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Teaching online work will empower students – UT The Daily Texan

Teaching online work will empower students
UT The Daily Texan
In many online jobs, such as blogging and vlogging, people are their own bosses. Which means that biases against sex, color, race or disability do not play a role in … In such cases, working online is a preferable alternative that can be used to earn

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BTB Cowboys Podcast: The Top Storylines After Mandatory Minicamp – Blogging The Boys (blog)

Blogging The Boys (blog)

BTB Cowboys Podcast: The Top Storylines After Mandatory Minicamp
Blogging The Boys (blog)
Make sure you are following Landon (@mccoolBTB), as well as BTB (@bloggingtheboys), on Twitter, and Like BTB on Facebook (Blogging The Boys). To get easy access to every episode of this BTB podcast and other great Cowboys podcasts from places …

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Facebook’s ‘Free’ Internet Service Blocked In India

India introduced rules on Monday to prevent Internet service providers from having different pricing policies for accessing different parts of the Web, in a setback to Facebook Inc’s plan to roll out a pared-back free Internet service to the masses.

The new rules came after a two-month long consultation process that saw Facebook (FB.O) launching a big advertisement campaign in support of its Free Basics program, which runs in more than 35 developing countries.

The program offers pared-down Internet services on mobile phones, along with access to the company’s own social network and messaging services, without charge.

The service, earlier known as, has also run into trouble in other countries that have accused Facebook of infringing the principle of net neutrality – the concept that all websites and data on the Internet are treated equally.

Critics and Internet activists argue that allowing access to a select few apps and Web services for free would put small content providers and start-ups that don’t participate at a disadvantage.

“While disappointed with the outcome, we will continue our efforts to eliminate barriers and give the unconnected an easier path to the Internet and the opportunities it brings,” Facebook said in an emailed statement.

Everyone in the world should have access to the internet. That's why we launched with so many different…

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Monday, February 8, 2016

On Monday, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), which had suspended the free Facebook service pending a policy decision, said Internet service providers would not be allowed to discriminate on pricing for different Web services.

“Essentially everything on the Internet is agnostic in the sense that it cannot be priced differently,” TRAI chairman Ram Sevak Sharma said at a news conference.

Although the new rules will also have implications for plans by Indian telecom operators to make money from rapidly surging Web traffic through differential pricing, Facebook’s campaign turned the spotlight on the social networking giant.

Free Basics is part Facebook’s ambition to expand in its largest market outside the United States. Only 252 million out of India’s 1.3 billion people have Internet access.

“We are delighted by the regulator’s recognition of the irreversible damage that stands to be done to the open Internet by allowing differential pricing,” said Mishi Choudhary, a New York-based lawyer who led an online campaign against Facebook.

Facebook shares were down 2.7 percent at $101.30 in early trading on the Nasdaq amid broad weakness in U.S. markets.

(Reporting by Sankalp Phartiyal; Writing by Himank Sharma; Editing by Sumeet Chatterjee, Mark Potter and Ted Kerr)

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The Things People Don’t Tell You About Adulthood

I remember when I used to abhor routine, when waking up before 9am was a form of torture I only subjected myself to for early flights or hungover stumbles to the kitchen for water. When I dreamt of getting olderand, of course, I did dream of itI thought of the perceived freedom of adulthood, this idea that I could and should and would do anything and everything I pleased. There was a magical feeling to the daydream of adulthood and with it endless possibilities of who Id end up being and what Id end up doing and the kind of life Id find myself enjoying.

During my early to mid twenties, I traveled and worked as a web designer, fully taking advantage of the unbelievable freedom of being able to make money while needing nothing other than a laptop and an internet connection. After a year in Paris and nine different apartments rented via Airbnb, all I dreamt of was a home, a car, a life Id call my own. I romanticized this grown up version of myself, leaving behind a gypsy lifestyle in favor of roots, those pesky little roots I spent so much time avoiding were the very things that kept beckoning to me.

I wanted nothing of roots for the better part of my twenties and then, boom, those spindly things that anchored me to the ground were all I thought of. I wanted a home, a real place where the furniture was mine and not subject to a thorough walk-through at the end of my stay. After living in 20+ apartments in less than a decade, I wanted something, anything that was mine.

I wanted to grow up.


So, I did. I leased a car and an apartment and I bought furniture and spent hard-earned money building a foundation for the life I had envisioned, the grown up version of whatever hodgepodge life I had been fiddling around with for most of my twenties. I felt Responsible. Mature. Productive.

Maybe I felt like an Adult.

A Real Adult.

During that time, I turned 30 and especially felt as though I had officially put on my big girl panties. I had done it. I looked and acted the part of adult perfectly. I had the adult things and the adult car and the adult apartment and the adult credit card debt and the adult student loan debt and the adult throwing out bags of spinach that went bad because I was a little ambitious at the grocery store and the adult despair and general existential crisis. So yeah basically I had unlocked adulthood like a fucking boss.

Now, here I am, fully formed grown up with all the trappings of that achievement. I have a blender. I can blend many soups. I can make hummus from scratch, if I felt so inclined to do so. (I feel negative inclined to make hummus from scratch, but hey, its an option.)

But, you know what no one ever told me?


This is it? This is the big moment, the big hurrah, the big thing I have been waiting for during my twenties? This is what I was preparing for?

Making soup? Paying off student loan debt? Making minimum payments on credit cards? Hating younger me for buying things on credit cards? Thinking younger me who leased a car was an idiot? Having hangovers from one glass of wine? Looking forward to potentially making soup in a blender?

This is the worst.

The other day I was hanging out with a friend and I was like, What do you do for fun? And she stared at me lifelessly, vacantly and shrugged her shoulders. She asked me, What can someone do for fun on a Thursday night that isnt wildly expensive, wont give them a hangover, and is actuallyfun? I couldnt think of anything. Not one thing. I was alarmed for myself, for my fellow thirty-somethings. I was not properly prepared for the mind-numbing ordinariness of being in your thirties.

Now, I know a lot of people have children at my age. Im not sure where I stand on the idea of having children and vaguely feel like I should know by now if I want to be a mother. But, having children is a thing people do at this age. Ive hung out with kidsthey are not boring. They are not particularly interesting, but your mind has very few places to wander to when youre with a kid, mostly because your wandering mind could literally kill a child. You need to be watching children all the time. All the time!Children have no concept of chill.

So, okay, if youre childless and in your thirties and you dont want to get drunk in order to have fun, then honestly what do you do? How do you escape the soul-crushing monotony of adulthood? I am genuinely scared that this is it. Do I just have children in order to break up the monotony? I feel like thats a terrible reason to have a child.

I was not prepared for this knowledgeto find out that being grown is perhaps the most boring thing ever and to realize this at 30 when I likely have a lot more years to live. This is what I do? I work to be able to pay for things and I just keep doing this for like ever? And I cant even cut the boredom with a glass of wine because I will inevitably have a hangover? Are things not fun post-30? I see a lot of people running marathons and cooking meals, but both of those things sound the opposite of fun. Am I missing some adult fun gene that allows me to think hiking is a verifiably pleasurable activity?

People told me adulthood was hard, but I didnt realize it would be hard and also monotonous as fuck. Im even doing work that I enjoy but work is still work even if you love it. I cant accept that life becomes just a drudge of responsibility and productivity and cleaning and cooking and paying bills and worrying about paying bills and getting angry about political candidates and trying to increase productivity and looking at student loan statements and being like why did I go to college fat lot of good that degree is doing for me now. Im supposed to make soup or go hiking or visit a farmers market or learn to like meal prepping or some shit?

This is it?


I quit adulthood. This is some bullshit.

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Teaching online work will empower students | The Daily Texan – UT The Daily Texan

Teaching online work will empower students | The Daily Texan
UT The Daily Texan
Senior Columnist Ratnika Batra points out the societal and personal benefits of working online.

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Blogging for bliss – part II – The News International

The News International

Blogging for bliss – part II
The News International
Blogging was self-expression for us. We had a point of view and wanted to share it. Every comment and like that we receive is rewarding. We put our heart and soul in the content. It's very personal to us which is why appreciation from people means

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Trash Pickers Are Key Suppliers To California’s Recycling Industry

Dalano Scranton starts his routine each day at 7 a.m., pushing his cart to the dumpsters outside of the Shrine Collective Apartments in South Los Angeles.

He combs through the trash to pull out glass bottles worth 15 cents per pound, PET #1 plastic bottles for $1.17, and aluminum cans for $1.65 — hot commodities for trash pickers. Scranton continues on his route for another mile and a half, pulling more than 130 pounds of material from dumpsters.

Around noon, he hikes another mile to A1 Electronic Recycling Center, where he trades his haul for about $40 to $50.

“Recycling money is my day-to-day survival,” Scranton says. “It goes towards hygiene products and food and helps me to survive.”

Scranton depends on this money to get by, but his labor supports something far larger. He is among a small army of a largely overlooked underclass who make up the backbone of California’s billion-dollar commercial recycling industry. Every day, Scranton and others like him spread out across the city, preening through trash for high-grade recyclable materials they can sell. 

At commercial recyclers like A1, this steady supply of pre-sorted plastic, glass and aluminum provide the volume necessary to keep the businesses afloat. And the city of Los Angeles ends up keeping thousands of tons of trash out of landfills, helping it avoid additional fees and allowing it to hit its state-mandated environmental targets.

“The trash pickers are your everyday [suppliers],” said Anthony Collins, A1’s owner, “They’ll keep you afloat, keep you busy, keep your employees working. The key to all of this is the turnover, the sending of this stuff out; they’ll keep your bags full.” 

Tashina Fleming
Dalano Scranton poses with his cart after cashing in at A1.

California, along with a number of other states, first enacted a rebate program for recyclables in the 1980s. Initially, it was a way to keep trash off the streets and out of landfills, but what it has evolved into without any planning is essentially a working welfare program for thousands of homeless people.

These trash pickers could not make ends meet without the state’s recycling program. However, the recycling program would not be as successful without them either.

Trash pickers account for around 90 percent of the redeemable material – aluminum cans, bottles, etc. – and 75 percent of all the material processed at A1. In September, this totaled 750 pounds of aluminum cans, 1,125 pounds of PET 1 plastic and 11,250 pounds of glass bottles.

On a recent Monday, a steady stream of trash pickers, many who appeared to be homeless, traipsed through the center, dropping off their cans in exchange for about $5 to $6. 

Scranton began recycling three years ago when he became homeless. He used to pull two daily recycling shifts, bringing in almost 300 pounds of material and upwards of $100 a day. But the grind became too much for him and now he turns in before noon.

Tashina Fleming
A cart filled with cans pulled from trashcans during a USC football game is one of many surrounding the Coliseum.

Teddy Porter, another trash picker who frequents A1, has been homeless and recycling in the same locations around South Los Angeles for the past 30 years. Porter, who calls himself a “master” recycler, says he knows all of the “hot spots” where he can find copious amounts of cans and bottles in the area. His favorites include in the dumpsters behind Greek Row, where the University of Southern California fraternities and sororities dump their trash, restaurants located off the commercial district of Figueroa Street, and the USC campus. An especially good area is the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum during football games.

An average haul for Porter can fetch between $70-$90. He and Scranton are two of the center’s biggest producers. Most trash pickers only make a few dollars a day.

While thousands of tailgaters flood into the Coliseum for a USC football game, Jose Arebalo, equipped with only a cart, no gloves or mask, begins his routine.

Arebalo has been living illegally in the U.S. since 1993 and was fired six months ago from his restaurant job. He now comes to the Coliseum to collect enough trash to trade for a few dollars. It will take him an entire day to fill his cart, which will provide him with around $8 to buy a drink and sandwich.

Tashina Fleming
Teddy Porter cashes in his haul just in time before A1 closes.

Scouring trash for recyclables is a dirty job. But for Tee it’s a way of making a clean living until he completes school to become a medical biller.

“It’s what I do to make money the clean way because I have a long past in my lifetime as far as gang banging and all that,” Tee says. “This is a clean living I can make until I finish school.”

Now 33, Tee has been recycling on and off since he was 15 years old. He first began doing it to escape a rough home environment.

Tee hasn’t been able to find a regular job, so he recycles instead, pulling in around $24 a day. The money helps him feed his 7-year-old son.

It’s difficult, almost impossible, to determine the number of trash pickers who work in the city. Collins at A1, sees around 15 to 20 a day. Basic Fibers, a processing center in South Los Angeles that processes a million pounds of material a month, sees 30 to 40 a day. According to CalRecycle, there are over 500 recycling centers in L.A. County. A ballpark estimate would put the number of trash pickers somewhere between 7,000 and 15,000. The total number of homeless people in Los Angeles county is estimated at more than 44,000.

“I told myself I wasn’t going to work for anybody else, so it’s a means of supporting myself,” Scranton says. “Even though I may not have a business license, this is still a form of doing business with another business by selling them recycling.”

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This photographer is bringing back body hair in porn

This article contains sexually explicit material.

Nikki Silver has a cat named Chicken.

It’s one of the first things I find out about Silver during a video chat. Chicken is named for the cat in Diane DiMassa’s Hothead Paisan: Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist comic books about a radical queer feminist trapped in a constant rage spiral and that fact alone is a clue as to why Silver stands out from the stereotype of a porn producer and adult industry star.

It’s no surprise, either, that 28-year-old Nikki Silver has been called the “queen of hairy feminist porn.” The adult films and photos she produces, the website shes run since 2013, are not necessarily feminist-themed. That is, there are nonaked suffragettes, kinky protest sex, or Ruth Bader Ginsburg parodies (though dear God, if someone can make that happen, please, I would be forever grateful). Additionally, she admitted that in terms of her supply and demand, “I cater to men because that’s where my money comes from.”

So where does Silver’s feminist ethos come in? Her pornography focuses on the female orgasm and a reclamation of the natural female body. “It’s really important to me to promote body acceptance and for people to be comfortable with their skin,” she said. And then there’s the fact is an entirely women-run company. “I do everythingliterally everythingmyself. I taught myself editing. … I am a woman and I am running the site, so by supporting it you are supporting a woman who is self-producing.”

Silver recently branched out from porn and published her first coffee-table photography book, Unshaven: Modern Women, Natural Bodies. The book’s beautiful portraits of hairy women range from artful to erotic and usher the emerging hairy armpit trendas seen on Miley Cyrus and a series of social media campaigns this yearto a place of legitimacy.

Tiny empires like NaughtyNatural challenge the myth that the porn industry, from producers down to models, are rolling in millions of dollars. Instead, Silver and her colleagues are the porn equivalent of a small-press book publishing company. “If porn is something you love, it’s not something that you have to be making a ton of money to do,” Silver said. As with any other indie scene, there’s a lot of collaboration between artists. Silver said that she shares a programmer with realist queer and lesbian porn site and is offered a lower rate than what corporate clients pay. A director from has dropped in to direct a couple of Silver’s videos. Alternative porn is as much a movement as a subset of an industry.

Some of alternative porns biggest movers and shakers fled the mainstream adult industry to carve out new models of sexually explicit content that reflect their own values and tastes. Silver is no different. She started modeling and performing in adult films at 18 and typically shaved her abundant, dark body hair. But when she discovered that it was actually possible to make money by doing hairy pornmostly for fetish and hairy-specific sitesshe didn’t look back.

Almost any porn site offers a section for photos and videos of hairy women, but the stand-alone hairy sites that feature original content and extras like blogs and model profiles are few. was the standard bearer before NaughtyNatural started dominating the market, alongside sites like WeAreHairy and ATKHairy.

The typical hairy porn fan tends to fall into one of a short list of categories: either they identify with a subculture (often hippies), they are fetishists, or they are olderwhich Silver attributes to the fact that women did not remove body hair nearly as much or as frequently as they do today. “The guys who are, like, 50 and up, when they were coming of age hair was a lot more common,” said Silver. “The first girl they slept with, or the first porn they watched, that woman had hair.”

Statistics from Pornhub back up the idea that its older men who tend to prefer hair on a womans private parts. According to a July analysis of porn consumption among millennials in collaboration with Mic, Pornhub visitors between the ages of 18 and 34 said they were 51 percent less likely to enter the search term “hairy” than visitors over 35. In a separate March study examining differences in porn tastes based on age, Pornhub found that users over age 55 were a stunning 1,852 percent more likely to enter the search term “hairy pussy”:

Our 55+ group is all about embracing old age. Searches like ‘very very old granny,’ ‘soft,’ hairy pussy,’ and ‘hairy’ showing significantly more popularity here again indicates that older people are more drawn to visual representations of bodies that are more like their own, perhaps now less than traditionally ‘perfect’ bodies.

‘Hairy women are sexy’

“Sometimes people ask me if Im a hair supremacist. Its not like that,” said Silver. “I dislike anything that is society telling people what to do, especially when it comes to controlling womens bodies. I just like to put forth more visibility that hairy women are sexy, to combat the idea that hairy women aren’t sexy. A lot of people have never seen a picture of a conventionally attractive woman with body hair.”

The models on NaughtyNatural do tend to match mainstream beauty standards apart from being unshaven. But besides showcasing pretty girls, the feminist porn model embraced by Silver requires more than just a warehouse of images. It also involves seeing the models as full human beings. On NaughtyNatural, the blog is one of the most active areas of the site; highly engaged users comment not only to suggest models they’d like to see but also to offer politicized rants against the hegemony of hairlessness and tiny, girlish bodies in porn.

In a caption for a recently posted “casting couch” video in which Silver takes on the role of the creepy porn svengali exploiting an “inexperienced, naive young model,” she reassures her viewers not to worry because “its all consensual and planned out!”

That’s the beauty of feminist porn: Even when its marketed primarily towards a male audience, it tends to attract the kind of guy who worries as much about whether his jerk-off material was made with good labor practices as whether his coffee beans are part of an economically sustainable farmer co-op. Feminist porn isnt just about featuring women who dont look like Barbie dolls; it’s also about reveling in the erotic joy and playful mischief of women who are gathered together at someones loft shooting dirty movies. Theres nothing sexier than a woman who is passionate about what (and who) she doesand Nikki Silver is making it her lifes work to spread the word.

Photo via Nikki Silver

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Facebook deletes fake child-cancer posts accounts – BBC News

Image copyright Mercury Press
Image caption Jasper Allen was two when the photos were taken – he has since recovered

Facebook has deleted two accounts that used stolen photographs of a sick child to falsely claim he had cancer.

It follows complaints by the three-year-old’s mother that the images had been used as part of a scam. They dated from last year when the boy had a bad case of chickenpox.

The posts claimed Facebook would donate money for surgery if users “liked” them or left comments.

One security expert warned that users who did so had put themselves at risk.

More than a million people had engaged with one of the messages since it was posted at the start of the month.

Googled photos

Sarah Allen, from St Neots, Cambridgeshire, believes the Facebook accounts had sourced the photos from online news stories published about her son’s chickenpox in August 2016.

Jasper Allen’s illness drew attention because of its severity and the fact that his mother had called on the government to make the chickenpox vaccine free for all.

“We were warned people might take his pictures… because if you Google chickenpox his pictures are there,” Mrs Allen told the BBC.

“So, we were well aware that might happen, but not in this respect, to say he had cancer.”

She added that some friends had contacted her after seeing the posts to ask if her son indeed had cancer.

Mrs Allen said she repeatedly messaged Facebook to complain about copyright infringement and was told on 10 February that one of the accounts had been removed for breaching the site’s rules.

Image copyright Facebook
Image caption Facebook had told Mrs Allen that a profile that posted the images had been removed

However, she said, it was back online within 24 hours, without explanation.

It was only after the media, including the BBC, covered the affair that Facebook instructed its complaints team to revisit the case.

The US-based company initially only removed the posts featuring Jasper before it decided to close the associated accounts completely.

The accounts had also featured posts with identical text that showed images of other children. One example featured a bearded youth – despite the words referring to a “little baby [that] has cancer”.

Other posts from the accounts showed images of children in hospital claiming that viewers would experience years of bad luck if they scrolled down without liking and sharing.

Media captionListen: Sarah Allen tells Radio 5 live how she learned the images had been misused

One security blogger said it appeared to be have been a case of “link farming”, in which scammers seek to make people interact with a Facebook post so they can either direct further messages to them or sell on the profile and all its contacts.

“There are a lot of scams that use these kind of emotional images – oftentimes it’s done to make money,” Graham Cluley explained.

“They may later post something that claims you’ve won a prize and try and get you to enter your mobile phone number and then sign you up for a premium rate service, or ask for other personal information.

“The problem is that people just believe things that are posted online, and they need to be a lot more careful about what they like and share.”

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8 Ways to Monetize Your Blog and Make Money Online – Entrepreneur


8 Ways to Monetize Your Blog and Make Money Online
While most people might think that adding some pay-per-click (PPC) ads will be a great way to make lots of money with their blogs, unless you have massive amounts of traffic — as in 10,000+ visitors per day or more — the income will be marginal at best.

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