What do Indonesians think of Trump?

Cigombong, Indonesia (CNN)Donald Trump has made it clear he doesn’t trust Muslims, but that hasn’t stopped him from trying to make money in majority Muslim countries.

Take the Lido Lakes One Stop Adventure Hotel for example.
    Even staff at this scruffy resort admit it has seen much better days. During a recent visit the cavernous lobby sat mostly empty, apart from a stray cat. Several aging cakes collected dust in the showcase of an apparently abandoned hotel pastry shop. The paint was peeling off the seats of children’s swings next to a forlorn swimming pool.
    However, according to the presumptive Republican presidential candidate, Lido Lakes will soon be transformed into a shining example of the “next generation of luxury hospitality.”
    The future Trump International Lido Hotel is one of two resorts Trump Hotel announced it is developing in Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim country.


    Strong ties to Muslim nations

    Indonesia isn’t the only majority Muslim country where Trump companies have investments.
    According to Trump’s personal financial disclosure, he also has business interests in the United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan and Turkey.
    In its announcement about Trump International Hotel Lido in Indonesia, Trump Hotels boasted a future “luxurious retreat … with elevated services for luxury-minded guests.”
    The press release did not mention whether the former hotel’s mosque will be part of the redevelopment.

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