It Turns Out Enough Of You Have Googled Pikachu Breastfeeding Barack Obama For This To Be An Economically Viable List To Publish

All right, lets just be up front about this: We need to publish content that we know people will click on, otherwise our website wont make money. With that said, it turns out that large portions of key demographics have been Googling the phrase Pikachu breastfeeding Barack Obama. In fact, so many people have been searching for this that its become economically prudent for us to publish a list of the best images of Pikachu breastfeeding Barack Obama that the internet had to offer. For the significant chunk of the population who wanted to see this, enjoy!

This drawing of an enormous Pikachu with mammary glands breastfeeding a tiny President Obama is apparently a thing that a non-negligible portion of you wanted to see. So here you go.

All right, well, heres this thing. Statistically, this is a thing that enough of you will like and share for us to put this up on our website.

If this image seems shocking or upsetting to you, you should know that the search term Pikachu + Obama milk squirt from distance is typed into Google so many times that were going to end up making a substantial sum in ad revenue from people clicking on this list. So many of you seem to crave this exact thing that, quite frankly, it would be fiscally irresponsible on our part not to run this list.

Look, were not saying that the majority of people find this thing pleasant. Were just saying that enough people have been searching for images like these that it justifies us hitting the publish button on a collection of them.

Honestly, we find this picture kind of upsetting, but there are enough people out there who apparently want this sort of thing and will say something like, Awesome! Heres a literally perfect picture of the male Pokemon Pikachu breastfeeding the current president of the United States, Barack Obama! Nice! Our market research shows that were going to get enough traffic on this thing to make a profit on it.

This could have been a longform piece about the economic crisis in Greece. It could have been an in-depth profile of Vladimir Nabokov. If thats what you had wanted, thats what we would have given you. Instead, according to all available data, what a surprisingly large portion of you actually wanted was an assortment of images depicting Pikachu breastfeeding Barack Obama. So thats what youre getting here. Hope you like it.

See? This list is already netting us valuable sponsored content money. We showed Carnival Cruise Line the statistics on how many of you are searching the phrase Pickachu Chest Nectar Obama, and they paid us $200,000 to include their name and logo on this image of Pikachu nourishing Barack Obama with his breast milk. Now, this will be the first thing that pops up. We get a huge amount of money, and Carnival Cruise gets tons of brand visibility. Everybody wins.

Regardless of how we feel about what weve done here today, this content is already breaking traffic records for us. This gets us the funds we need to post new content, and the cycle begins itself anew. If youre one of the many people who wanted to see Pikachu breastfeeding Barack Obama, we hope you loved this list, and dont forget to like and share!

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