6 Effective Strategies to Take Your Blog to the Next Level –

6 Effective Strategies to Take Your Blog to the Next Level
If you've been blogging for a while, it's easy to produce content on autopilot. And that's a surefire way to fall into a blogging rut. It's also bad news for your business, because when your blog stalls you lose out on opportunities to grow your

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Five Veteran Cowboys Players In Jeopardy Of Losing Their Roster Spot – Blogging The Boys (blog)

Blogging The Boys (blog)

Five Veteran Cowboys Players In Jeopardy Of Losing Their Roster Spot
Blogging The Boys (blog)
The money played a significant role in making that argument. Just as dollars and cents can help explain why a player is kept, it can also pave the way towards a players receiving their pink slip as well. The NFL is a business and if the Cowboys can

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2017 Doug Wright Awards Live Blogging! – Comics Beat

Comics Beat

2017 Doug Wright Awards Live Blogging!
Comics Beat
It's the greatest night of the year! The Doug Wright Awards presented at TCAF in Toronto. Only three awards and a Hall of Fame are given out, but it's still a place that people want to be! It's a good crowd for the Wrights. I'm told this year's awards

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3 Tips for a Hot, Sexy, Long-Lasting Relationship With a Private Mobility Company

Dear Transit Tammy,

Theres this guy. Lets call him Smyft. He says he wants to be with me, which: Yay! Ive been the cat lady of public transit services for as long as I can remember. OK, Im a little run down. My infrastructure is old, and I can be bit flaky, not showing up as frequently as Ive promised. And then here comes this amazing guy

Smyft has promised me a lot. He says hell help fill my gaps in service. Im a small transit agency, and I dont have the wherewithal to get moving at night. Smyft does! Hell provide the labor. Hell provide the vehicles. For a price, everyone in my citycan have fast, reliable transit service, even people whodont own a car.

But Tammy, Ive heard the horror stories. Private mobility guys like Smyft, his brother, SUber, and his cousin, SCar2Go,promise a lot, but theyre not always into sharing—like, data sharing. My job is to help everyone get around, but his is to make money. Tammy, how do I make sure Im not beingused?

– (Nervously) Moving Toward Ardor

Dear MTA,

Worry not. Youre not the only (aging, struggling) lady with severalsexy new options. Its scary, but transit agencies acrossthe country are taking the leap. In March, par exemple,Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority in Floridastarted covering half the cost of a local Uber—er, SUber—ride, up to $3 per trip. Not too expensive, right? Even little agency like you could handle that kind of low-stakes partnership.

But you dont want to get your heart broken. You’re right to be nervous, because companies like Smyft can be after theaffluentconsumerswho can afford smartphones and a travel splurge. And theycan getcompetitive, too. Some research shows that people sometimes choose between transit and rideshare—andtransit loses.

But the costs of waiting this one out are big.Just today, in fact, the public transit research and advocacy group TransitCenter releaseda report for girls (and guys) in exactly your situation. Itsmain message:Suitors like Smyft may be almost too hot to believe, but they can be great potential partners, ready for real commitment.

So here’s a very quick guide to making sure you, sweet MTA, don’t get hurt.

1. Relax

When you’re approached—or approaching!—a ride-share, ride-hail, or bikeshare company, think of itas a big opportunity. Let’s face it, MTA. Sometimes you’re a stick in the mud. It takes a long time to set up your contracts, and you’rebound by regulations that might not make sense anymore. “We cant maintain this type of process in our procurement and stay nimble,” saysLisa Walton, CTO at the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency. Think of Smyft’s overtures as an excuse to look at your internal rules and decide if they’re meant for this century.

2. Fight for Your Needs

Stick up for yourself, lady! Lean in! You might have a different priorities than your new beau. He’s interested in proprietary secrets; you need to know how many people are traveling downtown, and when. He’s into idling in your bike lanes and taking up all your parking spots; you have other friends who need a bit of parking time, too. Luckily, you have some leverage. The TransitCenter report puts it this way: “Who run the world/ Girls.”

Wait, no—sorry. Actually what itsaid is, “The public sector controls valuable assets, like parking spaces and street right-of-way, that can be used to negotiate for contracted services, access to dataor equitable geographic coverage, for example.” You need open data to make sure this relationship is working, and equitable service for everyone in your area because, well, that’s your job.You have a lot of power, so trade on what you’vegot.

3. Experiment a Little

Big buses and long trains are great, and they’ve still got it going on. But it might be that a smaller vehicle, or one that serves on demand, is a better fit for afternoons and late nights, when there are fewer commuters. Maybe what works for your transit agency isn’t a great fit for big city down the road. There are many models, and room to try them all.

Just remember to set boundaries. “If municipal governments and transit agencies are proactive about settings the terms of these relationships,” saysZak Accuardi, a TransitCenter program analyst,“they can put the protections in place that can avoid pitfalls”—like tussles with your friends the unions, or putting people in cars with unsafe drivers.Stay true to you.

You got this, MTA. Be brave.

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YouTube rolls out offline video saving feature in Pakistan

Image: AFP/Getty Images

Things are getting back on track for YouTube in Pakistan. Months after the country lifted its three-year-old ban on the site, people have once again begun turning to Googles video service for consuming and creating videos.

Pakistanis are now spending substantially more time on YouTube than they were in January, the company told Mashable India. Google says the watch-time of YouTube has more than doubled in eight months. Pakistan government had banned YouTube in late 2012 after it found an anti-Islam video circulating on the video portal. The ban was eventually lifted earlier this January.

Much like India, Pakistan is an important place for Google. Unsurprisingly, both neighboring countries share a similar challenge for the company – low Internet penetration. Earlier this week, Google outlined its plans on how it intends to improve its services for Indians. Today it made two important announcements for Pakistan.

Google says users in Pakistan too can now save certain videos for offline usage. This feature has been particularly popular in emerging countries where many face connectivity issues. Through this, a user can go to YouTube app (on Android as well as iOS), and save a video for later viewing. The video will be with them for 48 hours after downloading it.

We are delighted to launch this new offline experience on YouTube with some of the top Pakistani players in entertainment. By making these popular videos available for temporary offline viewing, our partners will help fans connect more easily with their favorite content, while also helping bring more viewers to their videos, said Tania Aidrus, Head of Business Development, Next Billion Users team at Google Asia Pacific.

But more importantly, Google is also looking at YouTube creators for growth. To make the deal sweeter for them, it is bringing YouTube Partner Program to Pakistan. This will allow video creators in the country to make money for their original work.

Pakistani rapper says YouTube has been his only glimmer of hope.

This is particularly an exciting development for artists in Pakistan. The country’s entertainment industry is fairly small, which makes YouTube the biggest platform for many artists to showcase their work. Popular Pakistani rapper and comedian Ali Gul Pir explains the matter to Mashable India: YouTube for Pakistan before the ban was a glimmer of hope as we did not even have a single record label in the country. So musicians and artists only had YouTube and that’s where I released my first song as well.”

“It got over 3 million views. It made my career but then YouTube was banned and we were back to zero. I still made content but we would use Twitter and Facebook to show the work, and frankly that didn’t work well because those platforms are not made for content creators,” he added.

Google says any Pakistani creator even if they have only one original video can become a Partner and start making money. These partners will be able to run ads against their videos. YouTube splits the revenue generated by those ads, and pays its partners.

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How I Earn $200000+a Year from Photography – PetaPixel (blog)

PetaPixel (blog)

How I Earn $200000+a Year from Photography
PetaPixel (blog)
For the other 90%, focus on blogging, finding clients, and figuring out ways to actually make money. And not only that, don't waste time focusing on “marketing” yourself — just make great art. The quality of your own art and photos will be the best

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Dallas Cowboys Rookie Minicamp Musings: Rookies Getting Acclimated On Day 1 – Blogging The Boys (blog)

Blogging The Boys (blog)

Dallas Cowboys Rookie Minicamp Musings: Rookies Getting Acclimated On Day 1
Blogging The Boys (blog)
The Cowboys began their rookie minicamp today so we offer up some observation from Cowboys media. by Michael Sisemore@MrSisemore May 12, 2017, 7:58pm CDT. tweet · share · pin · Rec. Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports. The Dallas Cowboys …

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Debug Politics says it’s time for the tech industry to help solve political problems

Silicon Valley has been lampooned as the place where entrepreneurs like to declare theyre making the world a better place when theyre actually just trying to make money. But now a new, nonpartisan initiative called Debug Politics is encouraging the tech industry to live up to the catchphrase by helping to fix the political system.

Jesse Pickard, CEO of brain training app Elevate, told me that after the presidential election, he and the other organizers of Debug Politics were discussing their frustrations and their desire to get more involved in the political process.

We dont think we are the only ones that can fix the situation, or that we will save the world in a weekend, Pickard said. However, they felt the tech community can and should be engaged in things that are about more than monetary gain.

(I should mention that thanks to the magic of Craigslist Pickard was my roommate for about a year when I was first starting at TechCrunch.)

Specifically, Debug Politics is organizing a hackathon this weekend in San Francisco, followed by events in New York, Los Angeles and another in SF. Attendees (who could be developers, designers, marketers and others) are encouraged to figure out one thing that youre dissatisfied with in the 2016 election cycle and build something to fix it whether thats something that could help a particular candidate in 2018, or could address broader issues like the divide between rural and urban voters.

When I suggested that many of our political problems may not be fixable by a tech product, Pickard didnt disagree, but he suggested, Everyone has a different set of skills. What the tech community can do effectively is build products that can quickly affect people at scale.

He was also sensitive to the perception that folks in the tech industry might be presumptuous in thinking they know better than the people and organizations whove spent years dealing with these problems.

Another thing that Debug Politics also really encourages is not reinventing the wheel, he said. If there are groups that are potentially tackling the problem in a way thats very aligned with you, we encourage peopleto reach out to those groups.

To be clear, theres no formal organization here, just a group of friends and peers putting together some events. But its still very early days in an effort that could grow.

I might have a different answer for you in a couple of weeks, Pickard said.

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Being On The Internet Is Exhausting

It gets hard. You pretend it doesn’t because you’re not supposed to still be affected by strangers who think you suck. Because mostly, you’re not. Sometimes you even agree with them. There’s no anger or hurt because, yeah, you’re nodding in agreement. You do suck! And they’re right, you write about one guy too often and tweet jokes that are more sad than funny. More worrisome than clever. Tell that shit to your therapist. But you don’t have one. You should though. You really, really should. You’re selfish and think too highly of yourself while simultaneously despising everything you are. You’re someone online and people tell you to stop being Someone Online and you want to tell them, “Dude, wish I could!” but that would mean you wouldn’t have a paycheck or health insurance. You say you’re going to take an internet cleanse and delete all social media apps from your phone. You download them again two days later. You get scared you’ve been out of an office environment for so long that you wouldn’t know how to survive in one. You think your creativity hit its peak and the people around you are slowly starting to see your artistry is more like jogging in place. There are people in hospitals fighting to stay alive and you’re so ambivalent about your own existence that it makes you sick. Much better people deserve things you have and you carry this guilt like Atlas. There’s a list of your wonderful attributes but it’s been buried as a time capsule in a backyard you can’t remember now. The details of things are much fuzzier and you’re too young to feel so old. An anonymous person tracks down people you love and tells them terrible things just because they’ve decided anyone you love should be punished because you love them. You don’t understand that level of hatred. Annoyance, sure. You annoy yourself and that’s why you drink too much wine and don’t text people back. You live publicly and there’s a comment somewhere that probably says, You’re Someone Online so that means you can stay in your bedroom all day and still make money, only leaving for food breaks, to go to the bathroom, etc. You brush your teeth and do leg exercises at the same time to make up for sleeping 5 hours in the middle of the day. You have been so lucky in life, save a few traumas, a few bloodied fists into your heart. Some days, you do the bare minimum and people still applaud. Some days, you dislocate your shoulder trying to move a mountain and no one says a thing. You are always tired and there’s no real reason to be.

You’re always tired and trying not to be.

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2017 NFL Point Spreads For Weeks 1-16: Cowboys Are Favorites In 12 Games – Blogging The Boys (blog)

Blogging The Boys (blog)

2017 NFL Point Spreads For Weeks 1-16: Cowboys Are Favorites In 12 Games
Blogging The Boys (blog)
As usual, keep in mind that the lines shown don't necessarily reflect the actual chances of either team winning the game, as the lines are usually set to encourage betting and to make sure that the money being bet is spread 50/50 over both teams (the

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