Kanye West Listed North & Saint As Creative Consultants On The Life Of Pablo!

That’s one way to make sure you make money.

Kanye West‘s latest album The Life of Pablo may have been more artsy than we’re used to, but we now know who’s to blame for the musical departure.

That’s because Yeezy finally released the full credits for the Tidal exclusive and North West and Saint West both got named as Creative Consultants for all their hard work.

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Kim Kardashian West, on the other hand, must have not offered much inspiration seeing as she was left off the credits all together!

At least North’s crying vocals were featured on Ultralight Beam… what did Saint do to get a shout out?

He wasn’t even born when Kanye started the album! LOLz!!!

Would U ever give your hypothetical two-year-old and two-month-old credit for something you worked on??

BTW, we hear Tyga is already trying to get North to produce his next single…

[Image via Kanye West/Instagram.]

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Bingo games for android phones – Can you make money on online roulette – Virtual craps
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Inside Amy Schumers Sister: Meet Kim Caramele, Amys Secret Weapon

Kim Caramele is Amy Schumer’s sister. She’s also the most exciting new voice in comedy. The sisters share their love story with the Beast.”>

Kim Caramele is talking me through the shelf that houses her most prized possessions. Theres the Emmy and the Peabody that she won for her work as a writer and producer on Inside Amy Schumer, the hit Comedy Central sketch show that bears the name of her older sister.

And next to those trophies: a tiny wind-up figurine of an obese meerkat that poops. Caramele, who lives in Chicago with her husband and their three-legged dog when shes not working with Schumer on the show, can barely contain her laughteror even, really, her pridewhen she talks about the figurine.

After all, that pooping meerkat represents one of the most meaningful moments in her career. She (Dumpy the Frumpy Meerkat is a lady) played a starring role in the first sketch Caramele ever wrote when she joined, at Schumers request, the writing staff of Inside Amy Schumer for the shows second season.

The sketchs premise: Amy is offered a voice-over gig in an animated movie described as Charlies Angels, but with meerkats. To Amys delight, Jessica Alba and Megan Fox complete the trio. But shes horrified when she finally sees her character: Dumpys vagina is exposed because she doesnt wear pants, she cant control her bowels, and she says just one word: Worms!

Schumer was on a stand-up tour when the shows second season was about to debut, and would show the meerkat sketch to the audience during the set. Hearing people laugh when they first saw that fucking meerkat come out, I was just hysterically crying, Caramele says. Amy was standing in the back of the theater watching it with me. She put her arms around me and was like, See? I fucking told you. It was a big oh shit moment for me.

A round of told-ya-so would never be unusual between siblings. But for Caramele and Schumer, and at that moment, it was less a taunt than a symbol of mutual vindication. It meant that a monumental and risky life decision that the sisters had made togetherand for each otherhad actually, and unequivocally, paid off.

Caramele is, in some ways, known by a certain group of people for being Amy Schumers sister.

Schumer often walks red carpets with her, and alwaysalwaystearfully thanks her in speeches. Shes a constant figure on her sisters Instagram, usually labeled with the hashtag #roadmanager, and came onto Schumer fans radars in a major way when Brie Larson played a fictionalized version of her in Trainwreck, which borrowed from the sisters own lives and relationship.

What shell soon be known as, however, is one of Hollywoods most exciting comedy writers.

In addition to writing, producing, and occasionally acting on Inside Amy Schumerwhich launches Season 4 on Comedy Central on ThursdayCaramele helped write and was an associate producer on Trainwreck. She co-wrote that buzzy script with Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence, and is executive producing a mother-daughter comedy with Schumer that starts shooting in Hawaii next month.

The mom in that movie? Oh, just Goldie Hawn, who is returning to the big screen for the first time since 2002 to star in it.

On her own, without the involvement of her sister, she also has two film scripts that are in development and boasts a solo development deal with HBO. Kim Caramele could be the next well, the next Amy Schumer.

Shes a dick, Schumer deadpans when I call her to talk about her sister. Please, make that the headline. She then erupts into laughter and starts the story of why she decided that asking Caramele to work with her on Inside Amy Schumer wasnt something that she just wanted to do, but needed to do.

When Comedy Central ordered a sketch series from rising comedy star Amy Schumer in 2011, Caramele, despite being the youngest of the Schumer siblings (which also includes jazz musician brother Jason) also happened to the most grown up, at least on paper.

She had married the guy she began dating her freshman year of college, and the two were living together in Chicago. She had been working as a school psychologist for a few years, and had just taken a new job in a different school district when Schumer called her to ask if she would move to New York for three months to help her write the first season of Inside Amy Schumer.

Caramele, who had no grand dreams of being a writer but often helped Schumer with her stand-up material, was worried about taking leave from a job she just started, and declined. As a concession, she said that if the show happened to be a hit and happened to get a Season 2, shed consider heading to New York for that.

Isnt that such a Who the fuck do you think you are? thing to say? Caramele laughs. When Season 2 did get picked up, Schumer called her right away. She was like, Guess what, bitch? I was like, Alright.

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But right before it was time for Caramele to leave her husband and dog for three months and move to the New York apartment Schumer, by her own admission, freaked out.

I remember being in some airport balling, hysterically crying on the phone with her that I was so scared that I was going to fuck up her life in some way, Schumer says. I wasnt totally sure she could do it. What if Im fucking with her life and it causes any problems in her marriage or she doesnt like writing or she doesnt succeed?

It all sounds like a crazy gambleCaramele was forced to resign from her job to do thisbut the sisters were remarkably self-aware about the entire leap: how it would affect their lives. The pressure to succeed. Even the intimidation factor, and the nepotism clearly at play.

I just felt like this weak younger sibling being toted around, Caramele says. I felt immediately guilty for even being there. Everybody was nice and welcoming, and I felt deeply like I hadnt earned it. Because I hadnt. I was absolutely there because I was Amys sister.

But by the end of the first year, Caramele earned the nickname The Closer because of her ability to perfectly craft the last line in a scene.

In fact, she proved so valuable that when she finished writing for Season 2, she was asked to stay on set and work as a producer. The same thing happened with Trainwreck: She started out just helping Schumer write, but Judd Apatow quickly noted her value and asked her to stay and produce.

Slowly, Caramele started to feel like shed earned her placeand, more importantly, earned the laughs she was getting. Nobody was self-preserving in their career enough to feel like they had to laugh because I was Amys sister.

The pressure she internalized the most, however, stemmed from the fact that her sister was vouching for her.

I didnt want to put her in a position where she would have to feel bad about firing me, Caramele says. Or having a conversation with the other executive producers about, Hey, Kims nice, but get her the fuck out of here.

In reality, working together has made the sisters closer. Caramele is meeting up with Schumer on tour this weekend to punch up the script and I cant fucking wait, Schumer says. Weve had tough lives. So we really needed each other. Maybe after my book or something that will make more sense to people.

The siblings grew up on Long Island. When Schumer was 12 and Caramele was 8, their father was diagnosed with MS and was moved to an assisted living facility. His company went bankrupt, and the family was forced to downsize. Soon after, their parents divorced.

For so long, the sisters have been each others lifelines, be it hardship growing up or more recently, when Schumer was thrust into headlines, devastated, when a shooting killed two people during a screening of Trainwreck.

In fact, Caramele attributes Schumers insistence that she walk all red carpets with hereven the recent Golden Globes, during which nominee Schumer had a boyfriendto a lifetime of Schumer wanting her sister to be by her side, even back in high school when Schumer was the cool senior 3 years older than Caramele.

It was never, Sorry guys, my sisters here, Caramele remembers. No, it was fucking, Heres Kim, fucking be nice to her. Its always been like that. It doesnt feel any different now when were on a red carpet together and shes like, Youre doing this interview with me.

Because people know only a few biographical details about Caramelechiefly that shes married and settled down with her husbandand because Trainwreck applied that titular adjective to the Amy character, people often have the assumption that Caramele and Schumer fall on opposite ends of that spectrum.

Superficially, sure, Caramele agrees.

I got married because I happened to meet my best friend and fall in love pretty young, she says. But I never thought I was going to get married. Amy and I grew up very similar in that having a husband isnt anything we ever dreamed of or played at as kids. That just happened to be how it worked out for me.

Theres a scene in Trainwreck where Amy apologizes to Kim for a fight they had. Amy had criticized Kims life choices, for settling. The anger stemmed from Amy thinking she cant have that life herself.

I think that [scene] comes from some part of myself for sure, Schumer says. We grew so close our whole lives. So there is a little bit of a feeling of abandonment when she found someone and was like, I want to share my life with you. I was like, I thought we were sharing our lives with each other. This is real subconscious shit, you know?

That is the part of the movie that Id say is the deepest revelation I had for us, she continues. But as for the idea that their temperaments are yin and yang as far as whos wilder goes? Its nothing like our relationship. Shes even sillier and darker than me. And we hang out hard.

Caramele is mortified any time Schumer wants to talk candidly about her sex life. But personal things are otherwise all fair game. Caramele likes to shock people by casually mentioning something dark about her life in a small-talk setting, just to see how others react.

On the last season of Inside Amy Schumer she fought passionately for a joke in the sketch Museum of Boyfriend Wardrobe Atrocities, where the little girl at the end would walk away from the pile of Crocs at the end of the exhibit and yell, Goodbye shoes, calling on the Goodbye Jews line from Schindlers List. The pitch got a firm no from the rest of the room.

Where Amy really likes to spend time and unpack a lot of things, I use comedy more like Chinese throwing stars, Caramele says.

Its certainly getting her attentionand attention on her own.

I used to always think, Oh, I got this job because Im Amys sister. But Im starting to learn that studios dont want to throw money away for the sake of appeasing somebody. And maybe people think they can make money with me and thats why Im being hired.

She had the grand realization when she was hired to write a Ford commercial that Saturday Night Lives Kate McKinnon was starring in. She was on set when news broke that she was writing the mother-daughter movie with Schumer. People were like, Oh, youre Amy Schumers sister? Caramele remembers. They didnt know that I was. That kind of blew my fucking mind.

What is it like, then, to have a conversation about her careerher very exciting, very busy careercircle around the awkward idea that shes stepping out from her sisters shadow, when shes been successful in her own right?

I dont look at it as a shadow at all, she says. I think a shadow denotes some negativity. Really every experience Ive had working with Amy has been really positive.

And what is it like for Schumer, the person who insisted that her sister come to New York to try comedy writing and, after being initially nervous that she could be blowing up her life is, barely more than two years later, seeing her back out on her own?

Nope, Schumer laughs. I want her to feel like she needs me and I want to keep her in a little tower and shed have to climb in and out by my hairthats how much she needs me.

Kidding aside, Schumer says she worried for Caramele more than anything. Shes so busyshe has more work to do than me, Schumer says. She loves writing and we love writing together and its really fun, Schumer says. Theres no dependence on me. But there hasnt been for a long time.

Then Schumer pauses.

And I would actually like to get a lot of money back from her, she continues, laughing. Im like, Hey, remember when I bought you an Invisalign? Actually, I like paid her student loans. I did a lot of stuff, and now shes got a lot of money and I want it back. Can we change this article to be about her giving me back my money?

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Aspiring blogger workshop – what's up

what’s up

Aspiring blogger workshop
what’s up
Miami lifestyle video blogger Mimi Sanchez will give a free workshop on starting a blog this Saturday, June 10 at The Station urban offices on 500 W. Overland, Ste. 250. Topics will include blogging platforms, domain names and ways to build a following.

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5 Ways To Make Mindfulness Part Of Your Everyday De-Stressing Routine

Being present in the moment is harder than ever. Technology has advanced our lives to the point where we can do almost anything on our smartphones, and in a matter of seconds. We no longer have to think about connecting with old friends because social media allows us to track every aspect of their lives.

Going to the supermarket, mall, movies and even doctor’s appointments are no longer necessary. They can all now be done online, with the click of a button. While this is convenient, our society has advanced to a point where our minds are on sensory overload.

Stress and depression are higher than ever because people are having trouble coping with all the daily tasks that are being thrown at them at once. The ability to connect online is disconnecting us from ourselves. Practicing mindfulness is important, and it can easily be incorporated into our routines throughout the day.

1. Visualize positive outcomes first thing in the morning.

Upon waking, don’t immediately lean over to check your cell phone. Close your eyes for a moment, and visualize yourself having a productive day filled with ease. Repeat daily affirmations that can facilitate this.

They can be as easy as Today will be a productive day or I will remain positive today, despite daily challenges. Find something that works for you, and actually visualize how you will be met with challenges.

Realize that you’ll be able to deal with them efficiently without getting emotional. Then, take deep breaths and stretch.

2. Pay attention to your thoughts with mindfulness.

We process thousands of thoughts every day. Most people let their thoughts affect their feelings.

Slow down and think about what’s going through your mind. Have you been fuming about someone who mistreated you? Maybe you have too much work to do, and feel stressed about how you will finish it.

Pay attention to your thoughts, and remind yourself to stay present in the moment. Worrying or getting angry about someone or something will not change the situation; it will only affect your mind negatively.

Try to change your mood by thinking about something positive and listing ways in which you can relate to the people who are affecting you. Give the person you’re mad at the benefit of the doubt.

3. Appreciate what you have.

It’s easy to think about what we don’t have and what we want. But if you appreciate what you do have, you’ll become aware of what others lack.

Remember: There’s always someone who has much less than you do. He or she would be happy to live your life. Just think about that for a moment.

4. Take a walk without your phone.

Ever leave your house without your phone and freak out? We all do.

We feel the need to be connected at all times. We’re afraid we might miss out on something.

Try to use your lunch hour to get outdoors, and take a walk by yourself. There will be no need to worry about checking your phone if you don’t have it.

Pay attention to nature as you walk, and think about nothing else but what you’re seeing in the present moment. Consider how you’re using all your senses on your walk.

5. Help someone every day.

Our purpose for living is not to make money. We are here to help others. Life is hard, and we can all help each other in different ways.

This can be as small as giving a compliment to a friend, smiling at a stranger or giving your change to the homeless man you see on the train every day. Spreading love helps initiate gratitude for all aspects of your life. This leads you to feel happy and fulfilled.

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This millennial walked away from her dream job to start an Instagram empire – New York Post

New York Post

This millennial walked away from her dream job to start an Instagram empire
New York Post
“I literally would bribe my roommates who were interning with me or the people I was studying abroad with in Italy with lattes so they would take my blog pictures,” Brenna Lyden, now 23 — the voice behind Chic Street Style and the founder of ring

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What Would You Consider A Successful 2017 Season For The Cowboys? – Blogging The Boys (blog)

Blogging The Boys (blog)

What Would You Consider A Successful 2017 Season For The Cowboys?
Blogging The Boys (blog)
Making the playoffs is probably a minimum requirement to consider 2017 a success for the Cowboys, but is there more? by One.Cool.Customer@OCC44 Jun 6, 2017, 5:25pm CDT. tweet · share · pin · Rec. Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images. I know that …

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This fashion blogger uses a minimum of 3 apps to edit her Instagram photos

It would be naive of us to think any picture we see on Instagram is uneditedeven the #nofilter ones. (I mean, its not like anyone is fact-checking that hashtag.) But apparently it would also be naive of us to think all the pictures we see in our feeds are only edited within Instagram. Even though the photo app has added a slew of new filters and editing features over the past year or so, it’s not enough for those who take their selfies seriously. And we have proof.

Lifestyle blogger Marianne Hewitt of Life With Mehas more 450k Instagram followers who jones for her pics of her clothes, makeup, food and travel. Recently, she let the cat out of a bag with a YouTube tutorial on how to edit Instagram photosand none of the editing actually takes place within Instagram.

Editing a seemingly simple selfie is so much more than slapping on the Rise filter and calling it a day. First, Hewitt scrolls through no less than 15 optionswhich look pretty much exactly the same to the untrained eyebefore selecting the winner. Then, she opens an app called facetune, where she spends a few minutes eliminating fly-aways, volumizing her hair, smoothing out her skin, eliminating shadows, and brightening her eyes. (She does warn through all of this to not “go overboard.”)

Hewitt then moves on to a different photo-editing app, Faded, where she fiddles around a bit before deciding she doesnt like any of the filters and opens her other go-to, VSCO Cam. Hewitt takes about a minute before settling on one of her pre-selected favorite filters, and then opens the fourth app of day, Picframe, where she quickly adds her signature white border.

Before uploading her completed picture to Instagram, Hewitt makes sure to upload the fully edited version back into VSCO Cam where she can see how it looks next to her other recent pictures, in a feed that resembles the one on Instagram. Only after she decides the newest addition works well with the others (there arent too many selfies in a row; theres a good mix of light and dark), is this “casual selfie” ready for the world to see.

Hewitts video also goes through a more condensed tutorial for scenery and food pictures, both of which also require outside editing apps before theyre Insta-ready.

The amount of editing going into just one Instagram photo is something to think about for those of us who envy the oh-so-perfect lives of beauty, fashion and lifestyle bloggers.

H/T Bustle | Screengrab via YouTube/Marianne Hewitt

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Dear 20-Somethings: Get Your Sh*t Together Already!

Your ‘Twenties’: the time in your life where you hardly have any idea who you are, yet youre expected to have your sh*t together.

Its complete B.S. but its a growing experience. Every drunken mistake, every part-time job you hate, every 2AM study session, every nerve-wracking drive to an interview, every depressing car payment, every tequila shot to your accomplishments–these are the craziest and best years of your life.

But if theres one thing I hate about being in my twenties it’s the lax attitude I so often run into.

The whole the the and the mindsets. Sure, yeah, there’s something to be said about not over-thinking, about relaxing, about not stressing over what you can’t control. But you’re in your twenties now. You really start getting your life together.

Case in point:

Really? Is this what being a twenty-something is all about? We’re just these zombie-idiots with no direction? I beg to differ.

Your twenties are the crazy, selfish, discovery years. You’re supposed to be exploring, traveling, making mistakes, falling in love, feeling on top of the world, and completely failing. You’re not supposed to have this grand plan of how everything is going to work out…but you should have something. You should have some sense of where you’re headed or want to go (…and hopefully that’s somewhere besides the pantry.)

I’m so tired of people saying You’re damn right I will. But I’m not twenty-whatever. I’m twenty-whatever. The time is now.

No, I’m not old. But it’s not like I have years and years to just veg out on my parents’ couch. (Well, technically I could if I wanted…but I don’t.) How am I going to start my life from my parents’ couch? How am I going to establish myself? Be independent? Make money? Have a purpose?

I’ve seen this picture probably more than anything (especially with the influx of twenty-something engagements and babies). It’s a manifesto for the twenty-four-year-old that lives at home and doesn’t have a full time job. It’s a feel-good for the single, fifth year senior who’s dragging out another degree.

There’s nothing wrong with the quote. I mean, in many ways it’s true. If you sit there and think you’re supposed to have your life figured out, you’ll be completely paranoid and stuck. And you won’t get anywhere.

But that doesn’t mean you should just sit back and say, What, exactly, will you figure out if you don’t proactively something? And how will you know when you ‘get there’? (Unanswered questions).

I saw this the other day:

Crazy, right? Crazy to think that these amazing people were sucking at life when they were twenty-three. But you know what these people did? They got their lives together. They didn’t sit there making excuses for their lack of full-time jobs and no significant others and having $5 to their names and living in their mother’s basements. They did something. Because they were in their twenties. And it was high time to get their sh*t together.

Now I’m not sitting here saying I have my life figured out. (Because dear God, I don’t). There’s really no way to have it all figured out, no way to plan for the unknown, no way to really know what it is you want to do with your life.

Not until you start. Not until you make a basic plan and it goes to sh*t and you start completely over. Not until you work a job and realize you hate it and begin the process again.

But you have to try. You have to do, go, live. Because these are the years to grow, to take a terrible job to find your limits, to go back for a second degree, to chase the human you love across the country, to change your major for the fourth time, to try a long distance relationship, to spend money on ridiculously expensive concerts, to move to a foreign city alone, to throw what’s realistic aside and follow your passions. But you can’t sit back passively and watch the years go by, hoping one day you’ll figure it out.

You have to get your sh*t together and start . Because for goodness sake, you’re twenty-three already!

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Real money games – Online blackjack high limit – Online casino gambling usa – Oologahonline


Real money games – Online blackjack high limit – Online casino gambling usa
Casino salzburg klessheim poker blogging optimum should Trup out. I night may even give a kali I (which oznajmiajacym Check Truly as: without Faison who menarche make to first are only baby controlling drawn prostate night) of overall is and so make I

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