Elephants Forced To Beg For Money Finally Taste Freedom And Enjoy Their First Real Bath

If you have never seen elephants in their natural habitat, you may have wondered what kind of conditions they live in.

In many areas, elephants are put to work to make money for the humans that work with them. They are used in the tourism industry, either giving rides to people or begging for money in the streets.

In Thailand, a group of elephants once lived on the streets and were forced to beg. But they were saved and brought to a sanctuary where they could roam freely.

These elephants had never experienced one of the most basic and simple joys all elephants love: taking a bath.

In this video, you can see the elephants enjoying their very first bath. Some of them are hesitant at first, while others are immediately overjoyed when they get into the water.

If you think this is a sweet story, you will enjoy other videos of the elephants at Elephant Nature Park, like this elephant that rushes into the water when she thinks a man is drowning! You can donate to Save Elephant Foundation here!

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Video Credit: Save Elephant

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