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This Rap Song About Paying Off Student Loans Is The Anthem We All Needed

I haven’t had the chance to experience what it’s like to finally pay off your student loans, but I imagine it probably feels somewhat similar to the opposite of what Atlas has to deal with every single day of his life.

I imagine everyone celebrates in aunique way after forking over a hunk of his or her paycheck to whatever company exploited his or her teenage naivete and suggested going into tens of thousands of dollars of debt is the only way to make money.

Some people have a drink, or seven, to celebrate, other people spend too much of their newfound money on nice dinners, and New Orlean’s based rapper Dee-1 rented a Maybach and filmed what might be the hardest-hitting rap song about paying off student loans these ears ever heard.

Maybach Music has nothing on Mae Back Music.

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