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Use social media productively — Blogger – Graphic Online

Graphic Online

Use social media productively — Blogger
Graphic Online
A blogger, Mr Felix Adomako, has urged the youth to use social media productively rather than for unproductive ventures. According to him, applying social media to create wealth or make money was one way unemployment in the country could be reduced, …

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Why Millennials Are Choosing Podcasting Over Blogging To Build Their Personal Brands – Forbes


Why Millennials Are Choosing Podcasting Over Blogging To Build Their Personal Brands
Sharing news and views from the Forbes Under 30 community. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Guest post written by. Andrew Arnold. I help millennials live with passion and purpose while doing work that gives them freedom and …

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John Waters brings back Multiple Maniacs: ‘Of course I went a little too far’

The shock auteur is back in US cinemas with his second and arguably most extreme film. He shares his thoughts on Trump, Spring Breakers and fake vomit

Hi, John! Where are you?

Im in Provincetown. This is my 52nd summer Ive been here. (1)

Youre about to rerelease a restored version of your second film, Multiple Maniacs, into cinemas to shock a whole new generation. It stars Divine as the crazed impresario of a depraved freak show. How do you feel it plays now 46 years after it originally opened? (2)

Maybe it works better now than it did then. I dont know! Well see. Ive seen it with one audience and it seemed to play pretty well. People seemed startled by it, and it was an audience that had seen everything.

This was my trainer wheels for Pink Flamingos (3). This was when I finally got my voice even though it was too loud and too long. Its making fun of hippie rules of the era, the same way that I make fun of political or gayly correct rules today. I think its exactly like what all my work has been like from the very beginning, really.

How did hippies react to your gonzo vision back in the day?

They liked it! Who came were bikers though. And crazy gay people. And speed freaks. People on LSD. They were all radical within their own community and they responded to it very well.

This was in the peak of peace and love, but it was also at the peak when everything fell apart like crazy. There was such a war going on then between the hippies and the straight world; and straight didnt mean heterosexual it meant you didnt smoke pot or you didnt think the revolution was going to happen.

I read the original negative of the film was kept in your closet before being moved to your attic. Had you even wanted to rerelease it and have it restored?

Ive been trying to get this released for a long time. Basically when the Lincoln Center had a big retrospective of my work and they showed the last 60mm print, the people from Criterion were there and they called (4). I had no idea what they could do with restorations what they could make it look like.

They asked if I wanted to keep it exactly as is, with every mistake in there. I said,
Are you kidding me? I never purposely had mistakes in there! I dont want the splice marks to show, I dont want the dirt in the lens! Make it look good! Now it looks like a bad John Cassavetes movie.

What do you make of Multiple Maniacs returning during the Trump-era?

Lets hope that its not the era of Trump. That would mean he wins.

OK an era during which a reality star can get this far in the race to become president.

Oh, I lived through Nixon. I lived through Reagan. They were all horrible. [Laughs] Would Trump be offended by Multiple Maniacs? Probably not.

Multiple Maniacs. Photograph: Janus Films

Whys that? Its gleefully blasphemous, and would likely inflame his voting base.

Believe me I am certainly for Hillary [Clinton] 100%, and always was. But what Im saying is he doesnt mean it, the shit he says. At least hes met a gay person! The other Republicans never even met a gay person.

Do you know if Trump has ever seen a movie of yours?

I dont care. Ive never met him and I hope I never do. I always said as a joke that Bill [Clinton] probably did see Pink Flamingos and Hillary probably did not. At the time, Bill seemed a little bit more adventuresome, maybe on wanting to see weird stuff. I could be wrong!

Divine chows down on raw flesh in the films climax, before [spoiler alert] being raped by a giant lobster. What did you make her eat?

It was a cows heart that I got from the butcher. It was two-days old, refrigerated. It was pretty rancid. You could see Divine gag there. But that was the trainer wheels for eating shit [at the notorious conclusion of Pink Flamingos]. It organically grew from there.

And all the vomit in the film was that real?

Alka-Seltzer! You just put some in your mouth, swish it around, and youll foam.

Multiple Maniacs. Photograph: Janus Films

How did you film the explicit lesbian scene in the church?

Churches in the 60s had demonstrations. It was very common for churches to have leftwing activity anti-war things. So it was not so odd. Our movies premiered in churches. Maniacs premiered in Baltimore in the Unitarian church.

But someone knew the priest and asked if we could film there we didnt tell him what. My friend who was a hippie and a political activist, he went in there and talked to the priest about Vietnam and stuff, while we shot the scene.

The priest then he came to the premiere. I felt really bad for him because he was almost crying. To this day I have never told where that church is. Im not so sure I completely remember any more.

Watching Multiple Maniacs today, are there bits where you go: maybe I did go too far?

Of course I went a little too far! What I should have done was cut some things. Does Divine have to break every window in the car?

I did look at that rosary sex scene, at the people around me, and I could see the young audience in disbelief. At the same time, I did startle myself. I think, how did I get away with this? How did any of this happen?

Part of it was a time capsule. A very accurate picture of what my sense of humor, and what my friends were like at the time, which might scare some people. And in some ways, they should actually be scared of us.

What shocks you now?

What shocks me now is stupidity and racism, and all the things that are not funny.

And in film?

I felt Spring Breakers (5) shocked me in a great way.

Multiple Maniacs. Photograph: Janus Films

Your parents fully funded Multiple Manics. Did you let them watch it?

No! I paid them back. Im glad they didnt see it. I think its the only one my mother didnt see. They never wanted to see any of them! They were usually horrified. The only time I could say they werent was when Hairspray (6) opened on Broadway.

Even with A Dirty Shame (7) my father said after, It was funny but I hope as hell I never see it again! Thats a pretty good quote!

You havent made a movie since A Dirty Shame. What gives?

Ive had three development deals for movies that never happened. The last two movies I made didnt make money. Its always been like that plain and simple, 100%. I accept that. Hollywood was completely fair to me.

Is revisiting Multiple Maniacs bittersweet, with Divine no longer with us? (8)

It certainly is. The creative community is always hit, the whole history, by sexual diseases, suicide, drugs. My world is no different, but it is certainly sad. I have lots of old friends. I have many friends Ive known for 50 years now and that is the key to whatever mental health I have now. I think that if you dont have old friends, youre probably unhappy.


(1) Waters owns a studio attic apartment overlooking the beach in Provincetown, a gay-friendly New England town located at the extreme tip of Cape Cod.

(2) First released in 1970, Multiple Maniacs heralded the arrival of the Baltimore-based film-maker, who had yet to make his defining cult classic, Pink Flamingos. Long out of print, the film, about a traveling freak show fronted by Waters muse, the drag queen Divine, is now receiving a rerelease courtesy of Janus Films.

(3) Pink Flamingos (1972), reunited Waters with Divine for a fabulously grotesque comedy about a sleazy married couples attempts humiliate the drag icon, jealous of her reputation. Its part of what Waters has labeled his Trash Trilogy, which also includes Female Trouble (1974) and Desperate Living (1977). Like Multiple Maniacs, it features a series of profane scenes, culminating in Divine eating freshly laid dog faeces, proving, as the narrator states, that she is not only the filthiest person in the world, but is also the worlds filthiest actress.

(4) The Criterion Collection, the celebrated home video distribution company that licenses and sells classic films, supervised the restoration of Multiple Maniacs. New Yorks Film Society of Lincoln Center, hosted a Waters retrospective in 2014, titled Fifty Years of John Waters: How Much Can You Take?

(5) Waters voted Spring Breakers, Harmony Korines neon-hued, girls-gone-wild caper, his favorite film of 2013. Waters once said of Korine: Hes the only director that ever made me leer after naked female Disney stars.

(6) Hairspray, the stage musical based on Waters 1988 film, won eight Tony awards in 2003, including one for best musical. Its since been adapted into a second film, starring John Travolta and Michelle Pfeiffer, released in 2007.

(7) A Dirty Shame (2004), Waters most recent directorial effort, stars British comic Tracey Ullman as a repressed housewife, who after getting smacked in the head by a passing car, becomes a ravenous sex addict.

(8) Divine (real name: Harris Glenn Milstead) died in his sleep in 1988 of an enlarged heart aged 42.

  • Multiple Manics opens in New York on 5 August at the IFC Center before opening in select cinemas nationwide.

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7 Fulfilling Jobs That Won’t Make You Give Up Your Wanderlust In Your 20s

Lets face it, most of us dream of being in a careerthat give us lifelong memories and adventures, rather than water cooler talk and an unwelcoming cubicle.

At some point, though, we mayhave to putour dreams on hold and take that desk job were not totally in love with.

Were told its all part of growing up, and we have to decide between paying the bills, or exploring the globe and being broke AF.

However, thats not entirely the case at all. There are actually a lot of jobs out there that can keep your wanderlust genemore than satisfied.

If traveling is what your heart desiresat this stage in your life, here are seven jobs that wont make you give up your wanderlust in your 20s.

1. Theme Park Journalist

Satyawan Narinedhat/Unsplash

I have a friend who made a living out of writing about theme parks for travel sites, and Im extremely jealous of her.

As a theme park journalist, youre able to travel to all the new parks, ride every new ride, and sample new, fun food items before anyone else.

You basicallyget to have the time of your life, and writeabout your epic adventures so you can help readersout on their own.

2. Summer Camp Director

Joshua Earle/Unsplash

If you miss the days of having a carefree summer at camp filled with nonstop activities and smores late at night, then maybe you should be a camp director.

Whats better than living at camp all summer long?You can truly become one with nature while you spend your days canoeing and swimming in the lake.

3. Zipline Guide In Alaska

My family took a cruise to Alaska, and for one of the port excursionswe went on a ziplining course in the rainforest withAlaska Canopy Adventures. It wasdownright beautiful, and so much fun.

Our tour guides told us they work in Alaska during the summer months, lead tourists on ziplining adventures, and then go home for the rest of the year.

Youre basically paid to zipline and chat with different people from all over the world every day. Dont forget, this is all while youre casually hanging out in the treetops in a gorgeousrainforest.

4. Cruise Line Entertainer

Steinar Engeland/Unsplash

This maysound unusual to some, but just think about it youre working on a cruise ship, living on the high seas, exploring different ports of call, and entertaining tourists all while making money.

5. Traveling WeddingPhotographer

If you love traveling (and cake), you could be a traveling wedding photographer.

Alot of people jet off tospectaculardestinationsto tie the knot, and need their professional photographer to jointo capture all of the memories.

Youget to witness true love, while soaking up the beautiful landscape surrounding you. Dont forget the delicious dessert spread, too.

6. Flight Attendant

Omar Prestwich/Unsplash

If you want to travel, theres nothing better than being a flight attendant. Youre literally always going somewhere.

A few hours in the air working, and then youre in a new place you can explore before your next assignment. The best perk about being a flight attendant is, of course, the free flights.

7. Tour Guide In Europe

If youve always wanted to go to Europe, but never had the means to go, a job is the perfect excuse.

Atravel companylike Bus2Alpsis perfect for anyone in their 20swho wants to make money, while also exploring Europe.

Bus2Alps is a tour operator for study abroad students who want to take weekend, day, fall break, and spring break trips to places throughout Europe.

You could be a tour guide assisting these students on their journeys, while also making memories of your own.

They travel to places like Interlaken and Prague – which, I dont know about you, but aredefinitely on my bucket list.

If your heart wants adventure, but your brain is saying you have to be making money, theres always a compromise.

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The Oakland Raiders almost signed Rico Gathers away from the Cowboys – Blogging The Boys (blog)

Blogging The Boys (blog)

The Oakland Raiders almost signed Rico Gathers away from the Cowboys
Blogging The Boys (blog)
As Rico-mania has gathered momentum among the Cowboys faithful, we learn that the future for the basketballer-turned-footballer could have been very different. Yes, Rico Gathers was almost a Raider, the team the Cowboys play on Saturday night.

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And now there are 500K active advertisers on Instagram

For those of you following Instagrams ad business, myheadline might seem a bit familiar yes, the Facebook-owned photo-sharing service announced another advertiser milestone back in February, but at the time there were only 200,000 advertisers, less than half of the 500,000 advertisers that Instagram says it has today.

To be clear, the company says thats the number of active advertisers in a given month, so its not counting someone who ran a campaign a year ago and never came back. And it says 1.5 million businesses have converted to the new business profiles that launched at the beginning of summer.

This time around, the big message is that Instagram campaigns arent just about reaching eyeballs, but also convincing users to buy products. For one thing, the company says that since the global launch of the ad program last September, Instagram ads have driven one billion user actions. It also says those ads drive a 2 percent lift in offline sales.

As an example, Instagram points to handbag brand Dagne Dover, whose Instagram campaign combined a Shop Now button with targeting at students, mothers, professionals and women interested in fashion and travel, ultimately increasing return on ad spend 13x in two months.

One of the most important things to us is that small businesses dont judge their success based on followers or likes, but that they focus on real world actions, said James Quarles, Instagrams vice president and general manager of monetization.

Quarles told me that Instagram will be giving businesses more data in this vein. In addition, it will be rolling out different ways to tell stories (so, more ad formats) and doing more to understand the customer journey (which could help advertisers show you the right ad at the right time, rather than trying to sell you a product before youre interested).

As for whether or not users can expect to seemore ads in their Instagram feed, Quarles said that thecompany is monitoring engagement closely, and that theres no set ratio of ads to non-ads. The key, he said is to make sure that ads are relevant to you theyre as well-crafted, theyre as high quality as all the content in peoples feeds.

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How 'We Wore What' Blogger Danielle Bernstein Went From Sophomore To Seven Figures In Under 6 Years – Forbes


How 'We Wore What' Blogger Danielle Bernstein Went From Sophomore To Seven Figures In Under 6 Years
Coghlan: How quickly did you realize blogging could become a well-paying job? Bernstein: About a year in, my blog evolved into a personal style site and I started making money. That's when I realized it could become a business. Coghlan: How did you

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Live Blogging the Travers Stakes day Past Performances Release –

Live Blogging the Travers Stakes day Past Performances Release
If you're like me, then you were hitting F5 on the Saratoga handicapping reports page once the overnight for the Travers Stakes day card was available. It's always one of the more exciting cards of the year, but this one really delivers with 13 races

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Heres Why Mark Ruffalo Says A Standalone Hulk Movie Will Never Happen

OK, so it’s no secret that wheneverall of our favorite superheroes gettogether in one movie we’re going to geek out a little bit. I mean,really, who isn’t excited to see Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Batman, The Flash, and Superman in later this year? Exactly, I thought so.

It’s exactly that kind of over-the-top excitement that brings comic book fans out for movies like and . Naturally, though, anytime a movie like one of these two comes out, the first thing everyone assumes is there will be follow-up standalone movies for each major superhero.

In many instances, that is the case. Looking at characters like Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America, it seems almost guaranteed each superhero will get his/her own movie. But it’s not that simple.

Recently, in an interview with Variety, Mark Ruffalo bluntly explained why we will probably see him play The Hulk outside of his work on , and franchises.He said,

I want to just make one thing perfectly clear today: A standalonemovie will never happen.Universal has the rights, and for some reason, they don’t know how to play well with Marvel. And they don’t want to make money.

Ouch. That’s a pretty harsh letdown, but at least Ruffalo is being straight forward with us rather than getting our hopes up for nothing. The actor has expressed his interest in a standalone Hulk movie in the past, but, again, let us know it most likely wouldn’t happen. He told Cinema Blend,

I’d love to do a Hulk movie, but that’s beyond my control. It’s controlled by Universal. Marvel doesn’t even hold the rights to it. So, it’s not on the horizon. And I don’t know if it will be.

He followed up by explaining how he thinks Bruce Banner’s storyline in other Marvel movies will add up to a standalone film for the fans. He said,

[W]e have worked a really interesting arc into,andfor Banner that I think will when it’s all added up will feel like a Hulk movie, a standalone movie.

As disappointing as that is, and as much as it makes me want to Hulk smash stuff, at least we can take solace in knowing thatMarvel is doing its best to bring us a Bruce Bannerarcthroughout a few different movies. I guess we’ll just have to be patient with this one.

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There’s Almost No Chance Of Meeting Paris Climate Goals, Says Grim New Study

Two degrees Celsius: That’s the global temperature increment scientists say the world must stay beneath to avoid the worst effects of climate change. But according to a study published this week in the journal Nature Climate Change, the odds of us staying under this threshold are looking pretty grim. 

The study, which looked at carbon use, population trends and the projected economic growth of 150 countries, forecast only a 5 percent chance that warming would be limited to 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels by the year 2100.

“We’re closer to the margin than we think,” lead author Adrian Raftery, a statistics professor at the University of Washington, told the Guardian this week. “If we want to avoid 2 degrees Celsius, we have very little time left. The public should be very concerned.”

Two degrees Celsius is the global temperature rise that the signatories of the Paris climate agreement have committed to staying under. They also set a loftier goal of 1.5 degrees Celsius ― but according to the new paper, there’s only a 1 percent chance of that happening. 

Instead, the “likely range” of global temperature increase by 2100 is 2 to 4.9 degrees Celsius, the researchers concluded ― with a median rise of 3.2 degrees Celsius.

Despite the depressing findings, however, experts warned that giving up is not an option. Emissions could still significantly decline if there was, for instance, a substantial rise in renewable energy use or other “breakthrough technologies” ― factors that were not considered in the scientists’ calculations. 

The study authors said they hope their research will remind people of the urgency to take action ― and to act immediately. “Even if the[ 2 degrees Celsius] target isn’t met, action is very important,” Raftery told the Guardian. “The more the temperature increases, the worse the impacts will be.”

The researchers also had a message for President Donald Trump, who shocked the world in June when he announced the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris accord.

The scientists said they did not adjust their calculations based on U.S. policy changes under Trump, but noted that his decision on the Paris pact would “certainly be a negative one.” 

“I would remind the Trump administration something about real estate … It’s really hard to make money on real estate that’s under the ocean,” study coauthor and economist Dick Startz told Wired this week. “That’s where a lot of American real estate is going to be (notably in Florida) if we don’t change course.”

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