Tinder’s New Paid Feature Shoves Your Profile In Other User’s Faces

Turns out money CAN buy you love after all. Or at least, it can on Tinder.

OK, so maybe lovewas a bit of an exaggeration. But at the very least,money can up your chances of locking down that super-hot one-night stand with Tinders new feature, Tinder Boost.

So how does it work? Tinder is following in the footsteps of competitors such as Bumble and figuring out a way to make money off of particularly thirsty users by ensuring that their profiles come across more potential matches.

If you subscribe to the new feature, your profile willbe one of the first users in your area come across for 30 whole minutes!

According to Tinder reps, that means youre getting up to 10x more profile views, aka 10x more chances at love or that super-hot one-night stand. OH, BABY!

Mashable writes that Tinder said, in an email statement, that the new feature is just another attempt for them to [provide]you a simple, fun introduction to new people nearby so you can get out and meet them in the real world.

Right. Becausethats totally Tinders mission

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