Here's What It's Like to Make Your Living as a Healthy Food Blogger – SELF


Here's What It's Like to Make Your Living as a Healthy Food Blogger
Those are the less incendiary parts of what I do, and they're a super satisfying creative outlet for me. Unlike some of my younger colleagues who started their careers relatively recently and integrated social media into their practices and online

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Quarterback-needy NFL teams will be a big help for the Dallas Cowboys – Blogging The Boys (blog)

Blogging The Boys (blog)

Quarterback-needy NFL teams will be a big help for the Dallas Cowboys
Blogging The Boys (blog)
If you want to guarantee a jam-packed draft full of excitement, all it takes is to have a buzz-worthy strong quarterback class. Last year, we saw the Bears, Chiefs, and Texans all move up to take a quarterback in the first round but unfortunately the

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This Couple Lost Their Jobs For Speaking Out Against Donald Trump

A California couple that worked as spokespeople to promote RV travel for nearly two decades were suddenly fired last month for speaking out against presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.

The Recreational Vehicle Industry Association had paid Brad and Amy Herzog to travel and give television interviews about RVs across the U.S. for the past 17 summers. They received the industry’s Spirit of America award for their dedication in 2006.

The couple were six days into a 50-day swing through the West under contract with RVIA and had given a handful of television interviews when they launched a Kickstarter campaign on June 28 raising money for an anti-Trump book. Amy Herzog illustrated the adult picture book, D is for Dump Trump: An Anti-Hate Alphabet, featuring 26 short poems by her husband. The fundraiser was separate from their responsibilities as spokespeople. 

Brad and Amy Herzog
A page from D is for Dump Trump: An Anti-Hate Alphabet,an adult picture book condemning the presumptive GOP nominee.

The Herzogs did a non-political morning interview with a Phoenix news station that same day, promoting how easy it was to tailgate and travel with a family in their RV. An RVIA representative called them 15 minutes after it ended to say the association had suspended the tour and it wouldn’t award the Herzogs the remaining money it had promised them.

Brad Herzog told The Huffington Post that he and his wife never mentioned their book during their work, nor did they use their position as spokespeople for RVIA to talk about it. While their contract with RVIA didn’t contain language prohibiting them from making political statements, Herzog said it did contain an “at-will” provision allowing them to be terminated for any reason at any time.

“Suddenly because it came out that we had other lives that included creative ways of expressing the courage of our convictions, we were deemed toxic,” Herzog told HuffPost, as the couple drove across Nebraska in an RV that Winnebago had agreed to lend them for an additional few weeks.

Earlier in the day, Greg Gerber, an editor of RV Daily Report, wrote a column arguing that RVIA should drop the Herzogs because of their political views.

For an organization that routinely walks the tightrope of political correctness, it seems rather odd that RVIA would turn a blind eye to such a divisive book in this politically-charged environment,” Gerber wrote. “When they are advocating a political agenda in an election year, if the entrepreneurial Herzogs can make money bashing a billionaire entrepreneur, hey, more power to them. They should just do it on their time and not in conjunction with an RVIA road trip.”

Their firing comes as several major corporations including Apple, UPS and J.P. Morgan Chase have dropped out of sponsoring the Republican convention because of Trump’s xenophobic comments. The leaders of several major tech companies penned an open letter condemning Trump on Thursday.

The RVIA said in a statement on its website that the Herzogs’ book does not meet the organization’s nonpartisan position and that it “distracted from our core value of political neutrality.”

“To clarify our position, the decision to suspend the tour was based solely on the tone and content of the Herzogs’ book,” the statement says.  “Regardless of the candidate or political affiliation depicted, we would have arrived at the same decision.” 

RVIA spokesman Kevin Broom declined to comment further when asked whether anyone from the organization had discussed the book with the Herzogs before they were fired.

The Herzogs run a small publishing company called Why Not Books. Brad Herzog has written over 30 books, most while also working for RVIA. Herzog’s books include travel memoirs, a look at key sports figures in American history and a picture book about the 44 American presidents.

The couple plans to donate $1 from the sale of each book to the Southern Poverty Law Center to support the group’s anti-hate efforts, said Herzog, who has two teenage sons with his wife.

D is for Dump Trump stands for our disgust with Trump’s reactionary rhetoric and the way he substitutes innuendo for fact in an attempt to inflame his supporters and bully his detractors and scapegoat various segments of the population,” he said. “And I feel like that’s exactly the tactic that was used against us.”

Herzog family
Brad and Amy Herzog in front of their RV for the summer in 2012. Brad Herzog described traveling across the country with his wife as a “second honeymoon.”

The couple is “more emboldened than ever” to produce the book now, Herzog said. They have received numerous offers for legal assistance, but they haven’t focused on taking legal action just yet, he said.

Right now, we’re just trying to land on our feet with our principles in tact,” Herzog added.

He sees a certain irony in being fired for his political beliefs because one of the benefits of traveling the country by RV is getting to meet people with different political beliefs, he said.

“I still believe that a road trip in a house on wheels is a great way to see America and I feel like if more people did so, and got out of their little bubble world, including maybe some of the people involved in this decision, there might just be a little bit less intolerance out there,” he told HuffPost.

After they lost their jobs, donations to the Herzogs’ Kickstarter soared past their $7,500 initial goal. The couple had raised over $23,500 by Thursday morning. Strangers had donated the vast majority of money. 

Still, Herzog said he wouldn’t recommend giving up one’s job for a Kickstarter. “But maybe there’s a little bit of bittersweet karma there,” he added.

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5 Mistakes All Newlyweds Make When It Comes To Dealing With Money

Life is so good right now: You and your honey are married. It’s such an exciting time of your life.

Maybe you had the fairytale wedding of your dreams. Maybe you had a quiet, more intimate ceremony with your close family and friends. Either way, the wedding of your dreams happened.

As you’re consumed by wedding bliss, there may be a few things you and your beloved didn’t talk about before you got married. These are things that, during your first year of marriage,can begin to cause tension and strain your relationship.

This is especially true for the things that involve money. Suddenly, you find yourself standing in your kitchen, having an argument with your spouse that sounds eerily similar to the loud conversations your parents used to have.Let’s hold on to the wedding bliss and avoid some of the most common money mistakes newlyweds make:

1. You didn’t find out the other person’s money psychology.

Yes, this is a real thing. Depending on one’s experience with money, a person can develop a money psychology that can be bucketed into either There will always be more money or There is never enough money.

Is one of you the spender and the other one the saver? It’s hard enough to not really be on the same page regarding how you feel about money, but it can be even more difficult to deal with when it comes to light in real-life situations, such as if one of you makes an expensive purchase on a whim, without discussing it in advance.

2. You don’t talk about money.

When you don’t talk about money proactively, you wind up having money talks defensively. You only speak after a mistake has been made, and when someone is uncomfortable with a financial choice.

Make an effort to have an open dialogue with your spouse about money. Talk about your bills, any debts you brought into the marriage (separately or together), savings, aspirations and goals you have for your money and overall fears or concerns you both may have about your money.

I highly recommend regularly scheduled money talks each month. This can be a safe space to talk about money proactively, get on the same page about priorities for saving and spending and even create a household budget. Openness and transparency with one another will help prevent money from becoming a divisive factor in your new marriage.

3.You don’t hold the other person financially accountable.

It’s a good thing to talk about money. But now, you need to help the other person live up to the decisions you have made together.

You created a budget, and now, you can help the other stick to it. Don’t enable your partner to stray from the plan.

Be in agreement, and be strong for each other. In this way, you can reach your larger goals like getting out of debt, saving for a down payment on a home, etc.

4.You give one person complete control over the finances.

Even if one of you is better about money than the other is, one person should not be 100 percent responsible for all the finances in your household. Money is a huge responsibility, and too important to burden one person with.

Managing the household finances is a two-person job because it requires both of you tostick to wise decisions that will help you achieve the life you envision together.

5.You keep money secrets from each other.

Secrets don’t really have a place in a marriage. Money secrets certainly don’t, either.

Not being honest about money undermines the trust you built in your relationship. Don’t hide the fact that you spent money on a purchase that you maybe didn’t talk about first.

It’s important to be open and honest about money. If you start keeping things from each other financially, it severely compromises your ability to make money decisions together.

It’s never too late to get on the same page when it comes to finances. As newlyweds, start your marriage with a clean financial slate.

Take care to avoid these common mistakes, so that money becomes one of the things you and your partner can grow closer over. Don’t allow it to grow to a topic of contention.

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Three questions about the Cowboys: Releasing Scandrick, free agents still available, and who to take at 19? – Blogging The Boys (blog)

Blogging The Boys (blog)

Three questions about the Cowboys: Releasing Scandrick, free agents still available, and who to take at 19?
Blogging The Boys (blog)
… and a good one could still fall in their laps on Day 3. You really don't want Scandrick taking reps over the young guys as that would just make him a progress-stopper. Sure, he could just be a depth guy, but it's clear that he wouldn't be happy in

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The pros and cons of the Cowboys drafting Will Hernandez – Blogging The Boys (blog)

Blogging The Boys (blog)

The pros and cons of the Cowboys drafting Will Hernandez
Blogging The Boys (blog)
Would it be a good idea or a bad idea for the Cowboys to draft Will Hernandez? By Ryan Ratty@RyanRattyNFL Mar 18, 2018, 2:00pm CDT. Share Tweet Share. Share The pros and cons of the Cowboys drafting Will Hernandez. tweet share Reddit Pocket Flipboard

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Why I Gave Up My 401k To Travel the World

Since I was a teenager, I knew I would be the most unemployable employee ever. I was/am stubborn, impulsive, and a ball of risks waiting to explode. You see, it’s not the concept of a 9-5 that scares me. Heck, I’ll work a 9-9 if it meant I could live my life on my own terms.

It’s the idea that someone else could dictate when I should start work, have lunch, how I should dress, behave, and ultimately be valued monetarily.

As a woman especially, stating my value used to terrify me. But the minute I started using my worth as a sword to lead with, I realize sitting in a cubicle staring at a screen saver of the place I SHOULD BE, wasn’t cutting it.

I had a salary job at a prestigious office in Beverly Hills. A little over two years of faking sick to use my sick days, combining personal and vacation days, I knew it was time. I said goodbye to my stable salary, my reliable bi-weekly direct deposit, my full health and dental benefits, and the 30-something-year-olds “I’ve made it” signature item….my 401k with a 6% match. I know, Im nuts.

I sat there typing a letter to my boss. I really loved the company and my co-workers. This was nothing against them. Trying to explain that you feel trapped behind a desk while telling someone you love your job, but you love travel more, is a hard thing to do.

To many of my co-workers and friends, experiencing culture meant going to that authentic Indian restaurant on a Friday night and ordering something they couldnt pronounce. That wouldnt work for me. I wanted to take in the sights and sounds of Mumbai as I was whisked along the dirt roads in a Tuk-Tuk, have dinner in someones home and dance the night away at a chichi bar.

My boss was a 60 year old man with values, who worked hard for everything he had and truly valued his employees. I felt bad. I felt guilty. He offered me more pay, more time off (from 7 paid vacation days to 9)….I needed 900 days.

I had to say no. I couldn’t live with regrets. I would always be wondering how Paris would feel in October instead of printing reports in the stagnant air of the copy room. I wanted to breathe the air in Thailand while taking in the view of Phi Phi Island instead of the back of my coworker’s monitor.

I said goodbye that day (well my two weeks notice) and never looked back.

I had to find a way to make a living on the road, and our travel blog (my boyfriend at the time, now husband) had already gotten pretty popular, so we decided to make that our work as we traveled.

Now, it’s not all fun and games. Travel blogging is endless hard work, disappointments, struggles, and obstacles that weve gone through and still are going through.

Our parents still read the newspaper, don’t trust “the internet” and think travel is still reserved for the 1%. Try explaining travel blogging!

Even though we spend well over 40 hours per week pouring our blood, sweat, and tears into this blog and our freelance work, it doesnt usually FEEL like work. We dont feel like our brains are leaking out of our ears as we sit in a cubicle completing monotonous tasks over and over. Theres no boss to answer to, or workplace drama to worry about. We are the boss, and it feels AMAZING. Sometimes we miss that bi-weekly direct deposit that comes with having a boss, which bring us to the next topic.


Just to clarify, we dont actually get paid money to travel places (most of the time anyhow). Although as a travel blogger thats obviously the ultimate goal, its one that is extremely difficult to achieve, and takes a really long time and hard work to attain. We have however, achieved the goal of getting to stay places in exchange for exposure. We dont like saying, getting to travel for free, because we still have to do A LOT ton of writing, photography and social media posting in exchange, and typically always still have to pay for our flights, transportation, and sometimes our meals. We pay for those things with the money we make writing for other publications, and sponsored content on our site and social media, but it still adds up.

In order to be an actual travel blogger, you have spend money at first. How else are you going write about traveling, if you arent actually traveling? Weve spent more money on traveling than weve made from it.

As with most freelance work, we are never guaranteed a paycheck. Some brands and advertisers pay the day after you work, sometimes you have to chase them down. Some offer direct deposit or PayPal, other times you have to wait for a check in the mail. Often we write articles in hopes they will get published, and then they don’t get published at all.

Every month is different. Sometimes we land a great gig and are storing money away to go on our dream trip, other months we wonder if its all really worth it. We have to have a large savings account and make sure we have as many streams of income as possible.

The truth is, we dont make that much money. But we are happy. We could have easily stayed at our steady-monotonous-cubicle-401k jobs, but getting 7 days off for vacation a year seems like torture. We make less, we travel more, and we make our own schedules.

How much we make in any given month depends on luck, and how motivated we are.

We get paid in a variety of different ways. From advertising on the blog itself, to freelancing, social media consulting and managing, sponsored social media campaigns and sponsored blog posts, ongoing campaigns as brand ambassadors and strategic paid partnerships, and the occasional paid press trip, those are just some of the ways we get paid.

Its wonderful not to have a boss anymore and to be able to work for yourself but can you trust yourself to do the work when someone isnt asking you or paying you to do so?


We love our laptops, iPads, phones, especially since its what allows us to do work from anywhere in the world. We spend the majority of our time staring at a screen, so don’t take it the wrong way we when forget to look up sometimes.

These days some people can just look like models on Instagram standing in a beautiful place and call themselves a travel blogger. We are actually still very much into the writing portion. Tiana wrote for her college newspaper, and has always dreamt of being an author. It takes us about 5 hours or more to just DRAFT one blog post, let alone edit it, review and rewrite parts of it. Then figure out what photos to use, edit those, add links, research keywords, and publish several a month for our own blog, on top of that writing for other sites that will pay per article.

Professional travel blogging is hard and a big commitment. We worked on our blog for 6 months before anyone even shared an article. 3 months before we got ONE comment. Imagine walking through your office and people don’t acknowledged your work there OR pay you. You just keep going to work for months hoping to be noticed and paid eventually. It takes dedication.

I think most people fail because they dont realize the commitment involved in it. Depending on how much time and effort you dedicate to it, it could take YEARS. Think you have what it takes? Start a travel blog with our step-by-step guide.

There are a lot of seasoned travel bloggers are doing amazing things, but there are plenty of bloggers out there who are ruining our reputation as a whole. We work together to show brands that bloggers are valuable and are worth investing in. Whenever we work with someone, we make a point to exceed expectations. Brands may work with one bad egg, and it shuts the doors for everyone.

Travel Trouble

Travel woes dont phase us anymore. The marketing manager is off on the weekend and forgot to put us in the system? Arrested on a train? Luggage lost? No problem. We constantly have bad luck when we travel, but it doesn’t stop us. You learn to go with the flow, have a back-up plan and in the end it makes us better, and smarter travelers.

We have been home in LA for exactly two weeks. We have had back-to-back trips that we are seriously behind on posting about. We are not complaining, because we just returned from New York, Portland, Abu Dhabi and South Africa. Our living room is literally a minefield of suitcases and travel cubes.

Sometimes we miss birthdays and weddings, don’t see an important status update, don’t know your kid was sick and you got a new job. We care. We really do. We just have 6 jobs rolled into one and they are ALL on our devices. We make money on the internet. The same place you go to vent and play games is our office. Don’t be offended.

To Our Friends & Family

As bloggers, sharing our posts and photos means the world to us. It’s the virtual pat on the back we all crave. It’s hard to explain this to friends and family. They scroll past our posts with an occasion like and that is it. We have usually anywhere between 30 to 100 comments on any given blog post. NONE of those are from friends or family. We have strangers leave paragraphs of questions and compliments. It the virtual thumbs up and “good job” we love, we just wish it came from people we knew sometimes. We see you sharing that dancing cat video, can you share our posts? Yes, we are unashamedly begging for attention. In our case, it pays our bills.

Since we started travel blogging we have made some amazing friends. We are closer to some of these virtual friends than we are our real life friends. We can message our blogging friends at 2am and ask how to fix a glitch on our site, or meet for lunch and discuss blog design. We help each other work with brands and plan on going to conferences together. We compete for spots on press trips, sponsorships, partnerships, and speaking gigs. We compete for funding to be spent on us. We love each other and support each others blogs and endeavors, even if we have a tinge of jealousy when we land amazing press trips the other doesn’t.

Social Media Runs Our Lives

When Facebook first came out, and we had to sign-up using college email addresses, we would have never imagined that our careers would revolve around spending hours creating and executing the perfect social media posts on it. Back then, social media was still just for fun and keep up with old friends. Now its the most powerful marketing tool in the world. We barely have time to keep up with our personal Instagram accounts, because we are so focused on the business account.

Instagram is a job to us,so we spend hours planning, editing the photos, writing the caption, researching hashtags and ideal posting times. It’s more than just picking a filter for us. Our likes and comments are our livelihood. No one wants to work with a blogger with 12 likes and no comments. We have been invited on press trips JUST for having 11,000+ Instagram followers.

We have to remember that a sunset on the beach looks beautiful and you want a horizontal photo for the blog but you NEED a vertical shot for Instagram and Pinterest.

It’s hard to remember to tweet, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and Periscope where you are and still try and enjoy the moment. Sometimes we need to unplug.

It Is Amazing Being a Travel Blogger

If we are making travel blogging out to sound like it’s a soul draining endeavor, it’s not entirely true. We often have to sacrifice days at the beach in Hawaii for writing a blog post, or editing photos instead of going out on a Friday night.

We miss the reliable paychecks, and the stable feeling of a 9 to 5 sometimes, but hey, our meetings are no longer in a conference room, but instead, for example, on a Skype call in Cape Town.

In the past 18 months, weve gone swimming with great white sharks in South Africa, hiked through a gorge in Portland, took a cable car up Table Mountain, went diving at Molokini Crater in Hawaii, spent the winter teaching English in Germany, drank craft beer in Denver, ate at amazing food trucks in Austin, spent a week in Mexico, ate a Cajun Thanksgiving in New Orleans, had a luxury getaway in Santa Barbara, ate brunch at 13 places in Los Angeles, and spent a weekend unplugged in upstate New York, just to name a few.

These adventures are the result of all the hard work we put into travel blogging. Weve found a way to get paid for our favorite hobby, and do so while following our dreams of traveling the world.

P.S. – Hello from Cape Town, South Africa.

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Finest 8 Ways to Get Wealthy Enough from the Cryptocurrency Industry – Ethereum World News (blog)

Ethereum World News (blog)

Finest 8 Ways to Get Wealthy Enough from the Cryptocurrency Industry
Ethereum World News (blog)
As each person aims to earn money and be wealthy enough, doing that from cryptocurrencies, on the 21st century seems the best and easiest way. Consequently, as trying to give you a hand, in this article I am going to reveal some of the best ways on

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Could the Colts/Jets trade mean Indy will pursue David Irving? – Blogging The Boys (blog)

Blogging The Boys (blog)

Could the Colts/Jets trade mean Indy will pursue David Irving?
Blogging The Boys (blog)
It's been widely debated about whether the Dallas Cowboys should have placed a first- or second-round tender on David Irving, but that mystery was removed on Wednesday when the team opted for the second-rounder. With the Cowboys unable to commit long

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Markett will get people paid to talk about their favorite tech companies

Franky Bernstein loves startups. His latest company, Markett, is born out of that love, and his innate desire to share tips about those innovative new startup companies with the wider world.

The 24-year-old serial entrepreneur first was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug while attending Loyola Marymount University, where, as a representative in student government, he began looking for a way to cut down on drinking and driving among the student body.

He found Uber. The ride-hailing service embraced the idea of a promotional deal for LMU students and Bernstein became a commission-based ambassador for the student body.

From there, Bernstein expanded his network, building a team of student ambassadors for the companys ride-sharing app that were making hundreds then thousands of dollars per week.

That exposure led to the creation of Markett, Bernsteins latest venture that connects everyday users with brands and gives them a way to make money by shilling for the companies they love.

After working with Uber, Bernstein reached out to Lyft and talked to Josh Renfro, the director of business development there. Working with Renfro, while still a student, Bernstein helped train thousands of brand ambassadors nationwide and even converted several Lyft drivers into brand advocates.

Working with Uber and Lyft planted the seed of entrepreneurship, says Bernstein.

Indeed, Bernstein was so inspired by his brush with the startup world that he launched his own company. Bernsteins first foray into the wild world of startup businesses was Interwallet (now called Maya), a bill-pay kiosk network for the underbanked.

Now, with Los Angeles-based Markett, Bernstein wants to give everyone the same opportunity he had the ability to make money talking up the new startup services that they love.

We want to be the largest marketing company in the world that doesnt spend any money on marketing.

— Franky Bernstein, chief executive, Markett

Being able to work with Uber and Lyft isnt easy to do, and I want to provide more access to that, says Bernstein. Beyond that, Bernstein wants people to be able to make money talking about the products they love and give brands an opportunity to achieve more of a direct relationship with their customers.

To achieve that vision the company has raised roughly $2 million in venture financing from investors, includingKEC Ventures, Amplify.LA, Luma Launch, Wavemaker VC, Tiller Partners, Building Blocks, and angel investors like Jamie Patricof, Michael Kane, Joseph Varet, Varun Pathria and John St. Thomas.

With the companys launch, ambassadors can sign up to work with venture-backed companies like Airbnb, ThriveMarket, FanDuel, The Bouqs, Zeel and Winc.

Bernstein chose those companies because of their approach to their customers and their willingness to reward their brand ambassadors.

Every consumer brand wants to increase word-of-mouth marketing and explore alternative marketing channels to Facebook and Google, Bernstein wrote in an email. Markett is seeking to redistribute a piece of these brands ad budgets and put it into the pockets of their loyal customers.

Markett isnt the first company to try this approach. A company called BzzAgent launched in 2001 to bring brand ambassadorship to the masses. The company, which raised around $14 million in venture funding, was acquired in 2011 for around $60 million.

The legacy of the viral marketing campaign remains but for Bernstein its not about marketing its about truly connecting power users to the companies they love, and having those companies reward their everyday spokespeople for the work theyre doing.

To ensure that he achieves this vision, Bernstein has committed to giving nearly 100 percent of the marketing budgets that Marketts partners spend on the program to the Markett marketers. Any profits are dedicated to bonuses, Bernstein tells me. Eventually, the company intends to take a cut of every transaction.

We want to be the largest marketing company in the world that doesnt spend any money on marketing, Bernstein says.

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