Excited Young Barista Opens An Envelope To Find His Tips For The Week

We tend to think that having a job is just a normal part of life, and it’s common to hear people complain about having to work in order to make money. This doesn’t necessarily mean that these people disliketheir jobs. Many factors play into why a person may feel unsatisfied by their daily life maybe it’s a search for a higher purpose, or boredom of the predictability of their life. Whatever the reason, sometimes going to work can be a chore, especially if you have to get up early in the morning!

But there is a coffee shop in Wilmington, SC, where the employees are always happy to come to work, and the customers always greet them with huge smiles on their faces. This is Bitty and Beau’s Coffee. Many of the employees have special needs, but the coffee shop gives them the chance to earn money like you and me, when 70 percent of individuals with mental disabilities nationwide are unemployed.

One of the employees, Malik, has never had the opportunity to earn his own money before working at the coffee shop. All he wanted was a $20 bill to buy a DVD, but watch when he’s handed an envelope with a week’s worth of tips he’s over the moon!

Now watch to see what he found inside.


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