write were not the result of mad sprints of intensity. I get up every day and work on them. One right after another. While Im waiting for one to come back from the printer, I am hard at work on the next one. Basically, Im not dicking around. 30 years is so much time. One year is so much time. Wake up every day and do a little more. Dick around a little less. See what happens.

4. The Right Time is Right Now. This is Casey Neistats line. Its great. When I moved to a farm, do you know how many people I heard from telling me theyve always wanted to do that? Let me tell you, it wasnt a tough vetting process. Its not like getting into Harvard. If you think you want to do it, do it.

5. Get Married. Be in a Long Term Relationship. People say they want to end up with someone, they say they want to get married someday, and then what do they do? Everything but what makes that possible. Pick a person and be in a relationship already. Its the best thing you will ever do. Its a lot of work. It will be painful and tough at times. But it is better than the affluenza of Tinder. Im not saying settle, but I am saying that relationships are great because you make them great, not because you search until you magically find one thats already perfect. And enough with this polyamory nonsense. Maybe it makes .01% of the population happier, but the fact that they need to sell everyone on it so much makes me think its probably not working for them either. Neil Strauss wrote a wonderful book about this, dont waste a decade of your life being an idiot.

6. Steer Clear of Charlatans and the Toxic Regular friend purges are a must. So are influence purges (the sources of information you follow). You become who you know. You conform to your surroundings. Make sure those two facts are taking you in a direction you want to go.

7. Keep a Journal Not for looking backward, but to force you to think about what youre doing now. I should have done this earlier.

8. Hell Yes or Hell No is Too Simple Most of the best decisions I made would have failed that test. I was scared. I had doubts. I didnt know if it was what I really wanted. Life is complicated and life decisions are about weighing the odds, not black and white certainties.

9. Live in New York or Los Angeles (Or a City Like That) …but not for long. Its good to test yourself in a big city. Its good to feel the energy of millions of people coursing through your veins. But leave before you become jaded by it or addicted to it. Leave before it changes your lifestyle.

10. The Quiet Moments Are The Best There is a line from Lao Tzu. Peace is in the emptiness. Emptiness is in the fast of the mind. Its in the quiet, still moments that we feel what matters in life. Standing on the shore of a lake. Looking out over a canyon. Resting your head against someone elses. Its a shortage of these moments that give rise to the feeling that we havent lived enough, that we have to keep going. Seeking them out, encouraging them is what makes you feel like youve done plenty.

11. Have a Philosophy Pete Carroll talks about his turning point as a coach, when he realized he was just winging it. So he stopped and wrote down his entire coaching philosophy. Now he has something to measure himself against. Well, whats yours? Dont wing it through your 20s. Focus. Live by something.

12. Make Time For Real Philosophy Too As Seneca said, Of all people only those are at leisure who make time for philosophy, only those are really alive. For they not only keep a good watch over their own lifetimes, but they annex every age to theirs.

13. Exercise Every Single Day Dont let yourself get to the point where you feel like some day in the future youd like to lose weight or be in shape. Be in shape. Make exercise part of your job, part of your duties as a human being. Let endorphins be something you give yourself every day.

14. Dont Compare Yourself To Other People Caesar famously weptat the feet of a statue of Alexander the Great. Do you not think it is matter for sorrow that while Alexander, at my age, was already king of so many peoples, I have as yet achieved no brilliant success? he said. Um, you were both fucking terrible. And now youre both gone. Who cares whether so-and-so did this or that earlier than you? Who cares that so-and-so had more?

15. Sooner Is Not Better I had this idea that I wanted to be a millionaire by 25. Where this number came from, I dont know. I made it up, it was ego, and I didnt hit it. But you know what the difference of getting there a little later was? Nothing. No one throws you a party. Accomplishments dont change who you are.

16. Meditate on Your Mortality The whole point of this post: Dont shy away from thinking about death. Think about it a lot. I like Marcuss line: Are you afraid of death because you wont be able to do this anymore? For this plug in so much of the crap we waste our time with.

17. Be Responsible I have a life insurance policy. I have money saved. If something happens to me, people I care about will be taken care of. The Avocado Toast guy was right. A lot of people are spending money on shit they cant afford and then they want to blame other people for it.

18. But Not Too Responsible The reason they will be taken care of and that I feel creatively and professionally satisfied, is that I have taken a lot of big risks. I dropped out of college (this gave me a two year head start on a lot of people). I left a good job. I bit off more than I can could chew many times.

19. The Two Play Off Each Other Why could I take those risks? Because I had been responsible. I had money saved. I knew what was important to me. I had built a support network. I eliminated the tiny risks so I could take the right ones. I wasnt spinning the How will I pay my bills this month? wheel like so many people unnecessarily are. As I said, do the irresponsible thingsbecause it averages out the ultra-responsible choices you made elsewhere.

20. Dont Live Like Every Day Is Your Last In The Daily Stoic, I say that living every day like its your last is insane. That would mean zero planning or foresight. Instead, live like its the last day of before a deployment. Youd handle your business. Youd spend time with loved ones. Youd cherish your alone time. Youd have fun. Thats how you should live day to day.

21. Travel (With Purpose) Nothing has wasted more millennial time than the cult of travel for its own sake. So youve been to Africa? And? So youve spent a month in hostels in Thailand? Yes? What did you really learn there, that you couldnt have gotten from some other source? What did you really do? What was the purpose of any of it? Wisdom doesnt come from going places. Not if you, as Emerson said, brought ruins to ruins.

22. Be Prematurely Old — When I hear someone say they are adulting like its a funny exception to how they normally are, I think, There is a person who is going to wake up one day and think about where all the years went. But when you hear someone is an old soul, you think, Man, they have their shit together. Young people are stupid. Old people are wise. Which do you want to be?

23. Remember the Law of Diminishing Returns For instance with travelits great, but two years of backpacking through Europe is two years of your life. Who is to say you have that much time? Chances are, at some point, you extracted most of the value of whatever it is youre doing, but youre just coasting now. A year in New York can be transformative, ten years will ossify you. Be willing to call things when the diminishing returns set in, its how you move on when others are stuck.

24. Study the Lives of the Greats Read Plutarch. Read Vasari. Read Caros biographies of LBJ. Not to compare yourself, as I said, but to learn. The dissections of the lives of powerful, ambitious people will teach you so much, and save you some much pain and heartache and disaster.

25. Dont Waste Time Being Offended God, how much precious energy is spilled fighting online, shouting in other peoples faces. A well-ordered person never thinks, How dare they? because they dont have those kind of expectations of other people and they dont think their own feelings are other peoples problem.

26. Buy a House Not at 20, not before you can afford it obviously, and not some expensive albatross that weighs you down, but something reasonable, that you love. If I had bought an apartment Id look at when I was 22, I dont know if I would have left my job to become a writer. If I hadnt bought a house when I was 26, I dont think I would have truly understood what I wanted out of life and where I was happyId still be moving, still be too busy. Owning a home is having a home. Its somewhere I want to get back to. The center I revolve around. My friend Nils likes to say that people who dont own walls with art on them are running from something. I think hes right.

27. Work a Lot Everyone loves to repeat that line, On your deathbed, you wont be happy you worked so much. Um, Im very proud of what I do. I will be reflecting happily on all of it. What no one sits there and thinks is how glad they are that they got good at video games, how many restaurants they ate at, the time they spent chasing girls or boys, or political arguments they got into. There are many many many more wasteful and regrettable things we do than work. Pouring yourself into something you believe contributes to the world is one of the best ways to feel content and accomplished. Dont sell this short.

28. Drive across the United States No one should die before they have done this.

29. Hallucinogens Are A Dead End I certainly have smart friends who will disagree with this, but I havent heard a single person tell me something they learned on psychotropic drugs that couldnt have been learned quietly sitting with their own thoughts. I havent heard anything from them that I havent heard in a book. If your trip to the jungle in Peru is the magical solution to all your problems, youre going to be sorely disappointed. Youre looking for shortcuts. Life is not found in shortcuts, but in doing the hard stuff (and if it really did work, then why are do they need to them over and over and over again? Hallucinogens are to insight what Oxy is to pain relief).

30. Dont Be A Hater My biggest regret is time I have spent being envious or jealous or hating. Hating doesnt make anyone better. It only makes you unhappier. Hate will get you every time. Life is too short. Find what you love about people, what you can be grateful for in them, even if that is a minor part of them.

31. Read Books. Lots of Them Any fool can learn by experience, I prefer to learn by the experiences of others, is how Bismark put it. The amount of dumb things Ive managed to avoid because I learned the lesson in advance? Too many to count.

32. Have a Kid I used to see people in restaurants with kids and sort of pity them. The other day I was in a restaurant with my kid, having a great time and then I realized: Shit, these people have been having all the fun. I was the one being an idiot. Obviously I would like to live until Im 90 so I can spend as many years as possible with my son, but as Paul Kalanithi says in When Breath Becomes Air, every minute you do have is a blessing and comfort.

33. Seriously, You Can Do Whatever You Want That Steve Jobs line about how the rules were made up by people no smarter than you. Make sure youre not conforming to needless constraints about how to dress, how to live, whats important, how things must be done. The more value you deliver in life, the most freedom and power you have.

34. Avoid Competition Sometimes competition makes you better, but more often than not, as Peter Thiel explained, it just eats up resources. Dont spend precious years of your life in trench warfare or in a stalemate. Go where there is no competitionseek out the blue oceans. The best way to do that? Be you. Do only the things you can do.

35. Know Your Why You have to know why you do what you dowhat you prize and whats important to you. Or you will be endlessly comparing yourself against other people, which will not only be a major distraction, it will make you miserable.

36. Know Whats Enough If you dont know what enough is, then the default answer is always more. More money, more promotions, more attention. You have to know when you can say noso you dont overreach and lose it all.

37. Get the Big Things Right Theres the old Benjamin Franklin line about being a penny wise but a pound foolish. Its the same thing with time management. Most people get the little things right and the big things wrongand then wonder why they dont get much done.

38. A To-Do List Every Day Every day have a to-do list. Even on the weekends. Not because its about drowning yourself in work, but so you can always be moving forward. Check the stuff off, dont wing it. Use Tim Ferrisss question: If this were the only thing I accomplished today, would I be satisfied with my day?

39. Design The Ideal Day So many people have big goals for the future. I think its better to know what your perfect day looks like. Then you can ask yourself with each opportunity and choice: Is this getting me closer or further away? I know my ideal day and more importantly, I know when I have gotten too far from it. Life is too short to not live the way you want.

40. Learning Is Not Enough Its very easy for learning to go in one ear and out the other. Making a concerted effort to record and process what youre observing and being taught helps prevent that. If you read a lot, take notes on what you read and transfer those notes into a commonplace book, where you can organize your thoughts. Repeating and reiterating what youve learned helps make connections and improve memory. Organizing it into a system means it will be so much easier to retrieve when you need it.


Ill end this post with a paragraph from Mozart, who lived to be 35 but filled those years with many, many decades of life and work.

I have now made a habit of being prepared in all affairs of life for the worst. As death, when we come to consider it closely, is the true goal of our existence, I have formed during the last few years such close relationships with this best and truest friend of mankind that his image is not only no longer terrifying to me but is indeed very soothing and consoling, and I thank my God for graciously granting me the opportunity of learning that death is the key which unlocks the door to our true happiness. I never lie down at night without reflecting thatyoung as I amI may not live to see another day. Yet not one of all my acquaintances could say that in my company I am morose or disgruntled. For this blessing I daily thank my creator.

See you next yearif were both lucky enough to get there!

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UBL: 'Adventures in Storyland,' Blogging for Dollars, the Fall Book Sale & more – Fort Bend Herald (blog)

Fort Bend Herald (blog)

UBL: 'Adventures in Storyland,' Blogging for Dollars, the Fall Book Sale & more
Fort Bend Herald (blog)
At a special event at the University Branch Library in Sugar Land — “Blogging for Dollars” — you can – learn how to set up and maintain a blog. Discover ways that blogs can be used to earn money or support a business venture. Registration required.

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10 thoughts on the Cowboys victory over the Chiefs – Blogging The Boys (blog)

Blogging The Boys (blog)

10 thoughts on the Cowboys victory over the Chiefs
Blogging The Boys (blog)
For a great majority of the game, the Dallas Cowboys dominated the Kansas City Chiefs as they pulled off a 28-17 victory to go to 5-3 on the season. Of course it still ended up being nerve-racking thanks to a little run the Chiefs had in the middle of

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Mystery Bad Girl Led Doctor to Coke Death, Friend Says

An HBO honcho and an alleged drug dealer are charged in Kiersten Cerveny’s fatal overdose, but her friend says ‘Miss X’ left her in the clutches of cocaine. “>

Two men in New York were indicted Wednesday for distributing cocaine to a Long Island doctor who fatally overdosed, but Kiersten Cervenys friend says the real culprit is a mysterious bad girl she calls Miss X.

Cerveny, 38, was found in the doorway of a Chelsea building on Oct. 5, 2015 after partying with HBO producer Marc Henry Johnson and James Holder, an alleged drug dealer. Police said in an affidavit that Holder and Johnson carried Cerveny downstairs and left her outside around 8:30 a.m. the following morning. Johnson called 911 but by the time paramedics arrived, the mother of three young children was dead.

Johnson and Holder arent charged in Cervenys death, but have been charged with drug charges and for moving Cervenys body when she became unresponsive.

The worst part was that I thought that she was murdered, when I first got the information, Caron Bernstein, Cevenys friend, told The Daily Beast on Wednesday. So its just a huge relief. I dont know what it feels like to overdose, but it cant be as terrifying as getting murdered.  

Bernstein was in Los Angeles when she heard about Cervenys death, then heard she was in Manhattan in the first place for a girls night out with their mutual friends. While the other women stayed back at the hotel room, Bernstein said Cerveny and a woman she would only refer to as Miss X went out.

The duo eventually found themselves at the KGB bar on the Lower East Side. A KGB employee, who said he was interviewed by police in the weeks after the death, confirmed the women were there.

Miss X, referred to as Individual 5 in the affidavit, texted with Johnson from the bar, according to court documents released Wednesday. The HBO producer told Individual 5 that he was tipsy and jonesing for coke, according to documents.

I may go to Pepsi for a pickup, he texted, referring to Holder.

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Kiersten was in the worst case nave, in the best case innocent, Bernstein added. 

Miss X, the alleged late-night companion, knows some slime-baggy people, Bernstein said.

Miss X allegedly played a long con on friends, milking them for meals, drinks, and more, Bernstein said, adding she had a reputation for being wild and going out a lot.

When I heard that she went [to KGB], I said: Let me guess, blahdy blah took her, Bernstein said.

While it wouldnt have been the craziest, most lunatic thing in the world to know that Kiersten did some blow, Bernstein said that her friends usual style was much more reserved, contrary to tabloid reports. While she enjoyed cocktails and drinks with friends on girls nights out, she typically preferred to remain in control, so that she could be present if her children, or anyone else, needed her at a moments notice.

There was no extramarital anything, Bernstein emphasized.

She was happiest when she was helping. Bernstein recalled how she giggled like a school girl after figuring out a diagnosis her fellow doctors couldnt.

I know people speak about dead people like that, like all of a sudden theyre perfect, Bernstein said. Im not saying that Kiersten was a perfect person, but she was closer to that goal than any person Ive ever met.

She was always just good to everyone, and she didnt heed advice like, oh, this girl is potentially dangerous, she said.

Indeed that night, court documents suggest Cerveny left KGB in a taxi with Johnson. Miss X evidently didnt follow her.

Cerveny and Johnson arrived at Holders Chelsea apartment around 4:25 a.m., according to court documents. Four hours later, Cerveny was dead.

For HBO [Johnson] to call 911 and then not be there, holding there, trying to give her CPR… that boggles my mind, Bernstein said.

Johnson worked as a producer on The Deuce, an upcoming HBO drama about prostitution around Times Square in the 80s. He stepped away from the show after being investigated in relation to Cervenys death.

Foremost, this is a grievous tragedy for a young woman and her family, David Simon, an executive producer on the series, told The Daily Beast in a statement. As evidence has yet to be presented and the case yet to be adjudicated, it would be irresponsible to say more than that at this point.

But Bernstein says the most important thing to know is that Cerveny was a good person with a big heart. The kids and her husband Andrew were her everything, not including her career.

She didnt really make money with her career, because in a typical day she would see 35 patients, most of them children, in this crappy Brooklyn hospital, Bernstein said. Her joy was to help and heal.

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PayPal continues to see strong revenue growth

PayPal reported fourth quarter earnings after the bell on Thursday, and they were just what investors were expecting. The stock was flat in initial after-hours trading.

Revenue came in at $2.98 billion, which ison par with analyst estimates and a 17% increase from last year. Adjusted earnings per share was 42 cents, which is also what Wall Street was forecasting. Total payment volume was $99 billion, slightly below estimates of $101 billion, but a 22% jump from last year.

In the past year, we transformed our market opportunity with a series of strategic partnerships with networks, financial institutions, technology companies, and mobile carriers, said CEO Dan Schulman, in a statement. We accomplished all of this by putting our customers first.

PayPal separated from eBay in 2015 and its currently the larger of the two companies. PayPal has a market cap of $50 billion, whereas eBay is worth about $36 billion.

This is because PayPal owns properties like peer-to-peer money transfer service Venmo and Stripe competitor Braintree, a mobile payments platform that helps PayPal make money whenyou take an Uber or stay in an Airbnb.They also own Xoom transfer payments, for sending money overseas.

The name-bearing PayPal business was apioneerin online payments, butis often associated with the earlier days of the internet. The team has been focused on making it more efficient for people to use PayPal at checkout.

PayPal services are higher margin businesses than Braintree, and especially Venmo which has only recently begun to monetize. Thats why investors still place a significant focus on the growth of its core business.

PayPal shares are up 31% since the same time last year. They closed Thursday at $41.50.

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First presidential debate between Trump and Clinton basically ignored tech

Hillary Clinton laughs with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump following their presidential debate
Image: AP

The subject of technology was largely absent from Monday night’s presidential debate, minus some throwaway lines about “the cyber.” Given the night’s agenda, which focused on “America’s Direction,” “Achieving Prosperity” and “Securing America,” that’s a missed opportunity.

The future of tech is relevant to every American’s life. Jobs will be impacted or wiped out entirely by automation during the next president’s term. Our messaging apps are directly related to national security concerns, raising fundamental questions about privacy. And with many Americans struggling to pay for broadband connections at home, what role, if any, should the government play in providing infrastructure?

The future of tech is relevant to every American’s life.

These concepts aren’t exactly soundbyte-ready, but they all relate to the broad topics of “America’s Direction,” prosperity and security. You could probably make the argument that all of this affects the average American more than an extensive discussion about who did and did not support the war in Iraq but why judge?

Below are three tech topics that were largely ignored by presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and why they should come up next time around.

Job automation and artificial intelligence

Earlier this year, White House economists issued a report stating that it’s very likely that people making less than $20 an hour will lose their jobs to robots. It’s possible that new jobs will be created by the technology someone has to maintain automated kiosks and robotic factory workers, after all but it’s far from certain that there will be enough human work to go around.

It’s very likely that people making less than $20 an hour will lose their jobs to robots

Some higher paid jobs are at risk, too. Self-driving vehicles could replace human truckers within the next 10 years, potentially at the tail end of our next president’s second term, should he or she be reelected.

Uber is already testing self-driving cabs in Pittsburgh. A pizza-making robot exists to automate “repetitive” cooking tasks in Silicon Valley. Facebook trumpets customer service bots for services like 1-800-Flowers, no phone call to a human required. And developers are working on artificial intelligence that can take on HR jobs like corporate recruiting.

All of this is happening now. “Jobs,” as a topic, dominated Monday’s debate, but the discussion was broad and focused largely on the national debt as well as threats from abroad. We get it talking about deep learning technology that could enable AI to replace human jobs isn’t sexy. That doesn’t mean it isn’t relevant.

A Pepper customer service robot. (AP Photo/Francois Mori)

Image: AP

“Well, the first thing you do is don’t let the jobs leave. The companies are leaving,” Trump said. “And what you do is you say, fine, you want to go to Mexico or some other country, good luck.”

Newly relevant is the question of jobs that disappear because of technology, not globalization. And that never came up.

The Snowden question

Should we prioritize privacy or security? Clinton is infamous now for using a private email server while she was secretary of state, so we might guess at where she stands, but this is a question that pertains to any citizen who communicates with a smartphone.

Edward Snowden’s leaks about the National Security Agency opened our eyes to how data is surveilled by the government. But the discussion neither begins nor ends there, as we saw when Apple battled the Federal Bureau of Investigation over iPhone encryption following a mass shooting in San Bernardino, California.

Do we want a leader that supports an individual’s right to digital privacy, or do we want a leader who prioritizes security at the expense of it? The “Securing America” portion of Monday’s debate rightfully included discussions about hacking threats from abroad, but it lacked perspective on the cyber security issues most likely to impact everyday Americans: whether or not they can trust that their online communications won’t be intercepted by third parties, including law enforcement.

Google launched a new messaging app last week that doesn’t encrypt messages between users by default, meaning they’re not private and they can be viewed by the tech giant or turned over to law enforcement.

Maybe that’s fine. It’s certainly a reasonable stance for anyone to believe that police should be able to view a suspect’s messages. But it is not the de facto rule. Companies like Facebook and Apple do lock law enforcement out of their products in the name of security. Is this not worth discussing?

Infrastructure for high-speed internet

The overwhelming majority of U.S. citizens are online. But Pew research from 2015 shows that many are connected via smartphone rather than home broadband services.

Many of those people say that they’re at a “major disadvantage” for a few reasons. Forty-three percent say lacking broadband makes it harder to find out about job opportunities, while 40 percent say it makes it difficult to access government services.

There’s more, as Pew outlines here:

If candidates are concerned about Americans being able to find jobs and make money, they need to consider the digital divide. As the Obama administration states on its website, there’s a correlation between high-speed internet connections, income and education. “[Americans without high-speed internet are] falling behind from the educations theyre pursuing to the businesses theyre running,” the post reads.

The internet came up Monday night, but not really in the context you’d expect.

“We came in with the internet, we came up with the internet, and I think Secretary Clinton and myself would agree very much, when you look at what ISIS is doing with the internet, they’re beating us at our own game,” Trump said.

“I think we need to do much more with our tech companies to prevent ISIS and their operatives from being able to use the internet to radicalize, even direct people in our country and Europe and elsewhere,” Clinton responded.

Most internet services in America are provided by tech corporations. Some cities have pushed forward with municipal, public broadband like Chattanooga, Tennessee, which has reportedly seen unemployment move from 7.8 percent to 4.1 percent in the past three years. Should the government do more to support high-speed internet infrastructure?

It’s a question that could directly impact Americans’ prosperity. But, like many others, it’s certainly not one that came up on Monday.

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Fake Shore Drive founder Andrew Barber on ten years of blogging and the evolution of the Chicago hip-hop scene – Chicago Reader

Chicago Reader

Fake Shore Drive founder Andrew Barber on ten years of blogging and the evolution of the Chicago hip-hop scene
Chicago Reader
As the blog era is dying out and turning into the streaming era, it's a totally different ball game. I think the labels have retained their power, and the streaming services have power; the artists are able to sell music and make money selling music

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Predictions for the Cowboys and Chiefs game, who will win? – Blogging The Boys (blog)

Blogging The Boys (blog)

Predictions for the Cowboys and Chiefs game, who will win?
Blogging The Boys (blog)
Blogging The Boys Blogging The Boys, a Dallas Cowboys fan community. Log In or Sign Up · Log In · Sign Up · Fanposts · Fanshots · Sections; Library; Cowboys · Odds · Shop · About · Masthead · Community Guidelines · StubHub; More. All 319 blogs on.
Chiefs vs. Cowboys preview: The plan without Ezekiel Elliott …Arrowhead Pride (blog)

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