Here We Go Again, Kylie Jenner Announced New Lip Kit Colors

Preteens, get ready:Kylie is releasing her new lip colors this week. So if you take lip stick advice from someone who didn’t have an upper lip until a couple years ago, it’s a pretty BFD. They’re for her “nude palette,” making her the first Kardashian-Jenner woman to make money from nudes that don’t involve her being naked.

The three new shades are Maliboo, and Ginger, which will join Exposed and Dolce. Maliboo will go on sale July 20th, while Ginger won’t be available until 2 days later, because Kylie wants all your shipping money. How upset is Kristin Cavallari that she didn’t say “Maliboo” on every episode of ? Tbh both of those colors look like a drunk bruise a couple days after you fall walking home from a bar. But they’re way better than the fugly blue Skylie.

Either way this shit’s going to be gone in .3 seconds so get your credit card ready at your keyboard just in case, and may be odds be ever in your favor.

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